Are you considering selling your home/property to a home builder? Devonshire Custom Homes is always looking for existing homes and vacant lots to purchase for new construction builds in South Tampa and St. Petersburg.

We are currently building custom homes in the following areas in St. Petersburg: The Old Northeast, Snell Isle and The Gulf Beaches.

We are currently building custom homes in the following areas in South Tampa: Bayshore Beautiful, Beach Park, Davis Islands, Golfview, Hyde Park, Maryland Manor, New Suburb Beautiful, Palma Ceia, Parkland Estates, Sunset Park, Virginia Park.

You might want to consider these benefits of selling your property to a custom home builder for a new construction build:
(1) No Home Inspections- We don’t require home inspections when we buy your existing home for a new construction build. This means you won’t be required to make any repairs to your home, you can simply sell it to us “as is”.

(2) Simplified Home Sale- Selling your home to us can help streamline the sales process. There are times when emotional buyers get cold feet before the sale is final…but builders know they are buying a specific property for a new construction build. This can help the sales process move forward quickly and smoothly.

(3) Competitive Prices for a Quick Home Sale- We offer competitive prices, and our terms can help your sale move forward quicker than if you were selling to another buyer.

(4) We Buy Homes and Vacant Lots- Whether you are interested in selling your home or vacant lot, we are in the market to buy both. Selling a lot or vacant land might take longer to sell than a house, so you might have to be patient.

(5) Location, Location, Location- Land buyers, like us, are interested in buying property in the right location for building a new custom home. Location is also important to home buyers, but they also usually want move-in ready homes with little to no work needed.

At Devonshire Custom Homes, we will work with you to come up with a deal that is beneficial for everyone involved.  If you are interested in selling, please contact us directly at Sell Your Property.

Learn more about our current available lots , available homes, or click below to schedule your free consultation.  We look forward to hearing from you!


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