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Prime Minister of Pakistan Imran Khan has recently unveiled the Roshan Apni Car scheme for overseas Pakistanis across the world holding Roshan Digital Accounts (RDA). Launched with the collaboration of the State Bank of Pakistan, the newly introduced initiative will not only allow non-resident Pakistanis to buy brand new cars for their families and loved ones at discounted prices but will also increase the production of locally assembled vehicles.  

Roshan Apni Car Scheme – A Brief Overview

Roshan Apni Car Scheme for overseas Pakistanis
The Roshan Apni Car scheme can be availed by overseas Pakistanis holding Roshan Digital Accounts

The scheme has been launched in recognition of overseas Pakistanis and their contribution to the economy after Roshan Digital Accounts surpassed a major milestone of $1 billion last week.  

According to the reports published by leading media outlets, the Roshan Apni Car scheme will reduce the overall cost on car financing by 20%. Non-resident Pakistanis will be able to buy cars at a 7% financing rate, which is a significant decrease from the present financing rates of 12-13%. 

“Now RDA holders can avail financing under Roshan Apni Car at very attractive terms to purchase a car for their loved ones in Pakistan,” Senator Faisal Javed Khan had revealed earlier on Twitter. “Banks are offering both conventional & Islamic modes of financing at attractive mark-up rates starting from 7% with priority delivery.”

The State Bank of Pakistan has also issued a press release to further explain the Roshan Apni Car scheme.

“Roshan Apni Car has been specially designed for Overseas Pakistanis and has many distinguishing features,” it stated. “For the first time in the history of the banking industry, an RDA holder will be able to apply for car financing for their loved ones in Pakistan completely digitally. Processing time will be fast. Financing and insurance will be available at very attractive rates and in both conventional and Shariah-compliant forms. Moreover, car manufacturers have committed to significantly slashing the car delivery time for RDA holders.”

Let’s take a look at the financing options, eligibility criteria and requirements of the Roshan Apni Car scheme for overseas Pakistanis. 

Financing Options for Roshan Apni Car Scheme 

Non-resident Pakistani have two main financing options: lien based financing and non-lien based financing. 

Lien Based Financing

For lien based financing, the RDA holders will be required to either invest in Naya Pakistan Certificates or deposit funds in their Roshan Digital Account equivalent to the financing amount. Overseas Pakistanis who choose this option will not be able to premature the certificate or withdraw the funds from their Roshan Digital Account until the maturity of the financing

Non-Lien Based Financing

Non-lien based financing will be offered to non-resident Pakistanis based on their income and remittances. Individuals who have remitted a minimum of three consecutive remittances to their family members in Pakistan will be eligible for this financing option.

Eligibility Criteria for Roshan Apni Car Scheme

Roshan Apni Car scheme under Roshan Digital Accounts
The scheme will allow non-resident Pakistanis to apply for car financing at attractive rates

Non-resident Pakistanis are required to fulfil certain criteria to be eligible for the programme. Let’s take a look at some of the main conditions. 

  • The RDA holder must have a resident Pakistani spouse as co-borrower
  • They must hold a Permanent Resident Card, nationality for non-Gulf Countries, or Resident Card for Gulf Countries
  • The borrower must have a clear credit history
  • The minimum age of the applicant should be 25 years
  • The maximum age at maturity of financing should be 60 years for salaried, and 65 years for self-employed professionals
  • Regular salaried individuals must have a minimum of 2 years’ experience under their current employer
  • Contractual salaried individual must have a minimum of 3 years experience
  • Self-employed professionals must have a minimum of 3 years of experience in a similar profession or professional setup
  • A minimum down payment of 15 to 45% is required depending on the type of vehicle
  • The minimum experience and minimum down payment shall not be applicable for lien based financing
  • The vehicle will be registered in the name of the borrower or spouse as co-borrower
  • The monthly instalments will be paid from the Roshan Digital PKR Account

Minimum Net Monthly Income

The minimum net monthly income for overseas Pakistanis employed in Gulf countries must be equivalent to DHS 10,000. 

Those working in the UK, USA, Canada, and Australia among other countries must have a net monthly income of a minimum of $3000.

However, it is pertinent to mention that the minimum income requirement is not applicable for the lien based financing facility. 

List of Required Documents

documents required for scheme for non-resident Pakistanis
Non-resident Pakistanis will be required to submit some documents to apply for a new vehicle under this initiative

Non-resident Pakistanis planning to avail the Roshan Apni Car scheme must provide the following documents.

  • A valid copy of CNIC/SNIC/NICOP
  • A valid copy of Passport and visa
  • A valid copy for residency card or work permit
  • Recent passport size photographs of both borrower and co-borrower
  • Valid CNIC copies of two references
  • Credit report from country of stay 

For Salaried Individuals

  • Latest 3 months’ salary slips
  • Latest employment certificate with the date of joining
  • Last six months’ bank statement where salary is being credited
  • Name of employer’s HR representative with their designation, phone number, email address, and postal address

For Self Employed Professionals

  • Copy of professional degrees and/or certificates
  • Valid license or proof of professional setup
  • Registration certificate from respective authority or association
  • Last six months’ bank statement

Credit reports from the countries of stay and income-related documents shall not be mandatory for the lien based financing facility.

This brings us to the end of our guide on the Roshan Apni Car scheme for overseas Pakistanis. 

If you want to learn more about the federal government’s initiatives for non-resident Pakistanis, please make sure to check out our guide on Roshan Digital Accounts FAQs and  Pakistan’s first instant digital payment system ‘Raast’. You can also take a look at our list of the best banks for overseas Pakistanis.

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Disclaimer: Please note that the eligibility criteria, minimum monthly income, and list of required documents may differ slightly with each bank providing the Roshan Apni Car facility. For more information, please contact your selected bank. Moreover, the blog will be updated with the latest information as it is released, so make sure to check back frequently.

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