How much does it cost to build a 5 marla house in Pakistan?

What is the cost of construction per sq ft in Pakistan?
How much does it cost to build a 10 marla house in Pakistan?
What is the cost of construction per sq ft?

Smart planning is required to construct a 5 Marla home. You need to employ a reliable and committed to work team of staff, select the right building materials, work on the house’s design, layout and prepare your finances accordingly. 

About Pakistan Property portal provides you a complete overview of the construction cost of a 5-marla house for your convenience. So, let’s take a look at the detailed review of the requirements for a 5 marla house. 



The covered area is 1,925 sq. ft. for a double-story 5 Marla building. There is a covered area of 875 per sq. ft. each for the first floor and the second floor. There are two kitchens, three bedrooms along with attached washrooms and a mumtee. 

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Tiles are used as house flooring and marble is used only on the stairs and on kitchen shelves.

There are two phases of the construction of 5-marla house: 

  • Building the Grey Structure 
  • Finishing of the House 

First, we need to complete the grey structure of the house. 



Item Quantity Rate (PKR) Cost (PKR) 
Bricks, Sand, Crush, Rori    
Bricks Awwal 50,000 11.5 575,000 
Sand Ravi 3,150 20/c.ft. 63,000 
Sand Chenab for Plaster 700 35/c.ft. 24,500 
Crush Margalla (Lenter/Lintel) 900 75/c.ft. 67,500 
Crush Sarghoda (Floor) 600 65/c.ft. 39,000 
Rori – – 25,000 
Cement, Kassu & Rebar    
Cement (DG/Maple/Bestway) 525 520/bag 273,000 
Steel 60 Grade (Mughal, Ittefaq) 3 ton/3,000 kg 134/kg 402,000 
Kassu – – 50,000 
Labour 1,925 395/sq.ft. 760,375 
Plumbing & Wiring    
Plumbing (Popular) – – 80,000 
Wiring (GM) – – 65,000 
Grills, Gate, Chougat    
Grills – 190/sq.ft. 57,000 
Gate – – 60,000 
Chougat Steel – – 54,000 
Other Expenditures    
Termite Spray (FMC Biflex) – – 19,500 
Tank (TP) – – 12,000 
Total Cost   2,626,875 


Bricks, cement, kassu, rebar, sand, bajri, safety grills are the main building materials required to create the grey structure of a 5 Marla home. Electrical wiring, plumbing and main gate installation are also an integral part in the cost of the grey structure. 

In the above-shared figure, we illustrated the amount of raw materials required to build the gray structure along with the costs of building the base. 


Around 50,000 bricks will be needed to construct a 5 Marla home. At the rate of PKR 11.5, it is suggested to select the Awwal category of bricks. The total cost of bricks will be Rs. 575,000. 

When building a 5-marla home, sand is also a vital part. In Pakistan, mostly sand is extracted from rivers, meanwhile it can also be collected from coastal beaches.The sand from the river beds is typically grey in color. In concrete mixtures, Ravi sand and Chenab sand are more frequently used. At the rate of PKR 20 per cubic foot, about 3,150 cubic feet of Ravi sand is used. This means that a total Ravi sand of PKR 63,000 cubic feet is used. 

The Chenab River sand is of better quality and prices are also marginally higher. At the rate of PKR 35, you’d need about 700 cubic feet of Chenab sand, bringing the total to PKR 24,500. 

Crush is used in the house to build the base structure of the floors and roof. Builders and contractors want Margalla crush to be used, but it is also feasible to use Sargodha crush. 

The needed quantity is approximately 900 cubic feet of Margalla lintel/lenter and is often used in the construction of the house roof. The cost is PKR 75 per cubic feet and overall it will take about PKR 67,500. 

In constructing the floor of the building, sargodha gravel is used. The gray structure of the 5 marla house at the cost of PKR 65 will require 600 cubic feet of Sargodha bajri. This implies that the Sargodha gravel would need PKR 39,000. Rori costs approximately 25,000 PKR. 

Total cost for Bricks, Sand, Crush and Rori will be = PKR 794,000 


Approximately 525 cement bags will be used while constructing the grey structure of a 5 marla house which cost you around 273,000 in total. Cement price varies on daily basis and in current market you can have the 50kg cement bag in PKR 520. 

Meanwhile, in order to fill out the empty area of the plot you need Kassu. Kassu is a mixture of mitti (clay) and sand. To cover a 5 marla empty plot the estimated price will be around 50,000. 

60 grade Rebar (Sarya, Steel) is also used while constructing grey structure. It is estimated that in order to build 5 marla house you need atleast 3 ton or 3000 kg of steel, which will cost you around at the rate of 402,000. The per kg current market steel rate is PKR 134. 

Cost of Cement, Kassu and Rebar = PKR 725,000 


When building a home, labor costs is extremely important to keep in mind. 

Laborer’s are the one who remains with the project from start to end. Due to the directly dealing with the contractor the owner does not have to worry regarding unpredicted leaving of labors from project. It is contractor’s duty to maintain the workforce intact. 

The cost of labor is highly reliant on on the amount of time needed for construction. Although it suits the labourer to extend the work in the expectation that more money will continue to be made, however, the builder has a deadline to follow. This dedication to the timetable helps the builder or contractor to ensure that work is done on time and according to the expectations they have assured. 

In Pakistan there are fluctuation in labour cost, on some regions labour cost is around 375 per sq. ft. and on some parts of Pakistan it goes up to 395 per sq. ft. if we take the highest number then the estimated price for will be around PKR 760,375. This labour cost is related grey structure only, the estimated price does not include woodwork, tiles work or window work. 

Labour Cost = PKR 760, 375. 


The construction costs of a 5 marla house include costs for water, sewerage, gas and drainage systems to be built. This is all called plumbing work. Roughly PKR 80,000, including labor costs and materials, is required for plumbing work. 

In constructing house, electrical wiring is an essential aspect. Wiring in the house needs experience, and it is better to hire a professional to do all the electrical work. For the wiring, approximately PKR 65,000 is required. This covers both the cost of labor and the material that is used. 

Cost of Plumbing & Wiring = PKR 145,000 


Steel is needed at various points during building a house, such as when the door frames are made using Chougat Steel. In order to complete this part of the house you atleast need PKR 54,000. 

In addition, you will need to have window safety grills and a main gate for which an approximate budget of PKR 57,000 for the grills and about PKR 60,000 for the gate should be reserved. 

Total cost of Chougat Steel, Gate & Grills = PKR 171,000 


The septic tank and the termite spray are other expenditures. For the water storage tank, you need to build concrete walls using cement. To build the overhead tank, approximately PKR 12,000 is required. 

In the future, controlling termite infestation before construction starts will really benefit you to protect against potential attacks as they exist in areas where humidity and moisture are highly concentrated. In order to prevent termite infestation, approximately PKR 19,500 is needed. 

Cost of Miscellaneous Items = PKR 31,500 

Total Grey Structure Cost = PKR 2,626,875 

The overall cost of building the grey structure of a 5 marla house will therefore be PKR 2,626,875. 

Luxury Home Builders and Construction Company in Lahore

Premium plusElectric wiring A gradeElectric wiring A gradeElectric wiring A+ grade
False ceilingFalse ceilingFalse ceiling
Bricks upto 11.5 RsSafety grills 3 sootarSafety grills 3 sootarSafety grills 4 sootar
Cement 540-560 RsMain gate 18 gaugeMain gate 16 gaugeMain gate CNC
Steel 110-115 Rs/kgWindow sillsWindow sillsWindow sills
Crush upto 75 Rs/cftTiles local B pairTiles local best/importedTiles imported
Sand upto 32 Rs/cftFloor MarbleFloor tilesFloor tiles
Flush doorsSemi solid doors wood upto 3100 Rs/cftSemi solid doors wood upto 5600 Rs/cft
Mortar ratiosHardware localHardware A gradeHardware A+ grade
1:5 & 1:4 Brick workSwitch boards china fittingsSwitch boards china fittings A+Switch boards imported A+
1:4 PlasterSteel railingsSteel railingsWooden railings
1:2:4 concreteWardrobes MDF laminationWardrobes MDF,UV FrontsWardrobes MDF,Acrylic Fronts
Kitchen local MDF laminationKitchen italian MDF,UV frontsKitchen italian MDF, Acrylic sheets
SteelPaint local emulsionPaint branded emulsionPaint branded A+ emulsion
As per structural drawingsMarble stairsGranite stairsGranite stairs
Steel fixtures localSteel fixtures local brandedSteel fixtures imported
Electric conduit A+Ceramic fixtures localCeramic fixtures brandedCeramic fixtures imported
Plumbing conduit A+Aluminium windows 1.2 gaugeAluminium windows 1.6 gaugeAluminium windows 2 gauge
Polish doorsPolish doorsPolish doors
COST 1525-1550 RS/SQFTCOST 1100-1150 RS/SQFTCOST 1475-1525 RS/SQFTCOST 2000-2050 RS/SQF
GREY + FINISH COST2600 – 2700 RS/SQFT3000 – 3075 RS/SQFT3525 – 3600 RS/SQFT



• Possible ±5% Variation is possible in cost shown in video

• Rates applicable on Brick structures only

• Add Rs 150-200 for frame structure construction

• Skills required to achieve this cost:

o Past experience

o Quality & honest labor o Labor management skills

o Quality, timely & cost effective material procurement

• Factors such as construction inexperience, unusual covered areas, frequent wear & tears, fraudulent labor etc can effect this cost figure

• Hire professional company which will add a figure of 300 Rs/sq.ft minimum as margin.

• Basement grey structure will cost minimum 2029 Rs/sq.ft

Covering an average area of about 2,000 square feet, a single or double-storey 5 marla house is ideal for a small family of 4-5 members. If you’re designing or planning to build a home, you’ll surely want to make the most of the average 25 x 50 feet plot size. As such, we’re here to help you out. Here is what our experts consider to be the best 5 marla house plans. 

Whether you employ them as they are or modify them according to your particular requirements, these plans will help you design a house that best accommodates your needs. 


The best floor plans for a 5 marla home should make optimum use of the available space. We’re aiming to deliver on that requirement with the 5 marla house designs shared below.


Number of Floors: 2
Total Area Covered on the Ground Floor: 1,082 Square Feet
Total Area Covered on the First Floor: 864 Square Feet
Total Area Overall: 1,946 Square Feet
Number of Bedrooms: 3
Number of Bathrooms: 3
Number of Kitchens: 1
Number of Terraces: 2
Storage Room: No
Backyard: Yes

Ground Floor

5 marla home with a backyard
Floor Plan A for a 5 Marla Home – Ground Floor

Keeping the image shared above in perspective, our first 5 marla house plan begins with a single 11 x 15 garage that leads towards two entrances: one leading directly into the 12 x 12 drawing room so you can entertain unexpected guests right away without worrying about the mess in your central living area. A connecting door from the drawing-room and the main entrance of the house leads to a 20 x 11 lounge, which also contains stairs on the left-hand side, leading to the floor above.

Moving further into the lounge, the plan opens up to the first of three bedrooms to the left, which can also be ideally used as a guest bedroom. The 11 x 14 bedroom has an ensuite 5 x 8 bathroom and a large window to offer views to the 5 feet wide backyard. The bedroom is placed adjacent to the 7 x 14 kitchen, which provides the primary access to the backyard beyond, where you can also conveniently add a small washing area if needed.

First Floor

Floor plan for a 5 marla home with two terraces
Floor Plan A for a 5 Marla Home – First Floor

This 5 marla house map then continues seamlessly on to the upper floor. After accessing the 14 x 9 sitting area via the stairs in the lounge below, this 5 marla home opens up to both sides. At the front end of the house is the 12 x 14 master bedroom with its ensuite 6 x 9 bathroom as well as a terrace overlooking your garage. You can, however, make changes to the plan if you want to give access to the terrace via the master bedroom.

The central sitting area on the first floor also offers access to the last of the three bedrooms at the back of the house, with this one spanning over 11 x 14 feet with a 5 x 8 bathroom and a large terrace.


Number of Floors: 2
Total Area Covered on the Ground Floor:  1,200 Square Feet
Total Area Covered on the First Floor: 1,152 Square Feet
Total Area Overall:  2,352 Square Feet
Number of Bedrooms: 6
Number of Bathrooms: 6
Number of Kitchens: 2
Number of Terraces: 1
Storage Room: Yes
Backyard: No

Ground Floor

Best floor plan for a rental home
Floor Plan B for a 5 Marla Home – Ground Floor

The next floor plan for a 5 marla home is another two-storey masterpiece, offering an ample amount of space to accommodate your growing family and its needs. The 8 x 15 garage not only gives way to two separate entrances into the house, but it also offers you a chance to head straight upstairs if you want, with a conveniently located outdoor stairway. To the right of the garage is the 12 x 15 drawing-room, which does not have any other doors connecting it to the rest of the house. However, you can choose to break down the wall that it shares with the lounge partway for a convenient means of entertaining your guests.

If you enter the home via the main door, you’ll head straight into the 255 square feet lounge, which hosts an 8 x 10 kitchen, and 8 x 5 bathroom, as well as two 12 x 14 ensuite bedrooms, with an 8 x 6 and a 12 x 6 bathroom respectively. This 5 marla house map does not offer any open outdoor area on the ground floor except for the garage.

First Floor

Maximise your use of space with a smaller sitting area
Floor Plan B for a 5 Marla Home – First Floor

Climbing up the stairs from the garage, we have the nearly 64 square feet sitting area that leads on to not one or two, but four 12 x 14 bedrooms. Three of these also have attached bathrooms, two of which are 8 x 6 feet in size, while the last one at the back of the house is a 12 x 6 attached bath. This 5 marla house layout is unique in the sense that it also has two kitchens, one on each floor.

The 8 x 5 kitchen on the first floor is located right next to the 8 x 5 storage room, but if you want a larger kitchen space, consider adding the storage area to the kitchen for an 8 x 10 expansive cooking area. The first floor of this 5 marla home also offers a small terrace connected to the bedroom at the front of the house.

Making full use of the available space and keeping the outdoor staircase in mind, this house can be the ideal solution if you want to rent the house in two portions, or build one house for two families, with each renting one floor for their needs.


Number of Floors: 2
Total Area Covered on the Ground Floor:  963 Square Feet
Total Area Covered on the First Floor:  963 Square Feet
Total Area Overall:  1,926 Square Feet
Number of Bedrooms: 3
Number of Bathrooms: 3
Number of Kitchens: 1
Number of Terraces: None
Storage Room: Yes
Backyard: Yes

Ground Floor

Open plan living on a 5 marla plot
Floor Plan C for a 5 Marla Home – Ground Floor

This next 5 marla house design gives you fewer but larger rooms, starting with a 9 x 15 garage that leads into a modern open plan living space. The floor plan comprises dedicated areas for a 14 x 11 drawing and entertaining area, a 17 x 14 lounge, and an 11 x 9 kitchen. It’s the ideal 5 marla house map for those looking for a minimalist and modern home interior.

Along with the stairs that lead up to the first floor, the lounge also contains a 196 square feet bedroom with its own 81 square feet attached bathroom and access to the 5 feet wide backyard. If you’re debating between an open vs. a broken floor plan, there are pros and cons of both to consider before you make your decision. However, you can also create partial walls or partitions if you need more privacy for your kitchen or TV lounge.

First Floor

5 marla home with space for storage
Floor Plan C for a 5 Marla Home – First Floor

The first floor of this 5 marla house leads up from the lounge to a 17 x 14 sitting area as well as a 9 x 5 storage room. Ensuite bedrooms are located at the front and back of the house, with 81 square feet attached baths. The master bedroom is 14x 15 feet while the second room on this floor is 14 x 11 feet in size.

This 5 marla home does not offer a terrace in its current plans, but you can create a glass wall or floor-to-ceiling windows for the master bedroom and enjoy being greeted by the sunrise every morning. Make sure you use the right type of tempered glass for the build, though.


Number of Floors: 1
Total Area Overall:  1,100 Square Feet
Number of Bedrooms: 2
Number of Bathrooms: 2
Number of Kitchens: 1
Number of Terraces: None
Storage Room: No
Backyard: Yes

Ground Floor

5 marla house map for a single-storey build
Floor Plan D for a 5 Marla Home

Perfect for people looking for a single-storey home for their small family or for their elderly relatives, this 5 marla house plan has an 11 x 13 garage and a 9 x 19 front lawn, that opens up to a 13 x 11 lounge area. From there, you have the 132 square feet drawing-room, the 6 x 11 kitchen, as well as access to two 13 x 11 bedrooms.

One of these bedrooms has a 7 x 6 feet attached bathroom, while the other not only offers a 6 x 8 bathroom, but also convenient access to the 4 feet wide backyard at the far end of the house. Since this plan is only spread over the ground floor, it makes maximum use of the plot size. 


Number of Floors: 2
Total Area Covered on the Ground Floor:  1,100 Square Feet
Total Area Covered on the First Floor:  900 Square Feet
Total Area Overall:  2,000 Square Feet
Number of Bedrooms: 5
Number of Bathrooms: 4
Number of Kitchens: 2
Number of Terraces: 1
Storage Room: No
Backyard: Yes

Ground Floor

5 marla house with front and back gardens
Floor Plan E for a 5 Marla Home – Ground Floor

You might find some similarities when you compare this 5 marla house layout with the one above. This is because they are essentially the same on the ground floor, but we wanted to give you a chance to see how the same 5 marla home would look if you decided to build a second floor on top of it.

The only major difference in the ground floor here is that the lounge now has a staircase leading up to the first floor, and the positioning of the stair has led to a change in the entrance to the kitchen. The rest of the design is intact.

First Floor

5 marla house plan for joint families
Floor Plan E for a 5 Marla Home – First Floor

Heading up the stairs to the first floor of this 5 marla house, the 11 x 12 sitting area leads onto three bedrooms, a terrace, and an 11 x 9 kitchen. One of the 11 x 13 bedrooms has its own 30 square feet bathroom, while the other two 11 x 12 and 11 x 13 bedrooms share a 7 x 6 bathroom between them, making them perfect for siblings.

While the house does not have a storage room, you can choose to convert either of the kitchens into a storage area if you no longer have a need for it. This house is also ideal for a large joint family that wants to build a comfortable home on a 5 marla plot.

It is important to note here that we’ve taken an average plot size for our 5 marla house plans, but the exact size of your plot and covered area might differ slightly based on where you’re building your home, and what building regulations apply to your particular project. For instance, there are specific construction bylaws applicable in DHA, Karachi, which must be followed by all residential and commercial property owners.


Aside from building regulations, here are some factors to consider during the design stages to avoid difficulties during the build:

Privacy Concerns

Placement of windows should be kept in mind while designing your own home
Curtains and Blinds Can Help You Maintain Your Privacy Indoors

Most 5 marla plots are located close together on the same strip of land with very little space separating the houses. Thus, sound may carry, and your windows might open up into someone else’s living space if the placement is not kept in mind. If you want to be able to throw open the windows, plan for them in your floor plan accordingly. Alternatively, choose between blinds or curtains for your home to manage your privacy needs.

Safety Measures

Backyards and open terraces offer plenty of space to enjoy the outdoors, but they can also become convenient entranceways for thieves. Thus, all doors leading outdoors need to be reinforced. You might also consider adding grills to ensure better safety of all such areas.

Needs of the Family

The best floor plan for a 5 marla home is one that takes all your family’s needs into account. Thus, when you’re designing your own home, keep your options open and play around with the available space to ensure that the result is as perfect as can be. For instance, you might take a look at our double-story 5 marla house plan and decide to open up the kitchen to the living area for better use of space. The choice between an open vs. closed kitchen plan is often based on a number of factors, though.

We’ve shared our ideas for a 5 marla house design above that you can consider as per your needs. If you’re also building a 10 marla house as part of your investment portfolio, you can check out our floor plans for a 10 marla house, too. Remember that our floor plans are suggestions that can be implemented to make the best use of the available space, but you can make changes to the plans as per your individual preferences.

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