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Do you ever think about escaping the hustle and bustle of city life? Do you ever dream of living in a place where you can go for an evening stroll without the fear of crimes on roads? Do you want to enjoy living in a community where there is enough greenery, paved roads, commercial areas and facilities that are often far away from your house in a city? If your answers to all of the above questions are yes, then you need to start looking for a residence in planned communities.

A planned community is a term that you have probably heard a lot about from realtors, friends or on TV and it may have left you wondering about what it actually means. Well, you have come to the right blog because here we have written all you need to about a planned community, its features and benefits that you can enjoy. 

planned community development from scratch
A planned community is a development of a residential scheme on undeveloped land from scratch

What Is A Planned Community Development?

A planned community is a development of a residential scheme on undeveloped land from scratch. It has a carefully drafted master plan including elements like greenery, streets, road network, commercial markets, parks and grounds and a lot more features.

The town planner ensures that there are all the necessary facilities and amenities that will make people want to live there even if it is away from the centre of the city. These residential societies are usually planned outside of the city mostly on the outskirts and are also known as peri-urban housing societies.

Difference Between Planned Community & Traditional Neighbourhoods

The comparison of a planned community and a traditional neighbourhood will give you a better understanding of how the former is different and fashionably in demand.

Planned Community Traditional Neighbourhood
Thoroughly and carefully planned schemes that are usually planned ahead of time Planned by different builders without thoughtful planning. Anyone can buy land and construct a house
Residential areas and commercial areas are clearly defined, planned and separated Over time, businesses may be established in the neighbourhood and soon the area is not residential anymore
Facilities like clubs, parks, playgrounds, golf course and fitness centre are part of the residential scheme These facilities are either found in commercial markets or you have to travel a distance to avail these or become a member
Educational institutions and health facilities are built in most of the planned communities You have to find a house that is close to educational and health facilities
Less traffic in the streets You can expect unruly traffic especially if you live near a commercial market
Gated and protected communities Unprotected and non-gated neighbourhood

Planned Community: Key To A Happy Life

We all have our reasons for choosing the place we are currently living in. But do you want to know why buyers are investing in planned gated communities and why more builders and developers are launching such residential societies? Let us tell you why.

Secure Gated Community

The planned communities that have been established outside the cities are gated communities which mean that these are enclosed in a gate and there are only a few entry/exit points. This makes them secure as compared to a neighbourhood in a city where only a few streets have barriers and a security guard. 

Security is one of the top features families look for when choosing a place to buy property. This is also the reason why gated communities across Pakistan have gained popularity and developers are establishing such communities in all major cities of the country. Fences and boundary walls, trained security guards and checking at each entry point not only allows these planned communities to give protection to the residents against thieves and criminal activities but also control the flow of traffic.

Infrastructure And Facilities

Everyone wants to live in a place where there are paved roads, grounds and parks nearby, educational and health facilities, trees and greenery among various other infrastructure developments. These are the characteristics of a family-friendly neighbourhood and if you have a family you feel more need of such facilities and community features where you feel safe, build new relationships and enjoy a comfortable and well-facilitated lifestyle.

With the rise in such planned communities, the developers are establishing all kinds of residential societies such as low-cost, highly facilitated and luxurious gated communities. 

facilities in planned communities
Gated communities are thoroughly and carefully planned schemes that are usually planned ahead of time


Not everyone has the funds to buy a land or house by making a lump sum payment. One of the advantages of these planned gated communities is that the developers offer different payment plans which are convenient for buyers. 

It is a rule of thumb that the higher the facilities and features, the more will be the price. You may be able to compromise on living in a place where you don’t have the golf course view or a lake view but you may not give up on basic features. So, in order to give the buyers an opportunity to own a place in such a residential scheme, most of the housing societies are offering different instalment plans. Some offer monthly plans while others may also have balloon payments plans. This encourages a buyer to take the decision and avail an opportunity at the right time before property prices rise.

Peace Of Mind 

The aforementioned features are what attract you to live in a place that is not too far from the centre of the city, has facilities, offers a community experience and close to the residence of your friends and family. But what you gain most out of it is peace of mind.

You know that you are living in a safe and secure neighbourhood where there is no crime rate and your family will be safe even if you are not at home. Your children can ride their bicycle in the street without the fear of accidents because of unruly traffic. The market is close to your house and you can even walk there to get grocery items. All these things give you peace of mind and this is why people are now moving to such peri-urban societies.

FAQs Related To Planned Community Development

Here are answers to some frequently asked questions related to planned community development:

Q: What is planned community development?

A: A planned community, as the name suggests, is based on a carefully planned and designed layout. It’s usually gated and developed on the outskirts, but it can also be located within the city. Such residential communities are planned way ahead of time in order to be prepared for future infrastructure developments.

Q: What is it like living in a planned community?

A: A planned community offers a better lifestyle to you. It also gives a secure and well-facilitated environment where your children can feel safe and grow in a place where they get to have a sense of community. All the necessities of life are within these gated communities and in some master-planned residential societies, you can even find an employer.

Q: How do planned communities work?

A: Planned communities are established on a huge piece of land that is close enough to the city so that people have easy access to the city. With the help of input from local authorities, developers and/or builders create a map with proper roads, segregated commercial and residential areas and all other facilities and amenities essential for a good neighbourhood. The layout is then submitted to authorities for approval. Planned communities help connect people via common public spaces. They ought to be designed in a way that residents feel connected to each other.

Planned Communities To invest In Lahore

If you are looking for planned communities in Lahore, make sure to explore Zameen Quadrangle.

Zameen Quadrangle – A Planned Community In Lahore

Zameen Quadrangle is one of the latest projects of Zameen Developments, right in the centre of the city. Catering to the dynamic needs of property enthusiasts, Zameen Development has become the torchbearer for introducing innovative designs and architecture in the real estate industry of Pakistan. 

The project, located on Zafar Ali Road, comprises apartments and penthouses that offer beautiful panoramic views of the city. The design of Zameen Quadrangle makes it one of the most well-planned community-centric projects in Lahore. The highlight of Zameen Quadrangle is the central courtyard known as “The Quad.” Combined with the stepped form of the building, this area ensures all units in the project have access to outdoor views, regardless of orientation.

community centric design of Zameen Quadrangle
The design of Zameen Quadrangle makes it one of the most well-planned community-centric projects in Lahore

Properties in Zameen Quadrangle

One of the exciting features of Zameen Quadrangle is that the project is registered with the Federal Board of Revenue (FBR), which makes it a safe investment option. Being registered with the FBR means that the buyers and investors will not need to show proof of the income source so it is also a lucrative investment opportunity for overseas Pakistanis.

Following are the property options available at Zameen Quadrangle:

  • 1-bedroom flats
  • 2-bedroom flats
  • 3-bedroom flats
  • 3-bedroom penthouses
  • 4-bedroom penthouses

How To Book A Unit At Zameen Quadrangle

So, if you have made up your mind to invest in Zameen Quadrangle, you just need to fill the form appearing on the right side of this page for desktop readers and at the bottom of the page for mobile readers. Once you have filled and successfully submitted the form, one of’s property experts will get in touch with you.

If you are looking for more options to buy property in a planned community, you can also check Zameen Opal, Icon Valley Phase II, Pace Circle Lahore and Signature by Icon. For more information on the trends in the real estate market of Pakistan, keep following Zameen Blog, Pakistan’s largest property blog.

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