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Commercial building projects are always large-scale jobs, but industrial construction takes size and scope to another level. These huge undertakings design, install, and maintain structures and components of industrial production like power plants and factories. Unique levels of expertise across a variety of fields focused on specialized design and construction capabilities. The process for building an industrial facility can be managed by the client or his industrial contractor, and even government agencies have a say in these enormous projects. Each industrial construction project is unique but there are 3 factors that must be in place for all successful industrial construction projects. Industrial Construction Chain of Command If you ve already built an industrial facility, you have the advantage of an overview that some clients don t initially have. Managing the process yourself means coordinating design, planning, and construction. Your position as the chain of command allows you to work with in-house staff and only bring in those trades that are outside your specialty.

You might choose to draw up plans and hire a general contractor who does the actual building. The options for self-managing industrial construction projects allow flexibility, but job success depends on your experience with everything from selecting a site to complying with government regulations. When determining the chain of command for your next construction project make sure you re confident in the experience of whoever is managing the project. You don t want to bite off more than you can chew. Experienced management of construction is the key for efficiency that can save a company budget. The Design-Build Process Traditionally, an industrial job starts with independent design services. Once plans are drawn up, bids are solicited, and the winning contractor handles construction. The design-build process consolidates these three steps into a project delivery model that results in substantial savings over conventional methods. As the client, you re served by one group that handles planning, site prep, and all aspects of construction. A contractor with design-build capabilities coordinates and manages all services including vendors and subcontractors. You control your project, while your contractor streamlines the overall process.

Local, State, and Federal Compliance Various government guidelines and regulations that apply to industrial construction form a complex network of required paperwork and agency inspections. A project s design stage requires careful attention to job-safety planning before work can begin. Site selection involves addressing land use and environmental issues. Other examples of government regulation over the construction process include building code compliance and hazardous waste disposal. Dealing with different government agencies can be a project in itself, so make sure to work with a design-build contractor who can quickly navigate thru local, state, and federal regulations. Industrial construction stands apart from other commercial projects with the need for specialized design talent and comprehensive building capabilities. Our Nationwide Construction teams are ready to serve your next industrial building job with a complete array of services including free design and no-obligation planning packages.

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Either you are looking for Residential, Commercial, Industrial, Institutional Construction Services or Remodeling of your building, this is the right place for you! We also provide Pre-construction Services including Master planning, Architectural Plans, Structural Plans, MEP Engineering, Interior Plans, and Landscaping. Besides that, you can also get fine quality ready-made precast concrete products including Girders, Slabs, Precast Boundary Walls, Pavers, Concrete Blocks, Security Barriers and many more.

Acco, being one of the leading construction companies, providing services, delivery, and installation in all cities of Pakistan for decades. We have come up with a simple online interface to cater to our valuable clients with an exciting and user-friendly dashboard where they can request for the latest rates, book order, track orders, set delivery dates, send bids, negotiate on rates, can check company updates and much more.

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