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Plots in DHA Lahore – Plots for Sale in DHA Lahore

Evermark is a leading real estate network connecting a large number of property buyers and sellers around the globe. We deal in buying and selling of Residential and Commercial properties in all developed and developing sectors of DHA. Many options are available in residential and commercial plots. Plots for sale In DHA Lahore, Phase 9 Prism, Phase 9 Town, Phase 8, Phase 7 etc. We have a professional and dynamic staff that will assist you in securing properties in all DHA Pakistan. We always welcome our clients at Evermark.  Whether you are looking to secure residential & commercial plots, market rates of your plot, buy or sell a plot in DHA Lahore. You’ll find an able companion in Evermark. It will help you find the best buying and selling plots in DHA Lahore for the best profitability.

Plots for Sale in DHA Lahore

Looking for buy and sell property in DHA Lahore Pakistan? You have come to the right place. If you want to buy a plot in DHA Lahore, you have many questions in mind! What is the market price of the plot?  What is the future prospect of the plot? Buy a plot to build a house or investment? Buying a plot, and hold it for the long-term or mid-term investment? etc. Our staff will guide you with regards to the best investment opportunities.

Residential Plots In DHA Lahore?

Looking for Residential Plots In DHA Lahore? You have come to the right place. However, Buying or selling a plot in DHA Lahore very easy. Moreover, we offer you to confirm plots for sale in all phases of DHA. We help you buy a residential plot in DHA Lahore with the best future prospect.  Always buy residential plots close proximity such as to

  • Park
  • Mosque
  • Commercial Market
  • Sector Shops
  • Community centres

5 Marla Plots In DHA Lahore

Every Phase in DHA Lahore has 5 Marla plots, price range start from 40 to 110 Lacs. These 5 Marla plots are much less in quantity compared to 1 Kanal plot. But phase 9 town, phase 9 prism and Phase 8 ivy Green have a huge number of 5 Marla plots

  • Hence, the Dimensions of the 5 Marla plot are 25 (Width) x 45 ( Length) feet

5 Marla Plots Rates

  • Phase-1 # 40 to 70 Lacs
  • Phase-2 # 40 to 80 Lacs
  • Phase-3 # 70 to 100 Lacs
  • Phase-4 # 70 to 90 Lacs
  • Phase-5 # 90 to 110 Lacs
  • Phase-6 # 60 to 85 Lacs
  • Phase-7 # 40 to 50 Lacs
  • Phase-8 # 50 to 70 Lacs
  • Phase-9-Town # 40 to 70 Lacs
  • Phase-9-Prism # 30 to 40 Lacs

10 Marla Plots In DHA Lahore

The 10 Marla plot price in DHA Lahore range strat form 60-180 Lacs. However, these 10 Marla plots are much less in quantity compared to the 1 Kanal plot. Currently, DHA Phase 5 has the most expensive plots of 10 Marla.

  • Hence, the Dimensions of the 10 Marla plot are 35 (Width) x 65 (Length) feet.

10 Marla Plots Rates

  • Phase-1 # 100 to 140 Lacs
  • Phase-2 # 130 to 150 Lacs
  • Phase-3 # 130 to 160 Lacs
  • Phase-4 # 120 to 170 Lacs
  • Phase-5 # 150 to 190 Lacs
  • Phase-6 # 120 to 175 Lacs
  • Phase-7 # 60 to 80 Lacs
  • Phase-8 # 65 to 120 Lacs
  • Phase-9-Town # 70 to 90 Lacs
  • Phase-9-Prism # 60 to 75 Lacs

1 Kanal Plots In DHA Lahore

However, 1 Kanal residential plots prices in DHA Lahore range start from 70 Lacs to 360 Lacs.  While, DHA Phase 3, Phase 5, and Phase 8 have the most expensive plots. Besides  DHA Phase 7 and Phase 9 offer the lowest prices plots.

  • Hence, the dimensions of the 1 Kanal plot are 50 (Width) x 90 ( Length) feet.

1 Kanal Plots Rates

  • Phase-1 # 160 to 240 Lacs
  • Phase-2 # 180 to 250 Lacs
  • Phase-3 # 200 to 350 Lacs
  • Phase-4 # 160 to 320 Lacs
  • Phase-5 # 200 to 360 Lacs
  • Phase-6 # 160 to 280 Lacs
  • Phase-7 # 90 to 170 Lacs
  • Phase-8 # 140 to 300 Lacs
  • Phase-9 Prism # 80 to 130 Lacs

2 Kanal Plots In DHA Lahore

Almost every phase in DHA Lahore offers a variety of options to buy 2 Kanal plots at prices between 275 and 800 Lacs. However, the dimensions of the 2 Kanal plots are:

  • Hence, DHA Phase 1 to 4 and Phase 8 (Ex Park View) dimensions are 75 (Width) x 120 (Length) feet.
  • While, DHA Phase 5, 6 & 7 dimensions are 100 (Width) x 90 (Length) feet.

 2 Kanal Plots Rates

  • Phase-1 # 240 to 370 Lacs
  • Phase-2 # 340 to 480 Lacs
  • Phase-3 # 570 to 750 Lacs
  • Phase-4 # 500 to 650 Lacs
  • Phase-5 # 550 to 750 Lacs
  • Phase-6 # 400 to 550 Lacs
  • Phase-7 # 220 to 300 Lacs
  • Phase-8 # 300 to 700 Lacs
  • Phase-9 Prism # 180 to 290 Lacs

Commercial Plots In DHA Lahore?

Looking for Commercial Plots In DHA Lahore? You have come to the right place. One of the most profitable investments in DHA Lahore is to buy a commercial plot.  We help you buy a commercial plot in DHA Lahore with the best future prospect. However, always buy commercial plots at good locations like

  • Main Boulevards
  • Corners
  • Facking Parking
  • Facing Parks


When it comes to property location is the key, always buy property at a premium location. We help you find good location properties with the best future prospect. Commercial plots are greatly affected by location, more so than residential plots. Always buy commercial properties at premium locations like Main Boulevards, Corners, Facking Parking and Facing Parks. Better the location more the profit.

Maximum returns:

When it comes to Real Estate investments commercial investments provide maximum returns, be it upfront capital return or rental, commercial investments serve the purpose best. We help you find suitable commercial investment options that fit your profile.

Size Matters

Size matters, 8 Marla plot will always be better than 4 Marla. Brands, Banks or Offices, the bigger the size the better.

Purpose of Investment

The purpose varies, Rental return is one thing and maximizing solid capital return is another. DHA’s Phases 1 to 6 provide better rental returns being fully operational residential phases. With other Phases having the edge of solid future returns.

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