Architectural Design & Drafting Services


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Architectural Design & Drafting Services

Acco's offers comprehensive Architectural Services including Interior design, Master planning 3D modelling, working drawings, BOQ, Specification, Tender drawings & documents and Green building design documentation.


Our Architects and supporting Draftsmen have been working on various Healthcare, Retail, Commercial & Residential building design & drafting work for many Design & Build GC’s, Architects across the Globe. With a good understanding of the Global codes, we deliver design drawings that can comply with Client specific drafting standards or universal drafting standards. In-house BIM capabilities complement these services by adding better design coordination, estimation & visualization support.

  • Master planning
  • Concept design
  • Detail design
  • Interior Detail Drawings
  • Landscape Drawings
  • Good for Construction (GFC) Drawings
  • Tender drawings & documents (BOQ, Specification)
  • Architecture design support

ACC's Right from a challenging design to time-consuming drafting work, we do it all and have an excellent ROI for our clients due to our Engineering maturity, domain expertise & process-based approach.

Working over the years on detailing of Drywall systems, we have developed smart solutions in Autocad to compress the overall efforts required to draft the complex drywall details required in massive projects. We have special expertise in Drywall for hospitals where the design complexity is maximum and we can very quickly & accurately detail out the anchors, stiffeners, cut-outs, studs, struts etc. by using self-developed dynamic blocks & component libraries. Our Draftsmen assisted by the Engineers are capable enough to highlight any clashes & coordination issues to Client averting constructability issues at the site. We develop solutions tailored to suit the requirement of the project which helps in improved productivity. We have also worked in mixed data environment where part of the services are either 2D or 3D and where we have used our 3D modelling expertise to coordinate the drywall details further.