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Major Components Of Tourism & Travel Development


The global tourism sector is an industry worth hundreds of billions of dollars and has emerged as a major source to provide economic benefit to nations. Pakistan has made great strides in tourism over the past few years. In fact, it topped the list of the best holiday destinations for 2020 by an international publication. The incumbent government of Pakistan is also focusing on portraying a positive image of the country—one that welcomes tourists from across the world. To that end, the government has taken special measures to develop major components of tourism to facilitate tourists for better facilitation and experience.

This blog defines the five A’s of the tourism and travel industry and what Pakistan has to offer in this regard.

Major Components Of Tourism Development

tourist welcoming country
Pakistan is a tourist-friendly country that welcomes tourists from across the world

The five A’s of the tourism industry are like pillars of this sector without which there can be no foreign or local travelling. The survival of the tourism industry in any country is dependent on these components which are made better over the years to enhance its scope. It is not only the attractive sites or activities that make it exciting and memorable instead it is the experience that the tourists have. 

The concurrent government along with the help of relevant authorities is improving the facilities, infrastructure, ease of travelling for foreigners and much more to utilize this goldmine for its direct contribution to the economy. It’s not just the serenity and fascinating views of the mountains that form the tourism industry in Pakistan, in fact, it is much more than that. National and international tourists explore the historic places in different parts of the country, centuries-old marvellous architecture, heritage, museums, and try cuisines of different provinces.

The components for successful tourism development are as follows:

  • Attractions
  • Accessibility
  • Accommodation
  • Amenities
  • Activities

Let’s discuss these in detail and see what Pakistan has done to improve and nurture this industry in the last few years.


Attractions are the most important component of developing tourism in a country. Without attractions, the tourist will not have any reason to visit the country or for locals to explore different areas of their homeland. The definition of attraction can differ from tourist to tourist and a variety in these attractions increases the odds of tourism.

Pakistan enjoys a geostrategic location on the world map. From ancient history to modern facades and from mountains to the sea, tourists have unlimited places to explore. Those who have an interest in history can visit historical forts in Pakistan located in mountains, cities and deserts that are national heritage and have been preserved. For those who love to take walks on beaches, listen to the waves hitting the shore and watch sunsets as water touches their feet, beaches of Pakistan and islands near Karachi await their arrival.  

Pakistan is also home to five above 8,000 meters peaks in the world which are climbed by mountaineers from all over the world every year. These peaks also include the world’s second tallest peak K2 which is known for its tricky hike and unfavourable weather conditions. Many tourists visit Pakistan to experience the culture and try different cuisines of the country. As you move from south to north of Pakistan, you will find yourself trying a different cuisine every time.


For intercity commute in Pakistan, tourists have available options of travelling by air, rail and road

Accessibility refers to the modes of transport, road infrastructure and facilities to move across cities. In this digital age, tourists prior to travelling read about the places they want to visit and the available means of transport. Tourists prefer hassle-free, cost-effective, comfortable and convenient travelling.

In Pakistan, for intercity commute, tourists have available options of travelling by air, rail and road. Intercity flights will significantly reduce your travel time but may not be suitable if you are on a budget trip. However, travelling by train and public road transport are comfortable and preferred means of transportation in the country. The massive road infrastructure connects all cities together via highways and even remote areas are being made accessible by developing proper roads.

The road network in Pakistan is one of the best in the world and ever since the network of motorways in Pakistan has been developed, intercity travelling has become more convenient and allows you to travel safely. Similarly, the highway networks in northern areas have also contributed significantly to boosting tourism in the mountainous regions of the country. Karakoram Highway, Jaglot to Skardu Road and Regional Cooperation for Development (RCD) highway are some of the major road networks developed to facilitate tourists in the country.


Accommodation plays a major role in developing a country’s image as a tourist-friendly destination. Tourists look for comfortable lodges, guesthouses and hotels to stay at night in a safe environment. Pakistan Tourism Development Corporation (PTDC) is the primary government body that looks after the development and promotion of the tourism industry in Pakistan. The corporation also has safe and comfortable guesthouses in different tourist destinations. Moreover, people can also find private guesthouses and hotels all across the country that are fully capable of providing a safe and comfortable stay to their guests. 

While there is an abundance of credible hotels in major metropolises of the country, the development of tourism in the country in the last few years has also led famous hotel chains to build accommodations up north. While these hotels are known for hygienic conditions, clean lines, cold and hot water connections and other facilities, there are other low-cost options too for the travellers if they have a budget to meet. 


highest atm in the world
The National Bank of Pakistan holds the world record of setting up the highest ATM above sea level

Amenities refer to the facilities available for tourists in a country. This includes dining options, transportation, money exchanges, medical facilities and communication networks. Pakistan is a developing country and is equipped to provide all these facilities to local and foreign tourists anywhere in the country. Pakistan is known for its cuisines and culture of accommodating guests, examples of which can be found across the internet in vlogs of famous tourists. 

Facilities make a trip better and a lot of efforts have been made to ensure that tourists are accommodated in the best way possible. For instance, the National Bank of Pakistan holds the world record of setting up the highest ATM at an elevation of 15,397 feet above sea level. The ATM was installed at the Pakistan-China border at Khunjerab Pass. The communication network including high-speed internet services has been enabled in different areas of the country. The tourists can contact their loved ones back at home even in remote areas.


While some take a vacation to enjoy serenity and peace, others like to adopt a more adventurous approach. It can be anything, ranging from adrenaline-pumping sports to attending cultural festivals that are celebrated by the locals for years. 

Pakistan homes people from diverse cultural and religious backgrounds who celebrate their festivals peacefully with great fervour and zeal. For instance, the most common celebrations of festivals in the south and central regions of the country include Christmas, Diwali and Jashn-e-Baharan while other famous festivals include Sibi Mela, Lahooti Mela, Chilimjusht, Uchao o Utchal, Shandur Polo Festival, Silk Route Festival, Lok Mella and Jeep Rally.

katas raj temple
Pakistan supports religious tourism and is visited by many foreigners every year

If you are one who enjoys adventurous sports, you would like to visit different beaches and islands to enjoy cliff diving, snorkelling, jet skiing and other water sports activities. However, if you are the one who enjoys winter sports more, you need to attend the Winter Sports Festival in Malam Jabba where you will be excited to see different categories of sports you can participate in.

Pakistan is gifted with wonderful locations and historic sites which are worth going to. Pakistan also supports religious tourism and every year many foreigners visit Pakistan to appear at their religious sites. Pakistan’s religious tourism sites include Kartarpur Corridor, Nankana Sahib, Gurdwara Panja Sahib, Katas Raj Temples and Sadho Belo Temple.

These were all the major components for building a successful tourism product in any country. stay tuned to Zameen Blog for more updates and travel guides. If you wish to get in touch with us, write to us at blog@zameen.com and don’t forget to subscribe to Zameen Newsletter for regular updates on the property sector of Pakistan.


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