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Lahore’s Gulberg is the commercial hub of the city. Here you’ll see tall commercial plazas dotting the landscape, with eateries in almost every corner. But that’s not all. Behind all these tall buildings and commercial spaces buzzing with activity are neighborhoods with some of the most beautifully-designed houses. Let’s explore in detail what it’s like living in Lahore’s Gulberg area through the four subsections, namely Gulberg 1 to 4.

Living In Lahore’s Gulberg

Gulberg boasts a robust infrastructure which is it is considered ideal for high-end developments
Many infrastructural improvements have been made in Gulberg Lahore in recent years (Image Credits: Shutterstock)

Lahore’s Gulberg is a posh area, where most of the businessmen of the city live. This is not an old neighborhood of the city, but a modern posh area with big houses and beautiful architectural designs. 

As it is considered the central commercial hub, the successive governments have ensured that the roads are carpeted, there is a functional sewerage system and in between the residential area with a commercial front, there are plenty of green spaces. Over the years, the roads have been expanded and re-carpeted, especially Gulberg Boulevard, where a new flyover was constructed not too long ago. The green belts are properly maintained and become a spot for the Pakistan Horticulture Authority’s main canvas during Spring festivities and décor.

There is a comprehensive public transportation network, especially the one for buses. Even privately operating transportation facilities, such as Uber and Careem have their spots earmarked for convenience. 

Gulberg is the central point of the city, and from here you can easily access all the other localities within minutes. This means that for residents of Gulberg, the entire city is at the palm of their hands. Most offices, shopping areas, restaurants and recreational avenues are located either on Main Gulberg Boulevard or adjoining localities. Apart from all that’s fun, you’ll also find a number of leading educational institutions from pre-school to college and healthcare facilities located here. If you live in Gulberg, you’re in luck because you never have to leave the area for anything.

Let’s explore all the things that make living in Lahore’s Gulberg a wholesome experience.

Essential Features Of Lahore’s Gulberg

Gulberg Galleria mall in lahore has dozens of shops for eid shopping
Gulberg Galleria offers endless opportunities for Eid shopping
Photo Credits: Facbook/Gulberg Galleria

Gulberg 1

Gulberg 1 is the oldest subsection, and primarily consists of residential areas to the left of Sherpao Bridge. It is separated from the Lahore Cantonment Area by this bridge, over a railway track that is not in regular use.

Gulberg 2

 Behind Gulberg 1, and further down is Gulberg 2, dissected right in the middle by Main Boulevard Gulberg. This occupies a much larger area and has a number of residential and commercial properties, as well as parks.

Starting at the top of Main Boulevard, the first thing you’ll come across Siddique Trade Center which houses numerous offices of education counselors, immigration consultants, traders, and a few shops as well. Behind this, there are two educational institutes, College of Home Economics and DAV Technical Institute. Further down the road, you’ll find City Tower and Raaby Center, both of which are much similar to Siddique Trade Center and offer the same mix of offices and shops.

On the other side of Main Boulevard, you have an uber luxuriously-designed shopping mall, Gulberg Galleria. This white marble building quickly grabs the attention of all as you enter the Gulberg area, and offers a serene shopping experience. It’s a smaller mall but has all the greatly-admired designer brands under one roof. Next to it is McDonald’s, which is one of the few 24/7 McDonald’s in Lahore and on any given day is full of families and young children.

The latest addition to Gulberg, Boulevard 57 sits prominently a few steps away from McDonald’s. This grey building is the latest in offering an exclusive complex for eateries and indoor games, especially for young adults. This is something not seen anywhere else in Lahore. On your way down to the greatly-revered Main Market, you’ll come across Auriga Shopping Center and Raja Center, which are the most sought-out shopping avenues for fancy clothes for people who are on a budget. These are separated by a circular Main Market which offers the best of everything, on a budget.

In the Main Market you’ll find a number of bakeries, fruits and vegetable shops, bank branches, furniture shops, shops for homeware and electronics, and even clothes. Two famous shops, Iqbal Book Corner and Oxford Stationery Shop are particularly popular amongst students as they have everything for pupils from preschool to university level. 

All of these sites are located along the main boulevard, behind which you’ll find houses and a number of offices. This area is densely populated, and the houses are so beautifully designed that for anyone with an eye for architectural designs, a drive around this place will give you numerous ideas.

Liberty Market
A Range of Shoe Stores Can Be Found at Liberty Market (Image Credits: Shutterstock)

 Gulberg III

This is the largest sub-sector of Gulberg, and has some of the most prominent sites of not just Gulberg, but Lahore as well. These sites are famous for a number of reasons, particularly for the purposes they offer. For this reason, we will break them down so when you’re scavenging through the area, you know where to go for what.

An Endless Shopping Experience

Al Latif Centre, Aijaz Centre, Gulberg Centre, Ashiana Centre & Lahore Centre

These are all located on Main Boulevard Gulberg and are mixed-use buildings offering commercial shops and offices. Of these, Lahore Centre is particularly famous for its imported varieties of loose cloth, tailors and for housing offices as well. This ground-plus-five story building is one of the most sought-out shopping destinations in the city.

Liberty Market

For anyone visiting Lahore, going to Liberty Market at least once is essential. This is because Liberty Market is known primarily for its eclectic shopping options, particularly for women. You can find everything from some of the most traditional pieces to the latest trends. It is a family spot for people who want to enjoy delicious local street food and want to spend a good time browsing through some of the best shopping experiences.

On any given day, you’ll find large groups of women inhabiting the many shops in various little streets and alleyways.

M.M. Alam Road

This is located behind Liberty Market and can be accessed either through Ghalib Road or Noor Jehan Road via Hussain Chowk. M.M Alam Road, as the name suggests, is a single road that houses some of the leading clothing brands’ outlets and continental cafes and restaurants. It is a destination for trend setters, and on a single visit you’ll be acquainted with all the latest in clothing and cuisines. Apart from local retail boutiques, you’ll find outlets for leading international brands here.

Ghalib Market

This place has a number of shops for embellishments such as buttons and sequins, as well as tailors and dyers. If you are looking for a no-fuss stitching experience, this is the place to go.

Within Gulberg III is an old Gurumangat Village, which in today’s time depicts a cross between an old village and modern commercial hub. Within narrow streets are corporate and media offices, as well as a hotel of the renowned Ramada Hotel chains.

The Best In Cuisines

Best of cuisines in Mall One, Lahore
Enjoy the best of cuisines in Lahore’s Gulberg (Image Credits: Shutterstock)

M.M Alam Road is the place where you’ll find an eclectic mix of flavors and some of the best experimental food combos. Most of the food options here are continental. You’ll find the best and authentic Sushi places here as well such as Wasabi and PAF Chang’s.

A little off M. M Alam Road is Mall One food street which offers numerous fusion food options, that too on a budget. Each place specializes in a particular cuisine, all except desi and here you can enjoy anything from a perfectly brewed cup of coffee to a chargrilled chicken fillet.

Gulberg IV

This falls right next to the Ferozepur Road and is a residential area, overlooking Canal Park.

In between Main Boulevard and M.M Alam Road and behind it are neighborhoods inhabited by families. However, in order for a locality to be resident-friendly there has to be more than fun and entertainment, and Gulberg has all of these facets covered as well with leading branches of educational institutes and healthcare facilities.  

Educational Institutes

In Gulberg III, educational institute franchises such as Lahore Grammar School and Beaconhouse School System have their middle and senior school branches. Apart from this, you’ll also see the Higher Educational Commission’s Regional Office in Gulberg III’s Block B.

Spanning over Gulberg II and Gulberg III is Old Forman Christian College, a renowned university where thousands of students take admission each year.

If you live in either of these sub-sectors, you’ll be able to access these educational institutes within minutes.

Healthcare Facilities

You’ll also come across a number of healthcare facilities here. These include United Christian Hospital, and Lahore Medical Complex and The Heart Hospital on Main Boulevard Gulberg, Hamid Latif Hospital on main Abu Bakr Road, and Al Razi Hospital on M.M Alam Road. These are among 20 leading health-care facilities that are greatly revered by not just the residents of Gulberg, but people in Lahore as well.

More About Grand Square Mall
Grand Square Mall is an up-and-coming mixed-use project in Lahore (Image Credits:

Lahore’s Gulberg is the main part of the city, and therefore, the reason why most people want to be situated here. It provides ease of access to all facilities that are needed for a comfortable lifestyle, and henceforth, promises high returns. If you are looking to relocate to Gulberg, check out these projects:

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