Launch of Electric Bikes in Pakistan: Initiative By PM Imran Khan

PM Addresses the Launch of E-bike
More About EV Policy
Variants of Electric Bikes in Pakistan
Top Speed of Electric Motorcycles
EV Charging Stations in Pakistan

Like many other modern countries in the world, Pakistan is working on a lot of different eco-friendly initiatives to cut down its carbon footprint and effectively play its part to slow down climate change and global warming. 

The federal government in collaboration with the provincial governments has already introduced countrywide tree plantation drives. The concept of urban forestry is also picking up pace in a few major cities of the country. 

The launch of the Electric Vehicle (EV) Policy in recent years has taken things to a whole new level. In the federal budget of 2021-22, a huge sum of money has been allocated for the EV Policy and for subsidies on electric vehicles.

It seems like Pakistan is now racing towards a greener and more sustainable future. Another major development in this regard is the production of electric-powered motorcycles in the local industry.

The Prime Minister of Pakistan Imran Khan has launched the first-ever electric bike in Pakistan in an inauguration ceremony held on July 8, 2021. The historic event took place in the capital city of Islamabad. These e-bikes are being produced by Jolta Electric and will soon be available to the public.

PM Imran Khan Addresses the Launch of Electric Bikes in Pakistan

Speaking at the inauguration ceremony of e-bikes in Pakistan, Prime Minister Imran Khan said that the authorities were working on a comprehensive plan to implement eco-friendly policies in the country. He said it was the only way we could protect our future generations from the harmful impacts of climate change.

“We (the government) will devise long-term policies on environmental protection to materialise the vision of a clean and green Pakistan, and pass on a liveable place to the coming generations,” PM Imran Khan addressed the crowd.

More About Electric Vehicle Policy in Pakistan

Electric-powered bikes in Pakistan have been introduced under the government’s five-year EV policy. It has been designed to promote the concept of electric vehicles in Pakistan. The policy intends to release huge incentives for the electric vehicle market in the country to expand its scope. 

The policy also envisions electric vehicles to have a large percentage of share in the entire auto industry in Pakistan within the next 20 years. Current EV policy in Pakistan targets all the most common types of vehicles in the country including two, three, and four-wheelers.

Different Variants of E-bikes in Pakistan

Jolta Electric is the first local company that has started manufacturing electric motorcycles in Pakistan. The company intends to launch many different variants of electric bikes down the road, namely JE-70 L, JE-70, JE-70 D, JE-100 L, JE-125 L, JE-Sports Bike, and JE-Scooty. All of these are energy-efficient two-wheeler vehicles that can be easily charged overnight. 

What Will Be the Top Speed of Electric Motorcycles in Pakistan?

Most of the variants of these electric bikes in Pakistan can go up to 60 kilometres per hour and can cover a distance of 60 to 100 kilometres once they are fully charged.

The Growing Number of Electric Vehicle Charging Stations in Pakistan

EV charging stations in pakistan
More and more cities in Pakistan are about to get EV charging stations in the near future

As the concept of electric vehicles is becoming more and more common locally, the number of electric vehicle charging stations in Pakistan is also increasing. Pakistan State Oil (PSO), which is a state-run fuel company, developed the very first electric vehicle charging station in F7 Markaz in Islamabad. There’s one EV charging station located in Lahore as well, near Emporium Mall.

As of now, Shell, which is one of the country’s famous privately-owned fuel companies, is planning to set up multiple electric vehicle charging stations in Pakistan’s largest city — Karachi. The selected locations include their stations at Khayaban-e-Bahria DHA, Askari Housing Scheme in Gulshan Town, and Gadap Town. In the near future, more car charging stations are expected to pop up in other major cities of the country.

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