Latest Updates on Development in Icon Valley Phase 2

Located near Lahore’s new residential hub, Raiwind Road, Icon Valley Phase 2 is a multi-purpose gated community where development work is in full swing. We’ve written at length why Icon Valley Phase 2 is a successful project. In this blog, we’ll focus on the ongoing development at the project site and why property enthusiasts are so excited about it. So, read till the end.

About Icon Valley Phase 2 and The Developer

multi-purpose gated community of icon valley phase 2
Icon Valley Phase 2 is a multi-purpose gated community located near Lahore’s new residential hub Raiwind Road

Even though Icon Valley Phase 2 is located away from the hustle and bustle of the city centre, residents will be able to easily access different parts of Lahore through a number of routes. With Lahore Ring Road’s Adda Plot Interchange only 5-minutes and Thokar Niaz Baig a 15-minute drive away, nothing seems too far from Icon Valley Phase 2.

The builders of Icon Valley Phase 2 are Icon Valley Developers, the same as that of Icon Valley Phase 1 and Signature By Icon. After the successful development and timely delivery of Icon Valley Phase 1, where more than 500 families are living happily, Icon Valley Developers are all set to impress Lahore with their Icon Valley Phase 2.

Current Development Status in Phase II of Icon Valley

Having a team of individuals who specialize in design, construction, engineering and vast experience in careful project execution, the developer is very keen on the timely delivery of the project. The proof of this goal being achieved by every passing day is the fast-paced developments on the project site.

As per the latest progress report updated on July 1, 2021, the land marked for the development of roads has been levelled and is now ready for further development. Heavy machinery can be observed working day in and day out at the site, which indicates the road network for Icon Valley Phase 2 will be complete in a matter of days now.

Another update shared by the developer is that the drainage and sewerage systems are under construction as well. 

The most impressive update that gives confidence to all prospective buyers and investors is that the foundation of townhouse apartments has been laid down and currently work on erecting the grey structure is in progress. Similarly, the developer has also initiated development work on the basement of the commercial building. 

The developer is working right on the schedule and following its timeline to deliver the project. 

development status of icon valley phase 2
The work on the grey structure of townhouse apartments is in progress

Investment Prospects in Icon Valley Phase 2

Property buyers and investors are always on the lookout for accessibility, competing facilities and amenities, return on investment (ROI) and a secure environment for their families. Icon Valley Developers have strived to deliver all this in their project’s Phase 2.

Among the various reasons why this project is so popular among buyers, one of the most important is the reputation of the developer, who is committed to bringing innovation to the industry by carefully addressing people’s housing needs. After delivering quality projects and designing and executing projects based on the latest trends, the developer has gained a positive reputation in the industry.

The property prices in the vicinity of Icon Valley Phase 2 have increased significantly in the last 3 years and property experts are confident that these will go further up in the years to come. Property owners in Icon Valley Phase 2 will be able to enjoy high returns in the coming years.

Offering a wide range of neighbourhood facilities and amenities, Icon Valley Phase 2 is ideal for those looking to upgrade their lifestyle. Here, arrangements are in place for 24-hour security surveillance in this gated community. Other features include: underground electrification, power backup, golf course, fitness club, cigar lounge, restaurants and indoor sports facilities are some of the most prominent features of the project.

Looking to Invest in Icon Valley Phase 2?

development of road in icon valley phase 2
The land marked for the constructing roads has been levelled and ready for further development

The developer is offering a payment plan of up to 5 years to those interested in buying a unit here. You can invest in different properties such as townhouses, shops, offices and apartments. Although you will be paying in four years, the developer is offering early possession on all three properties – a feature that is most appealing to buyers. 

If you are interested in booking yourself a unit or would like to get more details on this, get in touch with us by filling the form appearing on this screen. One of our property experts will get in touch shortly.

This was the latest on the development status of Icon Valley Phase 2. To leave your feedback, write to us at and keep following Zameen Blog to know about all the developments in the real estate market of Pakistan.

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