How to Get NADRA Covid-19 Vaccination Certificate

NADRA Covid-19 Vaccination Certificate Application Process
FAQs About NADRA Immunization Certificate
Importance of NADRA Vaccine Certificate

Like many other countries around the world, vaccination drives are in full swing in Pakistan. All the data about the coronavirus vaccination of citizens is being collected, managed, and stored in the National Immunization Management System (NIMS), a cutting-edge data management system introduced by the National Command and Control Centre (NCOC). NCOC is the government’s nerve centre to oversee and provide relief efforts during the Covid-19 pandemic to the masses.

According to the official website of NIMS, millions of citizens have now been fully vaccinated in Pakistan. The entire vaccination process has rapidly accelerated over the last few months due to the availability of vaccination doses in abundance and the proactive approach and management of staff members of vaccination centres around the country. They are swiftly handling walk-in vaccination facilities for hundreds of thousands of 18+ citizens, getting vaccinated on a daily basis

So, if you have also recently got done with your Covid-19 vaccination process and are willing to apply for the immunization certificate issued by NADRA, then you have made it to the right post. In this blog, we are going to detail the entire online application process for the NADRA Covid-19 Vaccination Certificate and talk about its importance.

How to Get NADRA Covid-19 Vaccination Certificate Online

You can apply for your Covid-19 vaccine certificate from NADRA online in a few simple steps that have been explained below:

Insert your cnic number and its issuance date
Fill up the fields with your CNIC number and its issuance date in the respective fields
  • First of all, you need to head over to the ‘vaccination certificate’ section of the official website of NIMS.
  • Here you’ll see two empty fields, as shown in the screenshot above. Fill them up with your CNIC number and its issuance date in the respective fields.
  • To verify that you are a human, not a robot, you’ll be asked to do simple calculations by adding two numbers. 
  • Submit your answer and click on the ‘تصدیق کریں’ button. The website opens in Urdu by default for locals. However, foreign nationals need to click on the red highlighted text scrolling from right to left below the website header to get redirected to the English version of the website.
enter your full name as per cnic/passport
Enter your name as per your CNIC/passport and your passport number (if you have one)
  • Now, you have to enter your name as per your CNIC/passport.
  • If you have a passport, enter its number in the second field and select your nationality.
  • After submitting these details, you will be redirected to the ‘Terms and Conditions’ page. Go through them carefully and then click on the ‘Accept and Continue’ button.
Enter your debit/credit card details
Fill out your debit/credit card details to process certificate fee online
  • On the next page, you need to fill out your debit/credit card details, as shown in the screenshot above. 
  • You’ll then be provided with a digital receipt with your payment details.
  • Carefully review your information shown on the next page before moving on to the final step, where you can preview and download your certificate.
  • The certificate you’ll download will be available in printable format. Make sure to get a hard copy of it as soon as possible because it will be your government-authorised Covid-19 immunization proof.

FAQs About the NADRA Covid-19 Immunization Certificate

Here are a few frequently asked questions about the coronavirus immunization certificate issued by NADRA:

Who is eligible to apply for the NADRA vaccination certificate?
Any 18+ citizen who has been fully vaccinated can apply for the NADRA vaccination certificate.

From where can you get the NADRA Covid-19 vaccination certificate?
You can easily apply for the Covid-19 immunization certificate by NADRA from the official website of NIMS in a few simple steps, elaborate above.

What is the fee of the NADRA immunization certificate and how can you pay for it?
The fee of the NADRA Covid-19 vaccine certificate is PKR 100, which can be easily paid online by entering your Debit/Credit card details.

How to check and verify your vaccination record in Pakistan?
You can simply message your CNIC number to 1166, which is also the Covid-19 helpline number in Pakistan.

Importance and Benefits of NADRA-issued Covid-19 Vaccine Certificate

Here are some of the key reasons why you should apply for the vaccination certificate issued by NADRA:

  • First of all, it is the certificate issued by the federal government that proves your immunity from the coronavirus.
  • Another thing that greatly adds to the importance of the immunization certificate is that it is a mandatory requirement in case you want to fly to any destination abroad.
  • Many educational institutions and corporate organizations are now asking their students and employees, respectively, to get vaccinated and carry the NADRA-issued Covid-19 Vaccine Certificate with them as proof of vaccination.
  • Pakistan International Airlines (PIA) has recently introduced a special 10% discount for 50+ citizens, which they can avail of by showing their NADRA-issued Covid-19 immunization certificate.

This brings us to the end of our step-by-step guide on how to get the NADRA Covid-19 vaccine certificate online. We hope the information we have shared above will help you easily get through the entire process. If you have any questions or feedback related to this guide, feel free to get in touch with us at

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