Home Appliances You Can Invest in For Eid-al-Adha 2021

Eid-ul-Adha is getting closer with every passing day. It’s exciting to bring the sacrificial animal home but organising sacrificial meat can be nerve-wracking. How are you going to handle it and what kind of home appliances do you need to prepare delicious dishes? In this blog, we’ll list down important home appliances that will make your Eid-ul-Azha rituals easier and more convenient. 

Commonly Use Home Appliances On Eid-ul-Adha

A deep freezer is different from a refrigerator in terms of its size and capacity

Storing the meat of sacrificed animals can be a challenge sometimes, especially if you plan on utilizing it for a feast. But, don’t worry. We can help you organise.

You’ll need the following appliances during Eid-ul-Azha:

  • Refrigerator
  • Deep Freezer
  • Mincer & Grinder
  • Chopper
  • Electric Stove


A refrigerator is a two-door electrical appliance where one compartment is used to store items that do not have to be frozen for later use and the other compartment is a freezer. A good refrigerator goes a long way. It’s about how much cooling it does and for how long it can maintain a certain temperature in case there is electricity load shedding. 

With so many dishes being made, the leftover food from a family gathering can be hard to store. You can upgrade your refrigerator to a bigger and better size in which each compartment has more space than your existing refrigerator.

Price Of Refrigerator: Starting as low as PKR 38,150.

Deep Freezer

A deep freezer is different from a refrigerator in terms of its size and capacity. As the name suggests, a deep freezer is designed in-depth, therefore, has better storage capacity and takes less space. A deep freezer also comes in different sizes as per the requirement of customers. 

With Eid just around the corner, the demand for these deep freezers keeps rising because people need bigger storage units to keep all the meat. People who are more fortunate give a lot of meat to the charities but even then they are still left with maunds for themselves. If you will also have a lot of meat and not enough space to store it, you should definitely think about investing in one of these. Besides, a deep freezer does not only have utility for Eid; it can also be used throughout the year as well.

Price Of Deep Freezer: Starting as low as PKR 42,900.

Mincer & Grinder

usability of mincer and grinder
A mincer and grinder is an important home appliance that is a must-have for your kitchen

A mincer and grinder is an important home appliance that is a must-have for your kitchen. There are many dishes in which you can’t use big chunks and only finely chopped or ground meat can be used. It is almost impossible to get perfectly minced meat using knives no matter how sharp they are. It not only requires a skill set to use knives to mince the meat but it also takes a lot of effort and time.

Mincer and grinder make all this easier for you. Modern mincers and grinders are better in usability because they are less noisy and highly durable. These are multi-function grinders that can also be used to chop vegetables and fruits.

Price Of Mincer & Grinder: Starting as low as PKR 6,800.

Food Chopper

A food chopper is a relatively small electronic appliance that is used to chop all kinds of things like fruits, vegetables and even meat. The purpose of a food chopper is to cut large chunks of food into smaller pieces effortlessly in just seconds. 

It is important to mention here that you should be very careful with this home appliance because it has sharp blades. These food choppers come in handy, especially in households where a single person is in charge of making all the dishes.

Price Of Food Chopper: Starting as low as PKR 3,850.

Electric Stove

Electric stoves are more efficient than gas stoves and perform better in terms of maintaining a consistent temperature. These look more stylish as compared to the gas stoves which have burners that get really untidy and require more attention when it comes to cleanliness.

designs of electric stove
Electric stoves are more stylish than gas stoves

An electric stove works with electricity and has hot plates, which use an integrated heating mechanism. These hot plates are made of a glass-ceramic surface. Induction stoves come in different stylish designs and can even enhance the look of your kitchen. If you are confused about these, our guide on gas vs. electric stoves will help you. 

Price Of Electric Stove: Starting as low as PKR 7,580.

This brings us to the end of our guide on must-have home appliances to make your life easier this Eid-ul-Adha. If there is any feedback that you would like to leave with us, write to us at blog@zameen.com.

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