Here Is How To Make Blazing Hot Summers Fun

Plan a full day picnic
Travel to North Pakistan
Go to a pool party
Swing on a hammock
Visit historic places or museums

In some cities of Pakistan, summers can be really challenging for people because of the high temperatures that vary between 35 degrees to 45 degrees. Those who have field jobs or have tasks outside the boundaries of their homes or offices can relate to the kind of exhaustion one feels. Living without air conditioners and water coolers seems unrealistic these days because the heat becomes unbearable. Lowering the temperature outside the walls of your house or office is not in our control but there are some fun filled activities to beat the heat that you can plan with your friends and family.

Activities To Beat The Heat In Pakistan

You can do parasailing in Khanpur Dam

We all need a break from our routine or else it gets too tiring and even starts reflecting on your productivity. If you are running a family then summer are the best time to plan a weekend get away or a week long trip with your family and enjoy with them. Here we have listed some activities that you can plan with your family or friends to beat the summer heat in Pakistan and have some fun too.

Planning A Full Day Picnic

Planning something outside in the scorching heat may seem to be a nightmare considering high temperature but if there are trees in abundance in the surrounding or the scenery is pretty nice, you won’t regret going outside. Going out with your whole family and may be taking friends along too will revitalize your energy. There are many activities that you can do at a picnic depending upon the place you go to. For instance, if you are going to Khanpur dam from Lahore, Islamabad or its surrounding areas, you get to go on a short road trip as well as enjoy some water sports like jet skiing, para sailing and cliff diving.

Travelling To North Pakistan

If you haven’t visited northern areas of Pakistan ever then you have been missing on some of the world’s most beautiful sights and valleys. Tourists from all across the country, as well as world, head towards north Pakistan to watch green mountains, snow covered mountains, lakes, tribes and meadows and we bet that you can resist going there every year.

While you can visit areas like Naran, Kaghan, Hunza, Gilgit and Kalash Valley for breath taking sites, serenity and peace, you can also attend some local festivals like Shandoor Festival, Chillimjusht Festival, Uchao Utchal and Silk Route Festival among many others.

Going To A Pool Party

beach parties
Pool parties or beach parties are the best activities to beat the heat in summer

Summers is the best time to go for swimming and to take it up a notch, you can ask your friends to tag along. Pool parties are fun if you invite some friends or your cousins where you can play games, swim all day long and completely forget about the other worries. If you have a pool then you already know about the kind of fun we are talking about but having a house pool is a privilege that everyone doesn’t have. People book farm houses on rent and plan a full day picnic there where there is food, water slides and much more.

Farm houses and swimming pools are the modern concept but if you move a few hundred kilometers away towards the rural areas, you will find tube wells that pump cold water from the depths of earth. While summers bring blazing heat, it also brings us MANGOES – the king of fruits. It is like a ritual for villagers to bring mango to a pool party where they will swim and eat mangoes all day long and that is the party you must attend if you ever get a chance.

Swing On A Hammock

Some people like to rest or engage in less thrilling activities like swimming and trips. They prefer to sit back and relax on a comfortable swinging chair or rocking chair and look at green trees, read a book or simply star gaze at night. Well for such people there is one thing that you can do and do all the above activities. You should invest in a strong hammock and tie it with poles or trees in your house and just relax. The best part is that you can take it anywhere you go like picnics and tie it there and jump right on to it. You get to be with your family and friends and also enjoy your own fun activity.

swinging on a hammock
Read a book while swinging on a hammock

Visit Historic Places And Museums

Children read about different things in history and geography classes but seldom they get to actually see those in their childhood and relate to them. Considering this, it is important to take them to different museums and historic places so that they can have a better understanding of what they are studying.

If you live in Lahore, there are so many places that you can visit here like Badshahi Mosque, Lahore Fort, Minar-e-Pakistan, Museums in Lahore and Wagah Border to name a few. Similarly in Karachi, we have Mazar-e-Quaid, National Museum of Pakistan in Karachi, Quaid-e-Azam House Museum and Iconic Mohatta Palace.

There are other things too that you can plan in summers such as registering for swimming classes. The weather gets slightly pleasant in the evening so you can go out for dining and try different cuisines or take your kids for physical activities so they can understand the importance of healthy activities in life.

If you have some more activities to beat the heat this summer, let us know all about them at We would like to hear all about them. For more lifestyle blogs, keep following Zameen Blog and subscribe to Zameen Newsletter for updates in the real estate sector of Pakistan.

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