Hanking Center: World’s Tallest Detached-core Building

Home to some of the largest and most populous cities in the world, China has now become one of the fastest developing and most economically active countries in the world. The landscape of the entire country has been heavily dotted with well-established and emerging business districts, most of which were villages only a few decades ago. 

Now, the skylines of these newly-emerged Chinese cities host some of the world’s most fascinating skyscrapers with record-breaking structures and heights. The city of Shenzhen in China is another great example in this regard. In just more than two decades, this tiny fishing village has transformed into one of the largest and most appealing cities in China, surpassing the popularity of Beijing, Guangzhou, and even Shanghai.

Hanking Center Tower, which is the tallest detached-core building in the world, has also been recently completed in the city. The completion of this magnificent and incredibly unique structure has further added to the popularity of Shenzhen. This groundbreaking development has already started making headlines internationally, attracting design and engineering fans from all over the world.

So, if you are also willing to learn more about this newly-constructed engineering marvel, then we have got you covered. In this blog, we are going to tell you all about the unique architectural aspects and structural capabilities of the newly-constructed detached core supertall tower of Hanking Center in Shenzhen, China.

Hanking Center Tower—World’s First-ever Detached-core Supertall Skyscraper

Hanking Center Tower—World’s First-ever Detached-core Supertall Skyscraper
Hanking Center has been designed as a mixed-use skyscraper with a height of 1,180 ft (359 m) (Image Credit: a as architecture)

Hanking Center has been designed as a mixed-use skyscraper. It has a height of 1,180 ft (359 m). It is unlike any other normal skyscraper in the world because the tower has a detached core, which is clearly visible from its exterior. It is surely something extraordinary; something that would not have been possible, in fact, imaginable without modern-day technology and architectural capabilities.

More About the Design and Structure of Hanking Center Tower

On the base of this supertall tower is a uniquely designed podium, which houses exclusive retail and recreational facilities. The tower has multiple entry/exit points to handle and facilitate large numbers of visitors and tourists at a time.

The detached core and main tower of the structure are separated by a distance of 35 ft (10 m). They are connected with a series of sky bridges made from glass as well as mega-braces of super-strong structural steel. 

The idea of having the core outside the main building design is to maximise the space within the building, resulting in more square footage per floor. It boasts a robust earth-quake-resistant design. The entire exoskeletal frame of the building has the capacity to bend and straighten, causing it to expand and contract to neutralise the effects of the shockwaves from seismic activity.

Other Key Details About this Mega-scale Vertical Project in China

Mega-scale Vertical Project in China
The creators of the building are very optimistic about its design and structural capabilities (Image Credit: a as architecture)

The construction of the 65-storey-tall Hanking Center Tower was started in 2013 and the building was finally completed almost three years ago in 2018. However, the launch of the project witnessed some unsuspected delays, which is why the building wasn’t inaugurated until the mid of 2021. 

The building has been designed and developed by Morphosis, which is an architecture design, planning, and development firm. The creators of Hanking Center in Shenzhen are very optimistic about its design and structural capabilities. They strongly believe that a building of this size with such an incredible and robust design is going to withstand every test of time. 

“Hanking Center continues the firm’s tradition of creating buildings that reflect the spirit of the cities in which they are located and that is also deeply integrated within its urban fabric,” stated Eui-Sung Yi, who serves as the project director and partner in Morphosis.

“As Shenzhen continues to grow, we are proud to contribute a striking new icon for the city that mirrors its own ambitions.” he further added.

Note: The above quotations have been fetched from a recently published article on the official website of the Architect’s Newspaper.

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