Guest Bedroom Essentials For A Comfortable Stay

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Comfortable bed set
Side table lamps
Fresh blankets, linens and towels
Luggage space, hangers, closet
Trash can
Wall clock
Air freshener

As a rule, the guest bedroom is different from the rest of your bedrooms and its décor and availability of items should make it look more welcoming and worth remembering. Now, it may require a lot of effort since it may require designing, colour scheme, placement of bedroom items and much more. But if you really want a nice guest bedroom, you will have to go through all this hassle but only just once and then just maintain its tidiness. There are however some guest bedroom essentials that you should make sure are available. It is a sort of universal list and very common in hotels and guest houses. 

Checklist For Guest Bedroom Essentials 

Having a designated guest bedroom in a house means your guests have peace of mind for not making it difficult on you. They feel comfortable if they know that your privacy is not being disturbed. 

mirrors in bedroom
Mirrors are important part of the bedroom furniture

While it is very basic to provide guests with a water bottle and glass, there is a list of all the things that you may be casual about but are important for a guestroom. The spare bedroom should have everything your guests will be able to find at a hotel. To help you figure out those essentials, we have compiled a list of a few must-haves in a guest bedroom. Let us have a look at it.

  • Comfortable bed set
  • Side table lamps
  • Fresh blankets & linens
  • Luggage space, hangers, closet
  • Trash can
  • Wall clock
  • Air freshener
  • Mirror

All the items on this list are explained below why these are must-haves in a guest bedroom.

Comfortable Bed Set

When you think of being a guest and staying the night, the first thing that usually comes to mind is the bed and its comfort. This is something that should not be compromised since their comfort is your goal. The bed does not have to be luxurious or expensive rather it just needs to be comfortable for the users. Make sure that the springs of the mattress are not broken due to excessive use or make creaking noises when in use.  

Everyone carries small things in their pockets like car keys, wallet, handkerchief etc. which they empty before going to bed. Everyone has a designated place where they unload their pockets and most of us do that on bedside tables. It may seem like a small and not so useful thing in a guest room but in actual it has great utility.

Side Table Lamps

bed and pillows in guest room
Comfortable bed and pillows in a guestroom will make the stay of your guests experiential

Some people like to read a book before going to bed. In that case, a lamp comes in handy. Other than having a utility in a bedroom, side table lamps also give an upgrade to the overall look of a room. 

Nobody likes to get out of bed to switch off the lights at night or turn them on. Getting cosy in the bed and after following your bedtime skincare routine, it seems like a hassle to turn the lights off. So adding bedside lamps adds to the comfort of your guests.

Fresh Blankets & Linens

Hospitality means foreseeing every need of your guest and being available if they require anything else. Although you will provide a comforter or a blanket for the night, giving an extra is always better in case it is extra chilly or they have a liquid spill accident and they are not comfortable in asking for a spare. 

A neat and clean, ideally new, bedsheet always makes a good impact on the guest and the same is true for fresh towels. If you want to be more hospitable, you can get those towel sets having different sizes of towels for different uses. This leaves a good impression on the guest that he has been very well taken care of and feels like being at their own home

Luggage Space, Hangers, Closet

Having luggage space is not very common unless you stay at a hotel so it often goes in the closet, under the bed or beside the bed. But having a rack or a cupboard to put the suitcase in makes the room look more organized.

In case your guests are staying for more than one day or they need to attend a meeting as well, they will definitely need some hangers and a closet to hang them. You can also install hooks in the bathroom to hang jackets and clothes without making the room messy.

Trash Can

Notoriously classified as rubbish, a trash can is, in fact, one of the most important guest bedroom essentials. There is always something that you can no longer use for such as a used ticket, boarding pass or cover and stickers of a new shirt. One may feel that it does not fit the requirements of a guest room but you will be surprised to find their utility especially for a guest who uses it to discard stuff and leave the room with the same cleanliness as received.

Wall Clock

wall clock on a bedroom wall
Wall clocks make you less dependent on your mobile phone

This is something that is becoming obsolete and outdated from houses these days but hotels and guest houses still find a place to put these on. Not only does it decorate the wall perfectly, but it is also a utility if you are thoughtful about your guests. Even though we don’t feel the need to see a wall clock to confirm the time since smartphones are very common these days, having it in the room makes your guest less phone dependent. You can even put an alarm clock on the side table and revive the feeling of old times.

Air Freshener

One of the first few things that anyone notices in a house is the fragrance. You want your guests to be welcomed properly and ensure that their stay is comfortable in all ways. The room you plan on giving them should be odourless or smell nice. The easiest way is to use an air freshener having a nice fragrance and leave the door closed or just light a scented candle. Before you give the room to the guests, you should ensure that the room is well equipped and there is nothing that requires improvement.


Installing a fancy mirror not only enhances the look of a guest room but also helps guests get ready. After all, nobody can be sure if they look presentable for an occasion without staring at their reflections. If you’re short on space and can’t place a portable full-length mirror then you can install a medium-sized mirror in the bathroom or just fix one on any of the doors in the room or on a wall or a cupboard.

One should always be careful with checking the essentials and supplies of the guest room while preparing it for the next guest. Because of not being in use for some time, the bathroom may begin to smell which can be embarrassing in front of the guest. Take a complete tour of the room yourself and ensure everything is right.

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