Get Vaccinated in Pakistan: Consequences for Unvaccinated People

As the coronavirus pandemic rages on with newer variants of the virus outpacing the vaccination efforts, Pakistan is making steady progress in containing the spread of the virus. Lauded by the WHO in early 2021, the incumbent government’s policies of localized lockdowns or ‘smart lockdowns’ has enabled the government to ensure efficient handling of the pandemic. Foreign assistance in this regard has also been of paramount importance as China’s donation of vaccines and other medical equipment has pulled Pakistan out of the pandemic. With immunization efforts underway, the government is now penalizing individuals if they don’t get vaccinated. Here’s what will happen to you if you don’t get vaccinated in Pakistan.

Why You Should Get Vaccinated In Pakistan

How to Get Coronavirus Vaccine in Pakistan
Get vaccinated in Pakistan as the GoP initiates vaccine drive

Pakistan began its vaccination campaign in early March, starting with the age bracket from 70+ group. In July, all age groups 18+ are being vaccinated. As of July, over the course of the last almost five months, almost 2% of the population has been fully vaccinated, while almost 4% of the population has received at least one dose of either of the vaccines, so far.

However, as new variants of the virus emerge, the incumbent government is now racing against the pandemic until we reach a point until science fails us. In the race against the rising variants, and to reach optimum immunization, a number of initiatives are being launched to penalize people who refuse to get vaccinated in Pakistan. These are being introduced by both provincial governments, and other governmental agencies.

Want To Travel by Air? Apply For A Job? 

more about coronavirus vaccination centres in pakistan
Get vaccinated in Pakistan

As per the official announcement by the government, only vaccinated individuals will be allowed to travel by air, starting from Aug. 1, 2021. This is a welcomed move as the government works to ensure safe practices before assuming normalcy in international air travel. Similarly, the government of Sindh has made vaccination certificates necessary for passengers travelling to Sindh via bus, train or air.

Moreover, the government of Sindh has also urged private companies and government departments to hire only those individuals who have been vaccinated, in a bid to ensure the creation of safe work spaces. In addition to this, it has also been announced that patients will not be given medical services in the outdoor patients department (OPD) without vaccination certificates.

Want Access to NADRA Services?

COVID-19 Vaccine Aid from China
China to provide free-of-cost coronavirus vaccines to Pakistan

The National Database and Registration Authority (NADRA) has decided that it will not serve unvaccinated people at its offices throughout Pakistan. NADRA offices are visited by over 200,000 people on a daily basis, and this decision to not serve people without inoculation certificates will be the main reason for why people will get their vaccinations done.

This is mainly because as Pakistan moves towards rapid digitization, most of the authentication processes require working computerized national identity cards (CNICs). Bank transactions, even e-wallets, assessments, and other processes can not be done without CNICs, and this is exactly what the NADRA is planning to affect.

Want to Receive Your Salary?

Pakistan works to contain the spread of coronavirus
Get vaccinated in Pakistan from one of the many vaccination centers

The government of Sindh had announced that it will withhold salaries of employees who refuse to get inoculated by the end of June. This means that those who do not submit their vaccination certificates to their relevant departments at the earliest, will not be granted salaries for all the days they have worked without showing proof of inoculation.

Moreover, Chief Minister of Sindh Syed Murad Ali Shah has also announced setting up 300 additional vaccination centers, and instructed that the province should vaccinate 60,000 people on a daily basis through various centers and units established in the province. In order to further facilitate citizens, Sindh’s Minister for Health Dr Azra Pechuho has announced that citizens who do not have CNICs can still get jabbed with any kind of proof of citizenship.

Don’t Want to Lose Your Cellphone Connection?

covid-19 vaccinations approved by Pakistan
Pakistan has so far approved three COVID-19 vaccines

The Government of Punjab has announced that it will suspend mobile connectivity services for all those persons who are not vaccinated soon. However, the government is yet to announce when this will be in effect. This policy if implemented can disrupt people’s lives, which makes it all the more reason for the people to get vaccinated.

This is because Punjab is Pakistan’s most populous province, and also has the greatest number of people living per square kilometer. It is this reason why most of the coronavirus cases reported in the country are from cities located in Punjab. In recent months, Punjab has also witnessed one of the strictest lockdowns as the provincial government tries to take all measures necessary to control the spread of the virus.

While the government is working for people to get vaccinated in Pakistan, it is our collective duty to encourage more people to get inoculated and create an enabling environment. Help out old people and domestic help in your neighborhoods to ensure more people get vaccinated. Make sure to check out our guide on vaccination centers in Pakistan.

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