Functional Community Living in Zameen Quadrangle

Following the footsteps of some of the most successful and well-developed metropolises in the world, the city of Lahore has started to expand vertically at a staggering pace. High-rise and mid-rise buildings are now being constructed all over the metropolitan area, a majority of which are residential projects centered around modern-day arrangements that promote active communal living — setting the stage for the sustainable growth of the city.

Pioneering the concept of a community-centric experience, Zameen Quadrangle is truly a radical addition to the skyline of Lahore. It features an unconventional geometrical design based on leading-edge architectural patterns, which enhances the overall charm. As the name implies, it is another flagship venture of Zameen Developments — the development arm of Emerging Markets Property Group (EMPG). The up-and-coming project boasts the tagline “The New Shape of your Home” — and rightfully so. It is designed with top-of-the-line features and amenities, promising a lifestyle that is anything but ordinary. 

This post details everything you need to know about Zameen Quadrangle.

‘The Quad’ Is the New Shape of Your Home

Zameen Quadrangle is structured around a beautifully landscaped central courtyard ‘The Quad’, which is the highlight of the project. Owing to the unique structural aspects of the project, each apartment offers outdoor views, guaranteeing a pleasant residential experience.

The 11-storey-tall facade boasts linear accents, which are further complemented by the stepped-form architecture of the building. Likewise, the interior layouts capitalise on the elements of simplicity — inspired by minimalism.

The Quintessence of Functional Community Living

Zameen Quadrangle offers excellent features to encourage a community-oriented, yet fully functional, residential life. Apart from the central courtyard, it has facilities such as community terraces, an in-house café and lounge, outdoor seating areas for residents, a mini-cinema, and an indoor fitness area. Simply put, Zameen Quadrangle brings you a brilliantly packaged modern living experience.

Live Right Within the Heart of the City

The picturesque façade of Zameen Quadrangle is envisioned to emerge from the prime location of Gulberg, Lahore — the city’s most commercially active and centrally located neighbourhoods — which is already making headlines for hosting many prominent real estate developments, drawing the attention of investors and genuine buyers alike.

The area of Gulberg hosts a robust network of wide and busy thoroughfares including Jail Road and Main Boulevard Gulberg among others. Owing to its central location, it also enjoys proximity to some of Lahore’s key educational and sports facilities as well as noteworthy recreational spots. In a nutshell, the ideal location of Zameen Quadrangle will offer great navigational convenience to its residents, allowing them to enjoy shorter and hassle-free commutes on a regular basis.

Perks of Investing in Lahore’s Most Groundbreaking Apartment Project

Zameen Quadrangle is a secure opportunity for property investment in Lahore as it has been approved by LDA. Going the extra mile to safeguard investors’ interest, the project has also been registered with FBR, which is why investing in Zameen Quadrangle comes with FBR-sanctioned immunity. In other words, investors of the project will not be required to declare their income sources.

It is also worth mentioning here that a record increase has been observed in the demand for apartments in Lahore, which went up by a whopping 127% between 2018 and 2020.  Owing to the heightened popularity, the average per sq. ft. price of apartments in the city rose by 50% during the same period. 

All these factors evidently make well-designed apartments and exclusive penthouses available in Zameen Quadrangle a profitable investment, which also comes with a 7% rental yield as predicted by the local property experts 

Owing to the project’s highly lucrative nature, properties in Zameen Quadrangle are selling quickly, and the inventory is running out quicker than expected. So, if you want to invest in Lahore’s most groundbreaking apartment project, you need to act fast. 

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