Data-Backed Insights into the Investment Prospects of Gulberg

Tree-lined streets, wide boulevards, green parks, and modern infrastructure are some of the main reasons why Gulberg has always enjoyed the privilege of being one of the most sought-after neighbourhoods in Lahore. The promising investment prospects of Gulberg have also been a source of interest among genuine buyers and investors alike.

The name of this posh suburban locale literally translates to ‘flower-garden,’ paying an ode to its picturesque beauty. Categorised into five phases by Chairman Lahore Improvement Trust S. A. Rahim during the early 1950s, this prime residential society was best known for boasting big houses and dedicated commercial areas.

Decades down the lane, as ground space started to become a constraint and the population in urban centres began to grow at a rapid pace, Gulberg was among the first neighbourhoods in the city to adapt to the modern trends. In recent years, it has become the hotspot of vertical developments in Lahore.

Gulberg – The Epicentre of Real Estate Developments in Lahore

commercial developments in Gulberg Lahore
Gulberg is undoubtedly one of the most popular areas for real estate investment in Lahore

The swiftly evolving skyline of Gulberg perfectly portrays the paradigm shift in real estate investment trends from plots to high-rises across the country.  

Gulberg holds extreme importance in the economy of Lahore. The society has witnessed major infrastructure development over the past few years, which has subsequently led to a complete transformation of its urban landscape. For instance, all prominent roads and boulevards in the area have undergone widening or conversion to signal-free corridors to keep up with the ever-increasing traffic.

Moreover, single and double-storey structures in Gulberg are being replaced by tall residential and commercial buildings. Even remote streets and residential compounds that once featured independent, detached houses have now become the site of progressive high-rise complexes in various stages of development. 

The locality is multipurpose — housing some of the most notable residential projects, shopping malls, corporate offices, sports grounds, restaurants, markets, and recreational centres of Lahore.

Meanwhile, the significant tax reductions under the government’s ‘construction industry relief package’ and the amendments introduced by the Lahore Development Authority (LDA) in its bylaws have also played an important role in making Gulberg the epicentre of real estate development in the city. These decisions have also facilitated property owners in the area to use their residential premises for commercial purposes.

It was because of this strategic and economic significance of Gulberg that Zameen Developments chose it to host its new residential high rise, Zameen Quadrangle.

An Insight into the Investment Prospects of Gulberg, Lahore

The market value of real estate in Gulberg has experienced a sharp hike during the past years, making it a popular option among investors seeking impressive capital gains and high returns in short to medium terms.

The data recorded and analysed by, the best real estate portal in Pakistan, shows the prices of property in the area rose by 50% between 2018 and 2020. The value appreciation for apartments was even more impressive as the rates increased by over 100% during the same period.

Compared to the other areas in Lahore, real estate developments in Gulberg also promise a higher rental yield. 

With the completion of new infrastructure projects and other prominent measures undertaken by the concerned development authorities, industry experts believe the price trends of residential and commercial real estate in the area will experience gains of up to 60% in the next two years.

As a result of the brilliant investment prospects of Gulberg, Zameen Quadrangle has also received an overwhelming response from domestic and overseas investors following its launch.

Zameen Quadrangle — Redefining Community Living in the Heart of Lahore 

Zameen Quadrangle is designed to be a symbol of contemporary architecture and community-centric lifestyle in Lahore. The geometrical architecture of the complex is complemented by its minimalist interior palette featuring simplicity and refreshing accents.

Standing tall with ground plus 11 floors and two basements on Zafar Ali Road, Gulberg, the stunning four-sided elevation is easily distinguishable from other buildings in the area. It offers spacious 1-bed, 2-bed, and 3-bed apartments as well as exclusive penthouses.

Most prominently, the project is modelled around a central courtyard, The Quad, from which it also derives its name. The building’s design ensures that all apartments promise panoramic views of the city regardless of their orientation. This one-of-a-kind venture also offers a wide range of international-standard facilities, such as a swimming pool, fitness centre, community terraces, café, mini cinema, advanced security features, and more.

It is worth mentioning that Zameen Quadrangle has been registered with the Federal Board of Revenue (FBR), which means investors won’t be required to disclose their source of income while booking a unit in this highly sought-after development. 

If you are interested in buying an apartment or penthouse in Zameen Quadrangle, Lahore, please make sure to fill the form appearing on the right side of your desktop screen. If you are a mobile user, kindly scroll down to the bottom of your page to access the online form.

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