Creative Window Sill Décor Ideas for Your Home

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Start a mini herb garden
Turn it into a window seat
Dress it up with succulents
Show off your book collection
Transform it into a workspace 

You probably don’t realize it, but your window sills deserve a lot more attention than you probably give them. When it comes to decorating your home or styling certain parts of your room, there’s a good chance you don’t take a second look at the vacant piece of wood protruding beneath your window. However, if you are looking to upgrade the aesthetics of your home, this boring old space has major potential. While most window sill décor ideas include placing a flower vase on the sill, the truth is that you can utilize this space in several other ways.

Whether you are looking to decorate a small window sill or a large one, we have put together a list of modern window sill ideas that will add a splash of colour and a bit of personality to your home design.

Chic Window Sill Décor Ideas for Every Home

Here are some creative tips on how to decorate a window sill that will help you refresh the overall appearance of your home while adding to its functionality. 

Start a Mini Herb Garden

kitchen window sill décor ideas
Starting a mini herb garden with instantly upgrade the aesthetic appeal and functionality of your kitchen (Image Credits: Shutterstock)

Do you love adding freshly plucked herbs to your food while cooking? If your answer is yes, you don’t have to look any further for kitchen window sill décor ideas and prepare to start a mini herb garden.

Some of the most popular herbs you can grow on a window sill include coriander, basil, mint, thyme and fenugreek leaves. In order to get started, make sure to choose a sunny spot for the mini herb garden and select the right containers for them to grow in. Moreover, use the right potting mix and fertilizer along with ensuring the mini garden has sufficient drainage points. 

This window sill décor idea will not upgrade the overall look of your kitchen but also provide you with some fresh herbs all year round.

Turn it into a Window Seat

Who doesn’t love a cosy little reading nook with natural light streaming in through the glass panes? 

If the idea of a window seat sounds beautiful (and functional) to you, consider extending your window sill and transforming it into a sitting area. Of course, this might require some imagination and effort, but you can push a small bench or a set of horizontally assembled cabinets in front of the window. You can also lay out a plush carpet or any other comfy fabric on the surface and add a few throw pillows to instantly turn the previously unused space into a DIY reading nook. 

This is also one of the popular tips on how to decorate a bay window ledge. 

Dress It Up with Succulents

how to decorate a window sill with plants
Decorate your window sills with tiny potted succulents for an artistic look (Image Credits: Shutterstock)

Don’t have a green thumb? Well, that’s nothing to worry about. If your hectic schedule makes it impossible to look after and nurture plants and herbs, consider decorating your window sill with an assortment of succulents. You can paint their tiny pots in different hues to complement your colour palette and turn these beautiful plants into pieces of art.

The best thing about decorating with succulents is that they don’t require watering on a regular basis. Moreover, they thrive in all sorts of environments, which makes keeping them alive a lot easier. 

On a side note, if you aren’t a fan of succulents and are still wondering how to decorate a window sill with plants, consider incorporating faux greens into your décor

Show Off Your Reads

Are you an avid book reader but don’t have enough space to set up a home library? 

If your bedside table is already filled with your latest reads, you should think about turning your window sill into an aesthetically pleasing bookshelf. For this purpose, you can either extend the sill or place a low cabinet right in front of it. Depending on the available space, display your eclectic collection of books along with other knick-knacks on the window sill to add some personality and colour to your room. 

Those looking for more budget-friendly bookshelf ideas can install a floating or hanging shelf right below your window and decorate it with books as well as a few succulents and decorative items. In addition to that, you can design your own window sill bookshelf by utilizing old crates and wooden pallets. 

Transform It into a Workspace 

modern window sill ideas
Transform your plain, old window sill into a modern work desk (Image Credits: Shutterstock)

With work from home becoming the new normal, having a proper home office is now more important than ever.

If your home has limited square footage to set up a functional home office, try converting your window sill into a workspace by extending its surface. You can also push your work desk against the window and place your stationery items and other workplace essentials on the window sill to give the area a more professional and cohesive look.

In case you don’t have a proper desk at home, think about making one yourself using our DIY home office desk ideas.

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