Common Types Of Tables For Home

In one of our previous blogs we have covered different types of chairs that can be used in homes but if you are redesigning or remodelling your home, you might want to consider upgrading your tables too. Tables, just like chairs, are also a key part of the furniture without which your house will look empty and incomplete. There is a long list of tables but in this blog, you will find common types of tables that are used in homes and where you can easily get them.

Common Types Of Tables In Homes And Their Utility

dining table materials
Most popular materials used in dining table are wood and glass

Going shopping for tables that will go with your overall furniture can be a tricky task since there are plenty of designs available. The following list will help you pick the tables that will make your home more inviting and comfortable.

  • Dining table
  • Coffee table
  • Bedside table
  • Vanity table
  • End table

Dining Table

A dining room is the most formal part of the house and used only to entertain guests. Therefore, picking up the furniture where you can dine with your guests and leave an impression has to be done carefully. There are a few things to keep in mind while choosing a dining table. The dining table and dining chairs should be comfortable, go with the overall theme of the room that adds up to a warm and welcoming environment.

In some houses, they have their dining tables in their living room while some houses have combined dining and drawing-room. The dining tables are made up of different materials but the commonly used dining tables are a combination of wood – used in legs to provide stability and durability and glass – for the tabletop. Other materials used for dining tables are metal, stone, marble and plastic.

Coffee Table

A coffee table is a short heighted table placed in a living room or a seating area where you can put your beverages, newspapers, magazines and decorative items. It is an important furniture piece for a living room since it helps in setting the right tone of your décor and its usefulness for different purposes. You will be surprised to see the variety in designs available at local furniture shops as well as brands other than the plain and simple traditional designs. Since the living room is the most used part of the house where you don’t mind inviting your friends and family, leave your guests in awe by choosing a contemporary and stylish coffee table.

Other than their use in living rooms and TV lounges, some people also have coffee tables along with some chairs in the master bedrooms that give the room a more luxurious look and a higher utility of having the morning cup of tea in style.

essential bedroom furniture
Vanity tables are important part of the bedroom furniture

Bedside Table

While you can use different types of table, for example, end tables and accent tables to put lamps on the side of your bed, a bedside table gives symmetry and a unified look to your bedroom. These tables just can not go out of fashion because these are considered an important part of bedroom furniture with drawers and compartments for storage. 

We all have personal belongings that we carry in routine like keys, wallet, money, mobile phone and earphones among other things that we can not forget to carry the next day. A bedside table gives you space to keep those things safely and in front of you. The items placed on a bedside table need to have practical need and usefulness which is why you will commonly see the alarm clock, books, reading lamps, water bottle, picture frame or a box of tissues on most of the bedside tables.

Vanity Table

A vanity table is commonly referred to as a dressing table which is another essential part of bedroom furniture commonly used to store jewellery, cosmetics, accessories, hair products and fragrance. It also has a mirror so that you can dress up with the satisfaction that nothing is missing. Vanity tables come in all shapes and sizes and are designed to conveniently fit in your bedroom. Usually, its design and colour scheme is in alliance with that of the entire bedroom furniture but if you have separate space in your room that you can dedicate as a dressing area, you can definitely choose a totally different styled vanity table.

A vanity table has drawers, compartments and if you want, you can order a customized vanity table that also has lights so that you know exactly how you will look in different bright and low lights.

End Table

use of end table
An end table is usually placed on the side of a sofa to keep coasters and other small objects

An end table is a requirement of the living room or space where you can not adjust a coffee table. You can easily mix it up with a side table but it is different than that. It has a relatively smaller surface area than a side table and is usually placed on the sides of a sofa to place coasters, tissue boxes or any other small object. It is just about the height of a sofa or an armchair.

In a family room, an end table provides additional space for lighting equipment like lamps or placing books, magazines, newspaper or decoration pieces. 

Slightly different from end tables, you may also find accent tables useful in your home. These can be used as a link between a vacant entry hallway and your living room space. You can use these tables with slightly higher than the overall furniture to put a flower vase to brighten up space.

Where Can You Buy Different Tables

Worried about where to get these tables to upgrade the furniture that is more functional? Fret not! We’ve got you covered. Here is a list of brands which you can visit to buy these common types of tables:

  • Interwood
  • Wing Chair
  • Home Show International
  • Style & Comfort
  • Zi.home
  • Ambiance by Decent Furnishers
  • MJ Furniture

Meanwhile, you can also read our comprehensive guides on furniture markets in Lahore and where to find the best wood furniture in Karachi. For more informative blogs keep reading Zameen Blog, Pakistan’s best real estate and lifestyle blog. 

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