Choose From The Best Plants For Workstations

 Being surrounded by greenery is one of the best ways one can relax and feel connected to nature. While the scope of our lives has drastically changed as we live far away from greenery and nature in big metropolitan cities, this connection with Earth is an essential prerequisite to a healthier lifestyle. Therefore, municipal authorities always urge for creating green spaces in cities for recreational purposes. There are numerous ways in which you can increase your exposure to plants, especially at homes. However, while we go to the nursery and buy gorgeous potted plants to create a picture-perfect garden, we often overlook the site where we spend most of our day: our workplace. In this blog we will look at the best potted plants for workstations, be it at home or an office.

Best Plants For Workstations

Create a healthy space with potted plants at work station
Best plants for your workspace

Incorporate a little bit of greenery at your workstations by introducing a number of safe plants. Potted plants are easy to maintain so you can easily water them on your desk, trim the leaves, and put them by the window whenever required. If you feel your plant is blooming and ready to be planted in soil, you can let its roots grow in an open space or a bigger pot, and get another potted plant on your desk. This is a wonderful activity and in no time will allow you to create a potted garden as well.

Below is a list of the best and safest species that you can add to your workstations to add a little bit of warmth and comfort to your working space.

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List Of Best Plants For Workstations

Without further ado, let’s see all the plants you can have on your desk to build a sustainable workstation ecosystem.

1.  Aloe

Aloe is perhaps the most versatile of the plants that can be easily displayed on your desk. It is versatile because of its usage, and also how readily it can grow in a variety of soils. On your desk, you can keep it close to a window, while watering it only once or twice a week. As the leaves grow, you can cut them off and use the pulp in a number of home remedies.

2.  Snake Plant

Snake Plant is a good option to keep at your desk
Snake plant is easily found in most cities

This is a fairly common species of potted plant and you’ll see it in most homes as well. The scientific name of this plant is Sansevieria, and with adequate nutrition (sunlight and water), the plant grows to be several feet high. However, as we are only talking about potted plants for workstations, the best Snake Plant species is of a dwarf kind such as ‘Futura Superba’ or ‘Whitney.’

3.  Lucky Bamboo

This is one of the species of potted plants that grow on their own. The bamboo shoots allow for creativity to flow and you can trim them in spirals or weaves, or any other shape. It wouldn’t be wrong to say that lucky bamboo serves as a fine piece of natural art on your workstation, no doubt. You get to nurture it as well. The plant grows in a dimly-lit environment and requires very little soil, when its stems are submerged in water.

4.  Cacti

One of the most underrated qualities of the cactus plant is that it’s resilient and, to an extent, independent. You can put cacti on your desks and they’ll grow on their own. If you are just now building a workstation ecosystem, starting with cactus will give you the best opportunity to learn about plants. These are easy to maintain as they have to be watered only once during the summer months, while you can lay off watering during winter months for several weeks.

5.  Succulents

Get potted succulents for your work
Succulents are easy to maintain

Similar to cacti, these are easy to maintain as their thick, waxy leaves store in water for longer periods. You can put them in dry and warm rooms, and the succulents will thrive.

6.  Jaded Plants

These plants have waxy leaves and only require medium sunlight for a few hours a day. The maroon-waxy leaves trap in moisture and sustain the plant, requiring watering only when the soil is completely dry.

7.  Money Plant

Money plants are more commonly found in Pakistan and are perfect for office space
Money Plant or Devil’s Ivy is a common Pakistani plant specie

This is perhaps the most-commonly found plant in most Pakistani homes. It is great for home décor and so can be used for workstations as well.  The scientific name for this is Epipremnum aureum and is also called Devil’s Ivy and English Ivy. For desks, you should use dwarf varieties.

If the green leaves appear yellow, this means the plant is overwatered while droopy leaves indicate a water-stressed plant.

Now let’s look at some colored varieties of potted plants that you should have on your desk, just to add a pop of color.

8.  Oxalis

This plant has red leaves. This is a natural weed, however, you can buy a cultivated plant for your desk.

9.  African Violet

African Violet is a beautiful potted plant
Add a pop of color with African Violet

This green plant with violet flowers is a pleasant sight. This is a small plant and grows easily in pots with average room temperature and humidity levels. Do not place it under direct sunlight as it might dry out the plant.

10.   Rex Begonia

This stellar plant has leaves with patterns in shades of silver, purple, red and green. There are three varieties of this plant; Stained Glass, Marmaduke and Escargot. This plant is idea for your workstation because not only does it add a pop of color but also thrives in low light.

These top picks are also safe plants. There is a wide variety of plants that are poisonous for humans, especially for vulnerable groups like children and elderly. Following is a list of plants you should never have in your home:

·        Caladium

·        Dieffenbachia

·        Philodendron

·        Pothos

·        Lily: Peace and Calla

·        Daffodil

·        Hyacinth

·        Tulip

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