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Accent chairs provide more than just an additional seating option. Available in a variety of colours, designs and styles, these chairs serve as a focal point of any room and stand out from the rest of your home décor. They are mostly used to add a splash of colour to an otherwise monotonous space or draw out a particular hue while complementing the overall theme. Depending on your preference and budget, there are quite a few different types of accent chairs available in the market in both single and double-seat varieties. 

Since modern accent chairs are considered an accessory, most homeowners get confused about which type or style would work best for their space. Therefore, to help you pick the best option for your home, we have put together a list of the most popular types of accent chairs to add some personality to your home. 

Most Popular Types of Accent Chairs for Homes in Pakistan

We have handpicked some of the best types of accent chairs for your home below. 

However, before we start, we would like to clarify that a lot of accent chairs available in the market may fall into multiple categories or none at all. 


types of chairs for home
Armchairs are not only comfortable but they are also timeless

These are the most common types of chairs for homes in Pakistan.

As the name suggests, armchairs are among the general type of accent chairs with a sturdy back and comfortable armrests. These chairs are usually simple in design and are available in almost every colour and style imaginable. As far as the armrests are concerned, they can be wooden, tufted, round or in any other shape, as you’d prefer.  

If you’re looking for a durable chair that will fit into every room and complement every design, you should consider buying armchairs.

Lounge Chairs

Lounge chairs are the ultimate pieces of furniture for those who like to relax after a long, tiring day. These chairs are very comfortable, have a sturdy back and often come with a matching ottoman that acts as a footrest, allowing you to put your feet up while enjoying your favourite show on the television. 

Usually, recliners are also considered a popular type of lounge chair. To learn more, please check out our guide detailing the most common types of chairs for your home.

Club Chairs

popular types of accent chairs
These regal-looking accent chairs can elevate the overall look of your home

If you are looking to add a touch of luxury and elegance to your home, you should think about investing in a pair of club chairs. 

Also called smoking chairs, these accent chairs are made of leather or faux leather with stylish backs and armrests. They can be a perfect addition to your home office, home library, game rooms and even your study.

Wingback Chairs

Wingback chair is yet another popular type of accent chair that is known for its wing-like structure that curves around the back to the armrests. These chairs can be both simple in shape or have a rather elaborate design. Either way, wingback accent chairs can instantly upgrade the look of your space while making it appear chic and stylish.

These accent chairs can be a good fit for your bedroom, drawing room, and reading nook alike.

Convertible Chairs

convertible accent chairs for homes in Pakistan
Convertible chairs can be a great addition to homes without a separate guest bedroom

Are you tight on space? If so, convertible chairs can be a great addition to your home.

Just like sleeper sofas, these chairs can be transformed into a single-person sleeping bed within a few seconds. Though they are not as stylish or decorative as other types of accent chairs, they are usually very comfortable and can be a good substitute for a guest bed.

Chesterfield Chairs

Who doesn’t love traditional leather chairs with tufted backs, rolled arms, and nailhead embellishments? These extravagant accent chairs scream luxury while looking sophisticated and regal. You can keep Chesterfield chairs in your drawing room, bedroom, home office or home library.

Now, Chesterfield accent chairs can be a little pricey. However, since there are different types and styles of leather upholstery available in the market, you can easily find the one that fits your budget.

Barrel chairs

barrel accent chairs
Barrel chairs are compact, contemporary and effortlessly stylish

For the fans of minimalist and contemporary décor, barrel chairs are a must-have furniture item. 

Shaped like a barrel cut in half, these accent chairs have one round piece that acts as the back and the arms, curving gently around a cosy seat. Usually, barrel chairs are small in size and don’t take up a lot of space, making the room look bigger and more spacious. However, you can also find them in bigger sizes as per your preference and requirements. 

Either way, barrel accent chairs are incredibly comfortable and can be placed in the living room, drawing room, bedroom and study room.

Butterfly Chairs

Last but not least, butterfly accent chairs are perhaps the perfect choice for those who want to go for a bohemian or an eclectic look. 

The chairs have a hammock-like structure comprising a fabric seat attached to a foldable metal frame. Apart from being trendy and tasteful, butterfly chairs are also lightweight and budget-friendly. Moreover, you can even place these accent chairs in your garden or terrace.

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