Best Montessori Schools In Lahore

So, your toddler has grown up a few more inches and has started to walk and talk. What is the next thing on your mind you have planned for them? A Montessori school where they can learn new things by indulging them in different activities (which are also fun for them) without using formal teaching methods and syllabus. Instead of enrolling them in a school where they’re burdened with preparing for tests and exams, it’s best to let children enjoy their time, make mistakes, learn new things, and understand their likes and dislikes. Here you will find some of the best Montessori schools in Lahore where you can send your children for their early grooming in professional care.

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Best Montessori Schools In Lahore

activities for montessori students
Map making acting for children in Montessori schools

The ages from three through six years are some of the most important formative years of a child’s life; during this time they are at the peak of their curiosity and experimenting. At this point in their life, children absorb and retain as much knowledge and information as they can. That’s why this is the right time to teach them all about the basics of language and comprehension: letters, numbers, and colours, etc. And that’s where Montessori schools come in.

Every child is unique. It’s the responsibility of Montessori schools to help identify those unique abilities in children and nurture them. The learning course mostly consists of lessons to teach how to use different senses to identify things and associate the right meanings with them, learning the language to read and write, understanding and solving mathematical puzzles and learning practical life lessons.

The following list consists of names of the top Montessori schools in Lahore where you can find the best pre-school learning for your children.

  • Olive Tree Montessori & Preschool
  • Future World Schools
  • The Crescent School
  • NGS Preschool
  • Bloomfield Hall
  • Lahore Literati Montessori & High School 
  • PAF Montessori 

Olive Tree Montessori & Preschool

Olive Tree Montessori & Preschool in Pakistan is a chain of a recognized institutions in the UK. It has four campuses here in Pakistan and its latest campus is in Johar Town Lahore. Their focus is to provide children with an environment best suited for their learning and developing skills through a variety of activities. 

Olive Tree Montessori & Preschool focuses on developing and nurturing interpersonal communication skills in children along with linguistic skills and physical development. The learning material and resources they use to teach their students include playing activities, arts, mathematical problems, and material resources.


  • Multiple languages such as Arabic, Chinese, French and English
  • Music classes
  • Play area
  • Zoo module
  • Cafeteria. 

Campus Address

513, Block G 1 Johar Town, Lahore, Punjab, Pakistan.

Contact Number


Future World Schools

The Montessori of Future World Schools believes in investing in children’s learning ability from the early years, by providing an environment that gives them a sense of belonging. The professionally trained staff in this Montessori school uses different learning styles and spends time on each kid individually to ensure everybody receives the same level of attention and care.

The Future World Schools uses lots of resources to shape up a child’s personality and strengthen their skills to help them in building their own unique personality. They use a step-by-step approach to make these highly energetic and curious kids into active learners and polishing different skills at each level. Their curriculum is divided into four levels:

  • Pre-play group
  • Playgroup
  • Montessori
  • Advanced Montessori


  • Sensorial exercises to develop senses
  • Geometry and mathematics 
  • Language for better self-expression
  • Geography
  • Science 
  • Creative arts and crafts
  • Music

Campus Address

310/1, Sector F, Phase 6 DHA, Lahore, Punjab, Pakistan

Contact Number



mathematical puzzles for montessori students
Learning to use numbers to solve mathematical skills

The Crescent School

The history of The Crescent School dates back to 1968 when there were only 35 students enrolled in a campus near Qaddafi Stadium Lahore. Decades later, after becoming one of the most well-reviewed educational institutions in Lahore, The Crescent School launched a Montessori school in 2015.

If you want your kids to grow up in a high-learning environment in the care of skilled and professional staff, The Crescent Montessori School is the right place. 


  • Arts and crafts
  • Language
  • Drawing
  • Painting and colouring

Campus Address

352 – Shadman Colony, Lahore

Contact Number

042-3742 1374

NGS Preschool

NGS Preschool was established in 1988 and since then it has emerged as one of the best educational institutions in Lahore. Over the years the school has adapted to the latest techniques of building an environment where children can learn fundamental concepts that help instill self-direction, confidence, independence, and the ability to succeed in them.

Using a mix of both curricular and extra-curricular activities, NGS Preschool takes pride in developing social, emotional physical, cognitive, intellectual and creative abilities through experiences to a huge number of students.


  • Well-equipped air-conditioned classrooms
  • Activity areas
  • Artrooms
  • Specialized teaching equipment
  • Swimming pool
  • Classrooms with reading corners
  • Stimulating and educational toys

Campus Address

Upper Mall Campus: 260, Upper Mall Lahore Opposite to Lahore Gymkhana Club

Valencia Town Campus: 23-D, Valencia Town Lahore

Johar Town Campus I: 348 G-III Main Boulevard Johar Town Lahore

Johar Town Campus II: 210-F Block Chanandin Road, Johar Town Lahore

Garden Town Campus: 152- Ali Block, New Garden Town Lahore

Model Town Campus: 427-M Block, Model Town Lahore

Shadman Campus: 307-Shadman I, near Post Office Lahore

Iqbal Avenue Campus: House No.189/A Iqbal Avenue Housing Society Phase-lll, Canal Bank Lahore

Askari 11 Campus: Askari Heights, Sector B, Askari 11, Bedian Road Basement of mosque, near IronBox Gym, Lahore

Contact Number

Upper Mall Campus: 042-35750855, 042-35750866, +92310 4450277

Valencia Town Campus: 04- 35210458-9, 0334 8444707

Johar Town Campus I: 042-35290771, 0313 4349068

Johar Town Campus II: 042-32212361, 0300-4217066

Garden Town Campus: 042 35912452, 0305-6156761

Model Town Campus: 042 35166918

Shadman Campus: 042 35960807, 0302 4729009

Iqbal Avenue Campus: 0307-7776787

Askari 11 Campus: 042-37134996

Bloomfield Hall

Bloomfield Hall was established in 1984 by educationalists from Pakistan UK with the vision to provide British style education to the students here. Using modern technology and systems, Bloomfield Hall works with a more liberal and progressive approach in order for students to explore their curiosities and learn from their experiences under professional guidance.

creative activities for children
Arts, drawing and colouring activities in Montessori schools polish creative side of children


  • Learning languages (English and Urdu)
  • Number work
  • Sensorial activities
  • Art & craft
  • Music

Campus Address

114-Gulberg Road Adjacent to Sherpao Bridge.

Contact Number

042-35764687, 042-35764290

Lahore Literati Montessori & High School

Extending up to the high school section, Lahore Literati Montessori & High School has been operating for the past two decades. The institution aims to provide a learning environment where children can learn and polish their skills and abilities. They aim to make children confident, strong, independent, and successful. 

From furniture to learning material, everything has been planned according to international standards of teaching Montessori students. A child learns better and grows with a positive attitude if individual care and attention are provided to them and that is where they specialize.


  • Child-focused curriculum
  • Child size furniture
  • Individual attention is given to every child
  • Art & craft to nurture aesthetic sense
  • Montessori Directresses that look after children’s progress
  • Use of phonics approach
  • Music
  • Annual functions and sports days

Campus Address

Luqman Campus (Montessori Branch): 410-411 Shadman, Lahore

Contact Number

042-37423043, 042-37423118

PAF Montessori Lahore

How about sending your kids to a Montessori school built by the armed forces that lead by example wrt exhibiting strong discipline, order, and confidence? PAF Montessori in Lahore is the place where your kind will not only learn all these but may also grow the interest to become a part of the Pakistan Air Force.

PAF Montessori Lahore uses innovative methods that help boost your child’s confidence and intellectual capabilities. Besides cirriculum, children are encouraged to take part in different other activities that shape up the personality right from the beginning.


  • Equipped classrooms
  • Trained and professional staff
  • Arts & craft

Campus Address

Sarwar Road, Near Fazaia College of Education for Women, Cantt, Lahore, Punjab, Pakistan

Contact Number


This is all you need to know about the best Montessori schools in Lahore. If you’re interested in learning more about educational institutions in the city, you can also the list of top O Level Schools in Lahore

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