Measurement Units for Plot Size Conversion in Pakistan
The use of property measurement unit varies from region to region

The property measurement unit we use to calculate the area of a piece of land greatly depends on the region we live in. Let suppose, if we live in Lahore, Islamabad or any other parts of Punjab, we’ll be using ‘marla’ and ‘kanal’ as property measurement units. However, that’s not the case for Karachi and other cities in Sindh, where the property measurement system greatly relies on ‘square yard’ and ‘square foot’ as measuring units. 

The measuring unit of ‘square yard’ is also known as ‘gazz’ in Urdu and other local languages. However, if you use an advanced property portal like it will be very easy for you to search for property according to your familiar property measurement unit by applying filters. Here are some morein your property hunt.

Quick Fact: Marla and Kanal are area-specific property measurement units mostly used in South Asian countries including Pakistan, India, and Bangladesh. The origin of these property units dates back to the British era. In Pakistan, these measuring units are widely used in Punjab and the Islamabad Capital Territory.


To give you a detailed overview of the unit size conversion for property discussed above, we have compiled the chart below in which we have given you different values denoting property sizes and the measuring units in which they have been converted. So, let’s take a quick look at it.

MarlaSquare FeetSquare MetresSquare Yards (Gazz)
20 (1 Kanal)4500418.06500


  • Converting 1 marla into square feet results in 225 square feets
  • Converting 1 marla into square metre results in 20.9 square metres
  • Converting 1 marla into square yard results in 25 square yards (gazz)
  • 1 kanal is equivalent to 20 marlas, 4500 square feet, 419 square metres and 500 square yards (gazz)

Note: From the table above, it is clear that 5 marlas are equal to 1125 square feet and 125 square yards, while 10 marlas are 2250 square feet or 250 square yards. The exact dimensions of these plots may also differ, depending on where the plot is located and differs from one housing scheme/colony to anothe

For those who calculate the house’s building costs, need to have knowledge regarding the property and plot size units along with their proper conversion. 

If you’re about to build your own home and you need to determine the cost of building a house, you’ll need exact measurements. Therefore, having a strong grip on these conversions is obligatory. 

Read more: Everything to know about property tax in Pakistan

Following are some units and their usage in plot size conversion in Pakistan which everybody needs to know. 

  • Marla 
  • Square Feet
  • Square Yards
  • Square Meters
  • Square Inches
  • Acres 


In Pakistan, Bangladesh and India, a marla is a common unit of area used. The marla was standardised to be equivalent to the square rod under British regime, or 272.25 square feet, 30.25 square yards, or 25.2929 square meters. It was precisely one-160th of an acre. 

Square Feet 

It is an area measurement unit similar to a square that measures one foot from each side. 

Square Meters 

The area is equivalent to a square from each side, which is 1 meter. It is used for determining room areas, buildings, land blocks, etc. To represent a square meter, the symbol used is m2. 

Square Yards 

It is an area measurement unit equal to a square covering one yard on either side, which is 0.8361 square meters equivalent. Yd2, sq. is the abbreviation for Square Yards. 

 Square Inches 

It is an area measurement unit equal to a square measuring one inch on each side, and 6.452 square centimeters is also equivalent. The abbreviation for it is in2, sq. 


It is a common measure of the region that is commonly used in the United States and the United Kingdom. 

1 acre is equivalent to 0.405 hectares or 4,840 square yards (4,047 square meters); 640 acres is equal to one square mile. 

In Pakistan, ‘Marla’ is the typical unit used for calculating plot size. Furthermore, apart from Marla, the plots are often measured in terms of square foot or square meter. 

Marla Other Units 
1 Marla 272.25 square feet 
1 Marla 30.25 square yards 
1 Marla 25.29 square meters 
1 Marla 39204 square inches 
1 Marla 0.0062 acre 


The conventional unit for plot size calculation is Marla. It began in the British period and has been used in Pakistan, India, and Bangladesh today. 

Surprisingly, in distinct regions of Pakistan, the conversion of Marla into square foot differs. There are normally two transformations, which are as follows: 

1. The first conversion notes that 272.25 sq. ft. is equal to one Marla. It is the standard unit for calculating records of revenue. 

2. The second conversion notes that the equivalent of one Marla is 225 sq. ft. Development and local authorities and private housing projects typically use this type of conversion. 

Other Local Units 

Units Conversion 
One karam 5.5 feet 
One square karam also called sarsai 25.29 sq. ft. 
One Marla 9 sarsai 
One Kanal 20 marlas 
One Bigha 4 kanals 
One killa 8 kanals 
One murabba 25 acres 
One hectare 2.47 acres 

Converting Marla into other units 

The tables that give a clear picture of how to turn Marla into other units are below. 

1 Marla= 272 Square Feet* 

Marla Square Feet Square Meter Square Yard (Gaz) 
272.25 25.29 30.25 
544.50 50.59 60.50 
816.75 75.88 90.75 
1,089.00 101.17 121.00 
1,361.25 126.47 151.25 
1,633.50 151.76 181.50 
1,905.75 177.05 211.75 
2,178.00 202.34 242.00 
2,450.25 227.64 272.25 
10 2,722.50 252.93 302.50 
11 2,994.75 278.22 332.75 
12 3,267.00 303.52 363.00 
13 3,539.25 328.81 393.25 
14 3,811.50 354.10 423.50 
15 4,083.75 379.40 453.75 
16 4,356.00 404.69 484.00 
17 4,628.25 429.98 514.25 
18 4,900.50 455.27 544.50 
19 5,172.75 480.57 574.75 
20 (1 Kanal) 5,445.00 505.86 605.00 

1 Marla= 225 Square Feet 

Marla Square Feet Square Meters Square Yards (Gaz) 
225 20.9 25 
450 41.81 50 
675 62.71 75 
900 83.61 100 
1125 104.52 125 
1350 125.42 150 
1575 146.32 175 
1800 167.22 200 
2025 188.13 225 
10 2250 209.03 250 
11 2475 229.93 275 
12 2700 250.84 300 
13 2925 271.74 325 
14 3150 292.64 350 
15 3375 313.55 375 
16 3600 334.45 400 
17 3825 355.35 425 
18 4050 376.25 450 
19 4275 397.16 475 
20 (1 Kanal) 4500 418.06 500 

This conversion is commonly used in private housing schemes, development, and local authorities. 

For more understanding of plot conversion in Pakistan, use calculator to measure plot size. We hope these calculations will be helpful for your understanding.  

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plot size calculatorplot size chartplot size calculator in marla onlineplot size calculator in marla

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The Defence Housing Authority, Lahore (DHA Lahore) is a housing society located in Lahore, Punjab, Pakistan. Much like Askari Housing Society, Lahore, DHA too was originally built for army officers (as Civil & Defence Officers Cooperative Housing Society and later as Lahore Cantonment Cooperative Housing Society – LCCHS), but soon it became a Housing Scheme for all people.

The area has also undergone extensive gentrification, bringing in a more wealthy base. The recent influx of population from the adjoining areas has also given birth to a number of problems and the crime rate has also gone up. As a result of this, DHA guards have stepped up patrolling but crime is on a continuous rise.

During the past five years, developers have claimed extraterritorial land, which has increased new development in the area. New developments include a world-class golf resort in partnership with Bandar Raya of Malaysia in Phase 6 of DHA and a shopping and office complex in partnership with Global Haly of the United Kingdom in Phase 2 of DHA. All these high rise constructions go against the norms of DHA.

DHA encompasses two famous shopping centres, known as the ‘Y-block’ market and the ‘H-block’ market,. Y-block has also had the honor of playing host to one of Lahore’s very first tattoo shop as well. DHA Y Block also has a Sports Club, gym, and a large commercial swimming pool (design, execution and supply & installation of pool equipment by Jopic Pool)and other sports facilities for the community. DHA Lahore main office was also located at Phase III, Sector Y but the management has decided to relocate the office at Phase VI, Sector A, just to accommodate number of people, who visit office on daily basis. There are other smaller commercial markets in DHA- like T block which has many cafes – like Hot spot, Jammin – Java and various other salons. T block commercial area also has the very first swimming pool & spa equipment display center called Olympic Pool.

Two international standard sports complexes have been planned in the area and construction has started on the projects as of 2021.

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Top Housing Societies In Islamabad | Blog

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Islamabad, the stunning capital of Pakistan, is known among the masses for its majestic mountains, peaceful environment, lush green picnic points, state of the art infrastructure and top-notch housing societies.

No doubt, Islamabad is one of the best places to reside in Pakistan owing to its massive selection of facilities, amenities and ambience. 

This blog brings you a list of top housing societies in Islamabad known for their house designs, excellent infrastructure, and amenities.

To know more about these famous housing societies in Islamabad, keep reading.

Gulberg Green:

The first housing society on our list is Gulberg Green. It is considered one of the most distinctive housing societies in Pakistan and for all the right reasons. The society is further divided into different categories, including Gulberg Green, Gulberg residential, and Gulberg knowledge village. 

The prime location and high-end features of the residential scheme make it one of its kind. It is perfect for someone who wants to live in a society that caters to all his residential needs. The place is also ideal for people who want to invest in commercial properties in the central city of Islamabad. Hence, the site is a perfect business opportunity in Pakistan.

Gulberg project is offered by “Intelligence Bureau Cooperative Housing Schemes ” (IBECHS). The developers got NOC approval in 2009.

The society also has several shopping centres, eateries, hospitals and educational institutes, making it one of the best places to live in Islamabad.

DHA, Islamabad:

DHA, Islamabad is one of the most famous housing societies in Pakistan. It is growing and developing rapidly, adding more real estate projects under its name. DHA, Islamabad is also considered to be one of the eBay places to invest in Pakistan because of its property value in the market. 

Some of the facilities offered in DHA, Islamabad include hospitals with international standards, good educational institutes, lakes, picnic points, golf course, maintenance facilities, spacious green grounds, wider roads, gated community, high-security system, commercial areas including mall and shopping centres and themed parks.

Bahria Town, Islamabad:

Bahria Town, Islamabad is undoubtedly one of the most popular housing schemes in Pakistan due to its widespread amenities, facilities, and prime locations. It is one of the top locations in Islamabad where the investors love to put in their money. The housing society is divided into several phases depending upon the location, type of buildings and plot sizes. Bahria Town Phase I is the most popular and costly sector because it is fully developed and has all the top niche facilities and amenities.

Bahria Phase 8,  Phase 8 extension and Bahria enclave are some of the newest projects by Bahria Town.

Apart from housing, the society is also known for its state of the art infrastructure and notable features such as Rose Garden in Bahria phase 8, Eiffel tower replica, a statue of liberty replica, majestic cinemas like Arena, famous brands, shopping centres and Green Valley. 

Society is also prevalent among the overseas Pakistanis. Every year, many Pakistanis residing in foreign countries like America, Canada, UAE etc., invest in this housing society.

Some of the outstanding facilities offered by the society include International Standard Schools, clinics, hospital, top restaurants, Mini Golf Club, 24-hour maintenance facility, Wide Road Network, Gated Community, commercial areas and 24/7 hours supply of water, electricity and sui-gas.

OPF Housing Scheme:

Another prominent name in the real estate sector in Islamabad is the OPF housing scheme. Society is known for its modern living standards and luxurious buildings. The project is equally popular among the residents of Islamabad and investors, especially the overseas Pakistanis. 

If you are interested in a real estate project that will safeguard your money and provide you with the highest possible living standards, the OPF Housing Scheme might be a perfect option for you.

Some of the most prominent features of this specific housing scheme are self-sustainable construction, an eco-friendly community, several Residential and commercial choices to choose from, excellent Sewerage and drainage system, Water treatment plant, 24/7 hours power supply, State-of-the-art safety system, CCTV cameras, Advanced Security, Underground Electricity wiring, Smart applications for traffic, weather, electricity, internet etc., Hotels, Sports complex, Smart housing planning, Mosques and parks.

PWD Housing Society:

PWD housing society is probably one of the oldest yet fastest-growing housing societies in the twin cities. Since its inception, the community has grown by many folds, and today, it is one of the best places for people looking for residential and commercial properties. 

Many local and international brands have also come here, making it one of the largest shopping hubs in the twin cities. Unlike many other housing societies in the town, the community gives the owner authority to build the house according to his preferences and choices. 

Some of the significant features of the housing society include top-notch Health centres, hospitals, schools, colleges, Entertainment and play areas. Commercial and business areas, 24/7 hours resource availability and a Gated and secure community.

 Park View City:

The following housing scheme in Pakistan that is getting popular by leaps and bounds is Park View City. The project is approved by the CDA and is located 400 meters from the central boulevard that connects the neighbouring areas.

The city is located at the prime location of Bani Gala Suburbs. If you are fond of a peaceful and calm environment surrounded by lush green plains, this place is perfect for you. The real estate project comes with all the facilities that a Pakistani family needs to live in peace and calm ambience.  The society comes with all the basic facilities, including freeload shedding site and 24-hour gas and water availability.

Multi-Gardens B-17 G-Block Islamabad:

This is another famous housing society in the capital and is located at the prime location of sector B-17, G-Block. It is constructed and managed by a renowned company, Multi Professional Cooperative Housing Scheme (MPCHS). The housing project is considered one of the best places to live in because of its affordability and convenience. You can quickly get a property at this place through a simple and easy installment plan. The brand new G-block offers 7, 5, 10, 14 Marla and One Kanal Residential Plots.

Some of the facilities include Mosques and Jamie masjid, an Underground electricity system to ensure safety, Boundary walls for security, Educational institutions, high-class restaurants, 24/7 security, Beautiful Lakes, Park, and play areas.


So, these are some of the best housing societies in Islamabad known for their high-end facilities, amenities, residential and commercial projects. These areas are not only ideal for residence but also excellent from an investment point of view. 

If you have any questions or feedback regarding these housing societies in Islamabad, let us know in the comment section below, and we will get back to you as soon as possible.

Administrative Units of Pakistan: District, Tehsil & UC

Union Council

We all know that Pakistan has five provinces and its capital city is Islamabad but how many of us know the further division of provinces into divisions, districts, cities, tehsil and union council. Well, if you read till the end of this informational blog, you will be well versed about the different administrative units of Pakistan and what is the purpose of this dissection.

Administrative Units Of Pakistan

The five provinces of Pakistan are Punjab, Sindh, Balochistan, Gilgit Baltistan and Khyber Pakhtunkhwa and are run by their respective provincial governments. The first tier of the government is the federal government, which runs the entire country followed by the provincial government. This division enables the federal government to entrust provincial matters and developments with the provincial government. For better governance, all of the four provinces are divided into different divisions that are further divided into three different tiers i.e. district, tehsil and union council.

tehsils of lahore
Lahore District has five tehsils

These seem like so many divisions of the country and government but the entire purpose of this is to enable the government to govern at the grassroots level and administer the developments closely. This gives better administrative control and hence the country prospers. 

Let’s understand the three tiers of administrative units of Pakistan and how many total units each province has.


The district is the first tier of the administrative units that is also the biggest in terms of territory. The administrative duties, implementation of government strategies and overseeing development initiatives in a district is the responsibility of the District Coordination Officer who is also the head of District Administration.

Before 2010, there was a post of ‘Zila Nazim’ in the government, who was the head of District Administration, but after that year, the powers were transferred to District Coordination Officer. 

Divisions & Districts Of Four Provinces Of Pakistan  

Following are the divisions of all four provinces of Pakistan.

Punjab Sindh Balochistan Khyber Pakhtunkhwa
Bahawalpur Banbhore Kalat Bannu
Dera Ghazi Khan Hyderabad Makran Dera Ismail Khan
Faisalabad Karachi Naseerabad Hazara
Gujranwala Sukkur Quetta Kohat
Lahore Larkana Sibi Malakand
Multan Mirpur Khas Zhob Mardan
Rawalpindi Shaheed Benazirabad Peshawar

Following are the districts of all four provinces of Pakistan.

Punjab Sindh Balochistan Khyber Pakhtunkhwa
Bahawalpur Badin Awaran Abbottabad
Bahawalnagar Dadu Barkhan Bajaur
Rahim Yar Khan Ghotki Chagai Bannu
Dera Ghazi Khan Hyderabad Dera Bugti Battagram
Layyah Jacobabad Duki Buner
Muzaffargarh Jamshoro Gwadar Charsadda
Rajanpur Karachi Central Harnai Chitral
Faisalabad Kashmore Jafarabad Dera Ismail Khan
Chiniot Khairpur Jhal Magsi Hangu
Toba Tek Singh Larkana Kachhi Haripur
Jhang Matiari Kalat Karak
Gujranwala Mirpur Khas Kech Khar
Gujrat Naushahro Feroze Kharan Kohat
Hafizabad Shaheed Benazirabad Khuzdar Lakki Marwat
Mandi Bahauddin Qambar Shahdadkot Killa Abdullah Lower Dir
Narowal Sanghar Kohlu Lower Kohistan
Sialkot Shikarpur Lasbela Malakand
Lahore Sukkur Loralai Mansehra
Kasur Tando Allahyar Mastung Mardan
Nankana Sahib Tando Muhammad Khan Musakhel Nowshera
Sheikhupura Tharparkar Naseerabad Peshawar
Multan Thatta Nushki Shangla
Lodhran Umerkot Panjgur Swabi
Khanewal Sujawal Pishin Swat
Vehari Karachi East Qilla Saifullah Tank
Rawalpindi Karachi South Quetta Torghar
Jhelum Karachi West Shaheed Sikandarabad Upper Dir
Chakwal Korangi Sherani Upper Kohistan
Attock Malir Sibi
Sahiwal Sohbatpur
Pakpattan Washuk
Okara Zhob
Sargodha Ziarat


Tehsil is the second administrative unit of Pakistan or second tier in local government. After dividing divisions of all four provinces into districts, it is further divided into tehsil. A tehsil consists of further smaller cities or areas, for instance, the Lahore District of Punjab is further divided into five tehsils which are Lahore Cantt., Lahore City, Model Town, Raiwind and Shalimar. 

tehsils in sindh
Sindh has a total of 146 tehsils

The division of a district into tehsil is followed in three provinces of Pakistan: Punjab, Balochistan and Khyber Pakhtunkhwa except for Sindh. In Sindh, a tehsil is referred to as a ‘taluka’ which is further divided into union councils.

Number Of Tehsils In Punjab

The total number of tehsils in Punjab is 145.

Number Of Tehsils (Taluka) In Sindh

The total number of talukas (tehsils) in Sindh is 146.

Number Of Tehsils In Balochistan

The total number of tehsils in Balochistan is 143.

Number Of Tehsils In Khyber Pakhtunkhwa

The total number of tehsils in Khyber Pakhtunkhwa is 83.

Union Council

Union council is the last administrative unit and smallest of all. The tehsils are further divided into union councils so that the government can govern even at the lowest and grass roots level.

However, according to a notification issued by the Government of Punjab, all the union councils that were constituted under Punjab Local Government Act 2013 will be defunct and succeeded by local governments.

The government is also considering restoring the union councils in Khyber Pakhtunkhwa. These union councils were abolished in the province in 2019 and only two tiers of councils were left i.e. village and neighbourhood councils. 

So, this brings us to the end of our educational guide on the administrative units of Pakistan. For more information about government initiatives like one window Ehsaas Center and online LDA one window appointment, visit Pakistan’s largest lifestyle and real estate blog, Zameen Blog.

How to Help Small Businesses Coming Out of Lockdown

It’s been almost one and a half years since the Covid-19 pandemic started and changed our lives forever. The new virus turned out to be highly contagious and started to spread in humans at an extraordinary rate. In an attempt to control the coronavirus outbreak, people were asked to wear masks and observe social distancing. But, when things started to get out of hand, lockdown measures were introduced in countries around the world to forcefully restrict social interactions and public activities.

Like many other countries, Pakistan has also remained severely affected by the global pandemic with hundreds of infections being reported on a daily basis. Ever since the beginning of the virus outbreak, the nation has gone through at least three different waves of the coronavirus pandemic with the number of cases constantly going up and down. 

However, with vaccination drives in full swing, the situation is getting better slowly and gradually. But, prolonged lockdown measures have already had a very negative impact on economic activities nationwide. Unlike large-scale industries and businesses that have higher stakes and recovery measures involved, small business owners and entrepreneurs have been facing a really tough time getting things back on track, even after the easing of lockdown.

The good news is that there are actually many different things you can do right from the comfort of your home to extend your help to these small business owners. Want to know how? We’ve got you covered. In this blog, we are going to detail some of the best ways to support small businesses coming out of the Covid-19 lockdown.

How to Support Small Businesses Post Covid-19 Lockdown

Some great ways for helping and supporting small businesses coming out of lockdown have been listed and discussed below:

  • Shop from a Local Platform
  • Don’t Forget to Leave a Good Review
  • Recommend a Local Business in Your Social Circle

Shop from a Local Platform

Instead of shopping from large, well-known brands, you can simply opt for local businesses

Nowadays, every other large and small business has an online presence. They sell different types of products and services to facilitate people, providing them with doorstep delivery services. 

Instead of shopping from large, well-known brands, you can simply opt for local businesses that are using different types of small-scale and free platforms to run their operations. Social websites like Facebook and other platforms allow people to market, even if they have a very limited budget.

Buying products from these small-scale online shops is one of the best ways to support them. Along with Facebook, there are also many small retailers and sellers who use the platform of OLX, Pakistan’s largest online marketplace. You can also buy products and services from these local businesses, but make sure to order items only from sellers verified by OLX to be on the safe side.

Don’t Forget to Leave a Good Review

Don’t Forget to Leave a Good Review
Use groups and communities on social websites to recommend a particular product or service from a local business

If you are satisfied with the quality of the product/services you have ordered from a local business, never forget to leave a good review about them. Letting others know about your satisfactory experience is one of the best ways to support a small business post Covid-19 lockdown.

You can also use groups and communities on social websites to recommend a particular product or service from a local business to spread the word among a larger group of people. Also, if a particular business you are supporting has a page on Facebook or presence on Google maps, you can rate them and leave your comments on these public platforms.

Recommend a Local Business in Your Circle of Friends and Acquaintances

Recommend a Local Business in Your Circle of Friends and Acquaintances
Spread the word about a local business in your social circle

We live in a society where a lot of people still rely on word of mouth. So, if you want to truly support a small business recovering from a setback due to lockdown restrictions, let your family, friends, neighbours, and colleagues know the products and services they offer. The people who know you are likely to consider your recommendation. 

You can even ask them to do the same thing if they also have a satisfactory experience with the products and services offered by your recommended local retail outlet or online shop. This will create a chain of recommendations, which is needed by almost every other small business owner in these uncertain times to keep things afloat.

These were some great ways to support small businesses post Covid-19 lockdown restrictions. We hope the ideas we have shared above will help you with your humanitarian mission. With these small efforts, we can make a difference and our support could make it easier for small business owners to recover from the economic setback they may have been facing for the past several months. 

If you know about some other amazing ideas to help a small business coming out of lockdown restrictions, feel free to write to us at Your valuable feedback will help us make our piece more informative for our readers.

For more lifestyle and property updates, keep following Zameen Blog, the best real estate blog in Pakistan. Stay updated with our latest posts by subscribing to our email newsletter.

Top 5 Locations to Buy a Commercial Plot in Sialkot

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Sialkot is among the vibrant cities of Pakistan. Its significance in the country can be evaluated from the fact that it is the birthplace of Pakistan’s national poet Allama Iqbal. Similarly, there is also an economic value attached to the city, Sialkot has a vast industrial base which provides the necessary strength to the exports of the country. Its sports goods are famous all over the world and remain in high demand all year. The city is spread over 3015sqkm and has four tehsils. As per the Pakistan Bureau of Statistics (PBS), the total urban population of the city in 2016 was recorded at 1,143,362. Since the city provides numerous investment and economic opportunities, Sialkot is a source of attraction for investors and entrepreneurs. for the convenience of investors brings ‘Top 5 Locations to Buy a Commercial Plot in Sialkot’. Sialkot can serve the interest of various business personnel and entities looking for a unique investment opportunity in the city.


Citi Housing


The first locality on the list where a commercial plot can be purchased is Citi Housing, Sialkot. Citi Housing is located on Sialkot road and can provide a unique lifestyle to the residents, and commercial opportunities for investors. The main boulevard of the locality can be easily accessed from Sialkot Road.

The prices of commercial plots in Citi Housing are explained as:

  •         A commercial plot over 4 marla in Citi Housing can be purchased between the price range of Rs 3 Crore-Rs 11 Crore
  •         Similarly, the price of  6marla commercial plot varies between Rs 4 Crore-Rs 13 Crore

Some prominent features of Citi Housing are as follow

  •         The society is equipped with all basic utilities
  •         Citi Housing can be easily accessed from Sialkot Road.
  •         Educational institutes are also approximate to the society, for example, Sialkot Medical College is located on Sialkot Road.
  •         The housing society has a gated community and ensures 24/7 electric supply.

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Business Bay


Business Bay Sialkot is a dedicated vicinity for commercial and business operations. The locality is situated on Kashmir Road and can be easily accessed from anywhere. Business Bay is adjacent to Aslam Nagar meanwhile Staff Colony is also adjacent to Business Bay.

The prices of the commercial plot are as follows

  •         A commercial plot over 4 marla in Business Bay can be purchased within the price range of Rs 1 Crore-Rs 3.5 Crore.
  •         Furthermore, Business Bay offers a commercial plot of 8 marla between the price range of Rs 7 Crore-Rs 7.5 Crore.

The notable features of Business Bay are

  •         The locality can be easily accessed via public transport
  •         Business Bay will have an underground electric system and underground sewage system
  •         The initiative is approved by Municipal Corporation Sialkot.
  •         Furthermore, all the basic amenities can be accessed around the vicinity of Business Bay.


Al-Rehman Garden


Al-Rehman Garden is located on Eimanabad Road and can cater to the commercial needs of various enterprises and investors. The locality lies adjacent to the Citi Housing scheme and incorporates all the basic amenities. Al-Rehman Garden is also known as Sialkot Heavens.

The prices of commercial plots in Al-Rehman Garden are as follows

  •         As per the table, a commercial plot over 4 Marla can be bought between the price range of Rs 1 Crore-Rs 1.20 Crore.
  •         Similarly, a commercial plot over 8 Marla in Al-Rehman Garden can be purchased between the price range of Rs 2 Crore-Rs 3 Crore.

A few of the notable features of Al-Rehman Garden are as follow

  •         Al-Rehman Garden has a gated community which also ensures 24/7 security.
  •         Provision of all the basic utilities
  •         Al-Rehman Garden also has an underground electric system.
  •         The locality can be easily accessed from Eimanabad Road.

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Sambrial is one of the Tehsils of district Sialkot and is situated adjacent to Sialkot-Wazirabad Dual Carriage Way. One of the factors that raise the prominence of the locality is that Sialkot Dry Port is situated in Sambrial. Similarly, Sambrial also has a railway station of its own which increases its prominence. The area also has a comprehensive road network which increases its connectivity to the other areas

The prices of commercial plots in Sambrial are given as

  •         A commercial plot over 4 marla can be purchased between the price range of Rs 3.25-Rs 8.5 Crore
  •         Similarly, a commercial plot over 8 marla can be purchased between the price range of Rs 4 Crore-Rs 10 Crore

Some of the prominent characteristics of the Sambrial are

  •         All the basic utilities and amenities are present in the region
  •         A comprehensive road infrastructure that enhances the connectivity
  •         Sialkot Dry Port is situated in the city which is of great benefit for investors
  •         Public transport can be easily accessed from Sambrial




The last area on the list is Gohadpur, which is situated adjacent to Marala road. The locality can also be accessed via Airport Road and is equipped with all the basic amenities and offers good investment opportunities for the investors.

The prices of commercial plot in the locality are given as

  •         A commercial plot over 5 Marla in Gohadpur can be bought between the price range of Rs 1.5 Crore-Rs 1.6 Crore.
  •         Similarly, an 8 Marla commercial plot can be purchased between Rs 3 Crore-Rs 8 Crore.

Some major features of the locality are

  •         Availability of all the basic amenities
  •         Proximity of educational institutes to the vicinity for example Allied School campus is located on Airport Road
  •         NADRA office is also located on Airport Road
  •         Availability of various markets in the locality to meet the daily needs

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CDA makes tree plantation, rainwater harvesting mandatory for residents

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ISLAMABAD: The Capital Development Authority (CDA), on Tuesday,  announced that it will be mandatory for residents to plant trees and harvest rainwater in a move to beautify Islamabad. 

The decision was taken by Chairman Capital Development Authority (CDA)  Amer Ali Ahmed during a meeting. 

As per sources, all public sector buildings will be required to install a rainwater harvesting system on their premises in order to conserve water. 

According to the existing bylaws, homeowners of 500 square yard plots and above are expected to plant four trees. However, the present rules will be amended to make it compulsory for all homeowners to undertake tree plantation. 

Sources stated that as per the new laws, 5 marla houses will plant one tree, 10 marla houses will plant two trees, 500 square yards and above houses will plant up to four trees. 

CDA Chairman Amer Ali Ahmed stated that the decision was taken to beautify Islamabad, increase tree cover and reduce the temperature of the city. 


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Sindh govt allocates Rs8bn for infrastructure development in Karachi

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KARACHI: The Sindh Government, on Tuesday, earmarked Rs8 billion for 19 infrastructure development projects in the provincial budget for fiscal year 2021-22.  

As per the budget documents of the provincial government, Rs8 billion has been allocated for 13 new and 6 existing uplift schemes.  This is an increase from the financial year 2020-21, where only Rs1.94 billion were allocated for 19 development schemes in Karachi. 

As per details, the government will focus on early completion of the existing projects to ensure smooth delivery and will undertake new projects for the ease of the residents. 

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کورونا وباء اور گھروں میں اوپن کچن کے تصور کا مستقبل

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شہری طرزِ زندگی اب جدید تعمیراتی اسلوب میں ڈھل گئی ہے اور اب گھروں میں اوپن کچن کا تصور عام ہوگیا ہے۔ عمدہ ڈیزائن، انداز اور ترتیب سے بنے اوپن کچن کے بہت سے فوائد ہیں۔ باورچی خانہ ہر گھر میں ایک دل کی مانند ہوتا ہے جہاں انواع و اقسام کے کھانے تیار کیے جاتے ہیں۔ گھر کے افراد دن میں کئی بار کھانے پینے کی اشیا کی تلاش کے سلسلے میں کچن کا چکر ضرور لگاتے ہیں۔ کچن کے زائد استعمال کی وجہ سے اس کے ڈیزائن کو ہر لحاظ سے بہترین پہلوؤں کا حامل ہونا چاہئے۔

اوپن کچن کا تصور ہے کیا؟

تعمیراتی شعبے میں اوپن کچن کانسیپٹ سے مراد ایک ایسا گھر ہے جہاں لیونگ روم، فیملی روم اور ڈائننگ روم کے درمیان کوئی پرت نہیں ہے اور عمومی طور پر اس جگہ کو مغربی زبان میں ’’گریٹ روم‘‘ بھی کہا جاتا ہے۔ مغرب میں اکثر فیملیز ایک بڑے ‘اوپن فلور’ پر مشتمل گھر کو پسند کرتی ہیں کیوںکہ وہ اس بات پر یقین رکھتی ہیں کہ مذکورہ طرز کے گھروں میں رہائش خاندانی نظام کی مربوطی کا باعث بنتی ہے۔


سلیج ہیمرکا شمار امریکا کے معروف ترین تزئین و آرائش کے کاروباری اداروں میں ہوتا ہے۔ اس ادارے نے ریکارڈ تعداد میں امریکی گھروں کی تعمیرنو کی ہے۔ سلیج ہیمر کے مطابق گزشتہ چند دہائیوں کے دوران کمپنی نے سب سے زیادہ گھروں کے جس حصے کی بحالیِ نو کی ہے وہ ان گھروں کا کچن ایریا ہے۔ اس عرصہ کے دوران انھوں نے گھروں کے مالکان اور تعمیراتی کمپنیوں کی فرمائش پر کئی علیحدہ سے موجود کچن درمیانی دیواروں کو نکال کر اوپن کانسیپٹ کچن میں تبدیل کیا ہے۔

ریاست ہائے متحدہ امریکہ کے دارالحکومت واشنگٹن ڈی سی میں تعمیراتی شعبے سے وابستہ آرکیٹیکٹ نکولس پوٹس کا کہنا ہے کہ اوپن کچن کانسیپٹ کے جہاں بہت سے سماجی فوائد ہیں وہیں اس جدید کانسیپٹ کی وجہ سے امور خانہ داری میں کئی مسائل نے بھی جنم لیا ہے۔ سب سے اہم مسئلہ صفائی کا درپیش رہنا ہے۔ اوپن کچن کانسیپٹ میں آپ کو گھر میں صفائی کا خاص خیال رکھنا پڑتا ہے۔ آپ استعمال کیے ہوئے برتنوں کو اسی حالت میں نہیں چھوڑ سکتے کیونکہ سب کی نظریں اس وقت تک اِن برتنوں پر رہتی ہیں جب تک انہیں صفائی کے ساتھ ان کی مقررہ جگہوں پر نہ رکھ دیا جائے۔

گزشتہ ایک سال کے دوران کوروناوائرس کی تباہ کاریوں کے باعث لاک ڈاؤن کے نفاذ کے دوران فیمیلز زیادہ تر وقت گھروں میں پر گزارنے پر مجبور رہیں۔ ماہرین کا خیال ہے کہ کورونا وباء سے پیدا ہونے والی صورتحال کے بعد فیمیلیز اپنے گھروں میں اوپن کانسیپٹ کو صحت کے امور سے منسلک کرتے ہوئے ایک نئے زاویے سے دیکھنے پر مجبور ہیں۔

کیا کورونا وَبا کے بعد اوپن کچن کانسیپٹ بدل رہا ہے؟

دنیا کے مختلف حصوں میں ابھی بھی کورونا وباء کے باعث زیادہ تر لوگ اپنے گھروں سے ہی دفتری اور کاروباری امور انجام دے رہے ہیں کیونکہ مذکورہ وباء سے بچاؤ کے لیے گھروں کو محفوظ پناہ گاہ قرار دیا جا چکا ہے۔

ریاست ہائے متحدہ امریکہ کی ایک خاتون کاروباری شخصیت اور نیویارک ڈیزائن اسٹوڈیوکی شریک بانی، کیرن ریچر کا کہنا ہے کہ وہ سمجھتی ہیں کہ یہ ضروری نہیں ہے کہ ہم دوبارہ سے مکمل طور پر علیحدہ  سے باورچی خانوں کی دنیا میں داخل ہوجائیں۔ ہاں! لیکن یہ ضرور ہے کہ اب لوگوں میں ’’گریٹ روم‘‘ کی خواہش میں ضرور کمی واقع ہو چکی ہو گی۔


ماہرین اوپن کچن کے بارے میں کیا رائےرکھتے ہیں؟

ایک اور انٹیریئر ڈیزائنر جانیکا کوسٹا اس بات سے اتفاق کرتی ہیں کہ کووِڈ-19 کے بعد سے لوگوں کو گھروں میں پرائیویسی درکار ہے۔ بہت سے لوگوں کو شور شرابے سے دور ذہنی سکون اور توجہ کے ساتھ کام کرنا پڑرہا ہے اور ایسے میں اوپن فلور کچن لوگوں کے لیے ابھی بھی ایک پسندیدہ آپشن ہے لیکن اس کانسیپٹ میں کچھ تبدیلیاں لانے کی ضرورت پیش آرہی ہے۔

کچھ اِنٹیریئر ڈیزائنرز کا ماننا ہے کہ اوپن فلورنگ کا کانسیپٹ ختم نہیں ہو سکتا  کیونکہ اب ہمارے رہن سہن کے انداز میں عالمی سطح پر بتدریج تبدیلی رونما ہو رہی ہے۔

ایک اور انٹیریئر ڈیزائنر ینگ ہو کہتے ہیں کہ جب اوپن فلور باورچی خانہ سے گھر کے افراد کو لگتا ہے کہ ہر وقت کچھ نہ کچھ کھاتے رہنا چاہیے۔ جس زمانے میں کوورڈ کچن ہوتے تھے اس وقت یہ ایک روایتی نظام تھا کہ پورے دن میں تین وقت ہی کھانا ہے۔ ان کے خیال میں اوپن فلور پلان ویکیشن ہوم کے زمرے میں آتا ہے جہاں فیملیز کے تمام افراد کو ایک ساتھ وقت گزارنا اور تفریح کا موقع ملتا ہے۔


Check Out the Latest Petrol Prices in Pakistan

In This Post:
Lowest Petroleum Prices in the Region
Latest Petrol Price in Pakistan
Latest CNG Price in Pakistan
History of Petroleum Prices
Who Regulates Petrol Prices in Pakistan?

Petroleum prices in a particular country or region are affected by a lot of factors. The cost of crude oil (the natural source of all petroleum by-products), refining, distribution and marketing costs, profits, and fuel taxes are some of the noteworthy factors.

Depending on the financial capacities of their respective economies, governments, especially in developing countries like ours, also subsidize fuel prices to ease up the financial burden on the general public. 

In Pakistan, the federal government grants millions of rupees as subsidies to maintain fuel prices and provide relief to the common man. However, the country still lacks a consistent policy for the provision of fuel subsidies. 

Asian countries like China, India, Bangladesh, Indonesia, and Malaysia have proper subsidy tools and management systems. Some of these countries even include fuel subsidies in their annual financial budgets, which our country should also do. 

Petroleum Prices in Pakistan Are the Lowest in the Region!

However, when it comes to petroleum prices, Pakistan takes the lead among many countries in Asia. According to a recent report by Radio Pakistan, our country has the lowest petroleum prices in the region. Fuels prices in India, Sri Lanka, Bangladesh, and Nepal are comparatively higher. 

When it comes to petroleum prices, Pakistan takes the lead among many countries in Asia

The Latest Petrol Price in Pakistan for June 2021

Now, let’s take a look at the latest fuel prices in Pakistan. The chart below shows you the updated prices of the most frequently used petroleum by-products including petrol, diesel, light diesel, and kerosene oil.

Fuel Type Fuel Price For June 2021 Fluctuations Fuel Price For May 2021
Petrol PKR 110.69 increased by PKR 2.13 PKR 108.56
Diesel PKR 112.55 increased by PKR 1.79 PKR 110.76
Light Diesel PKR 77.65 increased by PKR 2.03 PKR 77.65
Kerosene Oil PKR 81.89 increased by PKR 1.89 PKR 80

The Latest CNG Price in Pakistan for June 2021

Compressed Natural Gas (CNG) is another highly popular fuel that powers vehicles in our country. Pakistan has been divided into two regions for CNG supply: Region I (Khyber Pakhtunkhwa, Balochistan, Potohar region including Islamabad, Rawalpindi, and Gujar Khan) and Region II (Sindh and lowlands of Punjab). 

Prices of natural gas fuel may vary from region to region. For your reference, the latest CNG rates in Pakistan in both of these regions have been shared below. Take a look!

  • CNG Price in Pakistan for June 2021 (Region I): PKR 81.8 per KG
  • CNG Price in Pakistan for June 2021 (Region II): PKR 81.8 per KG

A Quick History of Petrol Prices in Pakistan

The coronavirus pandemic had a very negative impact on the global petroleum industry. The demand for fuel all over the world dropped significantly and left the oil and gas industry oversupplied. Fuel consumption in Pakistan also declined by 11% during the June-July fiscal year 2019-2020 as strict lockdowns were imposed and the fear of catching COVID-19 kept most of the people indoors.

Different types of work-from-home policies were announced by the corporate sector. Petroleum products in Pakistan were down to the lowest prices of the last 10 to 12 years. In June 2020, the price of petrol in the country reached a record low of PKR 74.52 per litre. Also, due to strict lockdown measures, some regions of the country also started reporting fuel crises. 

Fortunately, these crises were short-lived. In the latter half of 2020, the number of coronavirus cases went down and the government shifted its focus from strict lockdowns measures to smart and more sustainable lockdown policies. Observing COVID-19 SOPs, large-scale industries and business enterprises were allowed to resume their operations. And by the end of June 2020, the petrol price in Pakistan increased by PKR 25.58, which took its cost up to PKR 100.10 litre.

Consequences are more or less the same for other countries as well. Since the demand for fuel is again on the rise, petroleum prices are expected to go further up in the coming months. As mentioned in the table above, the petrol price in Pakistan for June 2021 is PKR 110.69. The updated fuel price is effective from June 16, 2021. Keep checking back for the latest developments.

Now, you may be wondering which authority is responsible for regulating the oil and gas sector in Pakistan and suggesting the prices of petroleum products? Well, the next section of our blog has the answer you’re looking for. 

Which Authority Regulates the Oil and Gas Sector in Pakistan?

more about OGRA
Oil and Gas Regulatory Authority (OGRA) regulates the fuel sector in the country

Founded in 2002 by the Government of Pakistan, the Oil and Gas Regulatory Authority (OGRA) is responsible for regulating the fuel sector in the country. Based on the demand and supply and usage of many other key resources, OGRA makes a comprehensive summary to suggest changes in the fuel prices in Pakistan. 

This summary can only be implemented if approved by the Prime Minister of Pakistan otherwise it is rejected and the prices remain unchanged. Negotiations between the government and OGRA are also a very important part of the process of finalizing prices.

Now that we have discussed all the key information about the petrol prices in Pakistan and the key factors that cause them to fluctuate after every month or two, it’s time for us to wrap up. If you have any questions or feedback related to our blog, drop us an email at

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This Summer, Beat the Heat at Paradise Island Water Park!

In This Post:
Features of Paradise Island Water Park
Timings and Ticket Price
Location of Paradise Island Water Park

(UPDATE: June 11, 2021): Paradise Island Water Park has reopened. According to the water park’s official Facebook page, the popular recreation spot on June 8. The management issued the following guidelines for visitors, in light of the Covid-19 pandemic:

  • No entry without mask
  • Keep social distance

Nothing beats the heat than a refreshing dip in the icy cool waters of a water park. While there are many water parks in Karachi, Paradise Island Water Park is a one-of-its-kind action-packed theme park. It features water sports, plummeting slides, relaxing wave pool and the first-ever aqua disc in Pakistan. Read this blog till the end as we will be covering every detail of this fun-filled recreational spot so that you don’t miss out on anything when you visit the Paradise Island Water Park this summer season.

Features of Paradise Island Water Park

Check out the features of Paradise Island Water Park Credit: FB/Paradise Island Water Park
  • Thrilling water slides
  • Hurricane wave pool
  • Fun-filled rain dance experience
  • Birthday/wedding events
  • School picnics and corporate events

Let us discuss the unique features of Paradise Island Water Park in more detail.

Thrilling water slides

If you are planning to take your family out on a picnic, then consider visiting Paradise Island Water Park. A perfect weekend getaway, it offers something for every member of the family.  The water park is home to around 22 thrilling water slides that will make your heart beat louder.

There are 8 water slides exclusively meant for small children, providing the ultimate family picnic experience. After enjoying the water slides, you can head straight to the hurricane wave pool, which is a crowd favourite!

Hurricane wave pool

If you don’t like to surf in the polluted waters of the sea, then splash away your worries at the Hurricane Wave Pool at Paradise Water Park. The small waves bobbing up and down the pool give an almost realistic ‘swimming in the sea’ experience.

The best part is you don’t have the risk of getting yourself drowned even if you don’t know swimming. The Wave Pool has a certain depth which you can determine beforehand. Children and grownups all can enjoy the rising tide and waves together.

Fun-filled rain dance experience

Paradise Island Water Park is considered one of the best places to organise any event or a special occasion in Karachi. The aqua disc in the centre of the park is a unique feature and is believed to be the first-ever of its kind.

You can walk inside the disc, which has special disco lights to create the perfect ambiance for a dance party. It is well-equipped to host a musical event for any special occasion. Family members and friends can dance to the tune of their favourite song and make the event even more memorable.

Birthday/wedding events

Besides being an adventurous action-packed theme park, Paradise Water Park is well-suited to host large events such as weddings and birthday parties. It covers a huge area of land and therefore can hold a large number of people – perfect for an extended family get together, large scale wedding events or memorable birthday parties.

School picnics and corporate events

The best part about Paradise Water Park is that it offers special discounts for school and college students. Schools can book a trip in advance and the water park will be reserved for the school students. A van can be hired to take you to the picnic spot.

For corporate events, there is a special discount offer that you can avail. Official picnic and annual dinner can also be organized at the water park. Make sure to book your slot beforehand to avoid any inconvenience. Check out the timings and ticket prices of Paradise Island Water Park. Please note that if you book the water park for any event or for an entire day, the prices will be different and can be negotiated.

Timings and Ticket Price of Paradise Island Water Park

The timings of the Paradise Island Water Park are as follows:

  • Monday – Friday 10 AM to 5 PM
  • Sunday is a family day
  • The ticket price for children and adults is PKR 800
  • Entry ticket is absolutely free for children below 2 years

Where is it Located?

timings and ticket price of paradise island water park
Check out the timings and ticket price of Paradise Island Water Park Credit: FB/Paradise Island Water Park

Paradise Island Water Park is located an hour’s drive from Jinnah International Airport, only 3 km before Gharo on the Main National Highway Road, Thatta. It is situated at 1 hour and 20 minutes’ drive from the most popular suburban neighbourhood – Gulshan-e-Maymar. Homebuyers who are searching for a peaceful locality away from the hustle and bustle of the main city, can choose from a vast variety of properties available for sale in Gulshan-e-Maymar

If you want more information about how to book Paradise Island Water Park for a corporate event or a birthday party, then visit their head office on Shaheed-e-Millat Road.

Head Office

D-6, Al Hamrah Centre, Shaheed-e-Millat Road, Main Shahrah-e-Faisal

Tel: 021-34320571-72

Mobile Number: 0301-3315186, 0331-2080123

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So, what are you waiting for? Book a trip to Paradise Island Water Park with your family and friends and make your birthday or special occasion memorable. The water park is constantly being upgraded to provide better facilities to picnickers and holidaymakers. 

If you happen to visit Lahore and want a similar experience, then visit Sozo Water Park, which is well-equipped with modern facilities and is quite popular among Lahoris. We have also short-listed some of the best water parks in Karachi for your convenience. Don’t forget to write to us at and we will surely get back to you. Subscribe to the Zameen Newsletter appearing on the right hand side of the page. Stay tuned to the best real estate blog in Pakistan.

Investment Prospects of Business Hub, DHA Multan

Business Hub’s Iconic Location
Excellent Investment Opportunity
Properties in Business Hub
Business Hub’s Investment Prospects
Book Your Unit Now

With development activities at full throttle, DHA Multan has become the fastest developing DHA project across Pakistan. This has significantly benefited the city’s real estate market, which is now the epicentre of large-scale property developments in South Punjab.

Investors from Pakistan and overseas are eyeing DHA Multan’s progress — and for good reason. This housing scheme is about to get the most advanced mixed-use project ever built in this city i.e. ‘Business Hub’. The project is the brainchild of Bodla Builders. Ever since its launch, Business Hub has become one of the most anticipated real estate developments in the city. 

As the name suggests, the project is envisioned to become DHA Multan’s iconic corporate hub, mostly because of its stellar location and extraordinary features. These factors have also left a very positive influence on the investment prospects of Business Hub, making it the right project for you to invest in to potentially turn your business into a big success.

The Success of Business Hub Revolves Around Its Outstanding Location

Yes, it is true. Business Hub is the most well-located mixed-use project in all of DHA Multan. It is being constructed right next to the DHA Multan’s main office in Sector K. Owing to its central location, it enjoys seamless connectivity to almost every major landmark and facility nearby including the Institute of Southern Punjab and Bahauddin Zakariya University. Best of all, the project is only around a 15-16 minutes drive from the main city as well as the airport.

An Opportunity to Transform Your Business into a Successful Venture

Why is Business Hub unlike any other investment opportunity in the city, especially for real estate and construction industry professionals? The biggest reason behind its popularity among real estate dealers, investors, and builders is its proximity to DHA Multan’s main office. Business Hub’s location is indeed the best spot to set up a real estate and/or construction business right within the heart of DHA Multan. 

Real estate agents and builders active in DHA Multan are aware of the fact that having their business set up in close proximity to the authority’s main office guarantees them a higher number of walk-in customers. It is worth mentioning that construction activity is picking up pace in DHA Multan sectors where possession has already been granted

At the same time more and more real estate agents and builders are keen on capitalising on the existing demand for plots and ready-to-move-in houses in DHA Multan. All of this is only bound to increase further in the coming years, making now the perfect time to book an office and/or a showroom in Business Hub. It is also one of the biggest reasons why property units in Business Hub are selling out fast and most of them are now owned by property dealers and businesses related to the construction sector. 

This Grand Real Estate Project Has Something For Everyone

Depending on the nature and requirements of your business activities, you can easily choose among the different investment options available in the project. They include corporate units and commercial outlets, which are also based on showrooms with highly attractive layouts. 

Well-designed properties in Business Hub can make your business excellently visible, helping it receive more footfall. Since it is a mixed-use project, the five-storey-tall building of Business Hub also features residential units that are available in the form of 1-, 2- and 3-bedroom apartments. For more details about the amenities and features of this up-and-coming project, click on the highlighted text.

Investment Prospects of Business Hub in a Nutshell

The development in DHA Multan is now aggressively progressing. The project is rightfully treated as a much-anticipated addition to the society. The roaring success of Business Hub has made it a jewel in the crown of DHA Multan’s real estate market. 

The project’s mixed-use nature makes it an open-to-all opportunity, which means all types of commercial and corporate businesses can invest in Business Hub and become a part of this emerging business community. 

According to the latest updates, Business Hub is due to be completed by 2023. This means you don’t have to wait too long for the project’s completion. Another big convenience for the investors of this brilliantly packaged real estate project is the availability of payment plans with easy monthly instalments.

Want to Book a Unit in Business Hub, DHA Multan? It’s Easy!

If you are willing to invest in Business Hub and are eager to learn more about this unique investment opportunity, then simply fill out the form attached to this blog. One of our representatives will get in touch with you right away to help you out with your queries. You can find that form on the top-right corner of your desktop screen and at the bottom of this blog in mobile view.

You can also email us at and ask anything about the aforementioned investment prospects of Business Hub in DHA Multan. We will try our best to respond to your emails as soon as possible.

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Best Hotels Near Karachi Cantt Railway Station

Hotel Excelsior Karachi
Hotel Crown Inn
Orchards Cottage Hotel
Hotel Mehran
Hotel Seaview

Are you visiting the City of Lights – Karachi – but don’t have a place to stay? This guide is about the best hotels near Karachi Cantt Railway Station will help you in choosing a place for a stay that is comfortable and close to a commercial area.

Best Hotels Near Karachi Cantt Railway Station

Karachi is the biggest city in Pakistan in terms of both land and population. The city was also the first capital city of Pakistan for some years after the independence but it was later changed to Islamabad. There are a lot of places to visit with family in Karachi such as Mazar-e-Quaid, Pakistan Airforce Museum, Sea View beach and many other places.

free car parking space in hotels
Some hotels also have free car parking space

Since Karachi is spread over a vast area, if you don’t have your own conveyance, choosing a central place will be advisable so that you don’t have to spend a lot on commute. So, here is a list of hotels that are centrally located, have facilities and are comfortable for a night stay if you are travelling via railways or have business near Cantt Railway Station in Karachi.

  • Hotel Excelsior Karachi
  • Hotel Crown inn
  • Orchards Cottage Hotel (Clifton)
  • Hotel Mehran
  • Hotel Seaview

Hotel Excelsior Karachi

Located on Sarwar Shaheed Road in Saddar Karachi, Hotel Excelsior Karachi is only two kilometres away from Karachi Cantt Railway Station. You can easily find a cab or an auto-rickshaw outside the railway station to reach the hotel. While Hotel Excelsior offers all the basic facilities such as WiFi, TV with cable channels, and room service, it also has paid airport shuttle service that guests can use.


  • Free WiFi
  • Paid airport shuttle service
  • Non-smoking and family rooms
  • Continental breakfast
  • Restaurant

Types of Rooms

  • Deluxe Room
  • Deluxe Twin Room
  • Executive Twin Room
  • Superior Double or Twin Room
  • Deluxe Single Room
  • Executive Single Room

Price Range

Starting from PKR 7,000 per night


Sarwar Shaheed Road, Saddar Town, 75600 Karachi, Pakistan

Contact Number

(021) 35631751

Hotel Crown Inn

Hotel Crown Inn is located only three kilometres away from the Cantt Railway Station and you can even walk there if you don’t have heavy luggage and the weather is pleasant. If you have a fitness routine and you don’t want to compromise it even for a single day, the hotel has a fitness centre that you can use.


  • Seating area (only in selective rooms)
  • ATM machine
  • On-site restaurant
  • Gift shop
  • Rental car service
  • Free parking area
  • Fitness centre

Types Of Rooms

  • Master Room
  • Deluxe Twin Room
  • Deluxe Double Room
  • Executive Double Room
  • Executive Twin Room

Price range

Starting from PKR 5,200 per night


Plot no 171 Frere Road Saddar Karachi Next To Passport Office, Saddar Town, Karachi

Contact Number

(021) 35622002

Orchards Cottage Hotel (Clifton)

Visiting Karachi on a family vacation and looking for a place where you can find facilities and the comfort of your own house? Orchards Cottage Hotel offers accommodation with a terrace and kitchenette where you can cook your own food. It also has an option for continental and buffet breakfast and rooms with garden and ocean view.


  • Garden and ocean-facing rooms
  • Rooms with kitchenettes
  • Paid airport shuttle service
  • Currency exchange facility

Types Of Rooms

  • Standard Double Room
  • Standard Twin Room
  • Deluxe Twin Room
  • Executive Room
  • Superior VIP Room
  • Two-Bedroom Chalet

Price Range

Starting from PKR 7,882 per night


C-13 Block-4 Clifton near Chinese Consulate Opposite Hyperstar Dolmen Mall Clifton Karachi

Contact Number

0322 2372247

Hotel Mehran

hotels on shahra-e-faisal
Hotel Mehran is located on Shahra-e-Faisal

Looking for a place near Cantt railway Station that is also accessible to major parts of the city such as Clifton, DHA Karachi and Saddar among others? Hotel Mehran on Shahra-e-Faisal is one of the biggest hotels in Karachi that is centrally located and has rooms furnished with quality furniture. If you have something which you need to put in a safe, some rooms at Hotel Mehran also come with a safe which you can ask about at the front desk while booking yourself a room.


  • Fitness centre
  • On-site restaurant
  • 24-hour room service
  • Free private parking space
  • Paid airport shuttle
  • Continental and à la carte breakfast
  • On-site ATM machine

Types Of Rooms

  • Deluxe Twin Room
  • Superior Queen Room
  • Superior Double Room
  • Deluxe Single Room

Price Range

Starting from PKR 6,999 per night


Shahrah-e-Faisal Road, 75530 Karachi, Pakistan

Contact Number

(021) 111 909 909

Hotel Seaview

Hotel Seaview is located in Clifton near Sea View Karachi and has affordable prices for rooms per night. So, if you are travelling on a budget, this is one of the economical options that you can look into.


  • Beach view rooms
  • Business centre
  • Newspaper, fax machine, photocopier
  • Fitness centre
  • Free parking
  • Shared kitchen
  • Airport shuttle
  • ATM machine

Types of Rooms

  • Deluxe Single Room
  • Deluxe Twin Room
  • Deluxe Queen Suite

Price Range

Starting from PKR 3,780 per night


M_3 Samrina Beach Building OPP HyperStar Dolmen Mall Clifton Block-4 Karachi

Contact number

0342 3133133

So, these are some of the hotels located in the close vicinity of Karachi Cantt Railway Station. Meanwhile, you can also read about our guide on hotels to stay near Lahore Railway Station and the best luxury hotels in Karachi.

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Low-cost Houses for Sale in Lahore

Expected Size of Low-cost Houses in Lahore
Areas to Search for Low-priced Houses in Lahore
City’s First-ever Project With Affordable Townhouses

The city of Lahore is Pakistan’s second-most populous metropolis as well as Punjab’s biggest economic hubs. Like other major cities, the demand for housing units in Lahore has also skyrocketed in recent years. This has caused its real estate market to grow exponentially, triggering a significant uptick in property prices.

Owing to the rapidly increasing real estate value, homebuyers in the city have now been left with limited choices, especially the ones who are looking for low-cost investment. So, if you are also searching for affordable housing units in the City of Gardens, but don’t know how and where to look for them, fret not, we’ve got you covered. In this blog, we have put together all the key tips to look for affordable houses for sale in Lahore.

Now, without further ado, let’s start with our home hunting!

How to Hunt for Low-cost Houses for Sale in Lahore

Here are some very important things to remember while looking for low-priced houses for sale in Lahore.

What Property Size Should You Be Looking for?

Expected Size of Low-cost Houses in Lahore
Up to 5 marla residential units in the city usually come with low price tags

As discussed, property prices in Lahore have gone sky-high in recent years, which means, if you are looking for affordable houses in the city, you need to be very specific about the size of the unit you want to invest in. 

As per the listings on, you can find up to 5 marla residential units that usually come with low price tags and are available in different parts of the city. Anything larger than that could go out of your budget and if you are lucky enough to find one, it may not be available in a very good condition. 

Even if you have purchased a small house, you can make some structural changes to it to add some more living space, however, it depends on the society you live in. Some societies in Lahore allow you to construct multiple upper stories on a ground floor. 

Even to buy a low-priced house in Lahore, you need to have at least a budget of PKR 50 lakh, if you want to explore some decent and well-constructed property options.

Where to Search for Low-priced Houses for Sale in Lahore?

Due to the fact that the population of Lahore has dramatically swelled over the past few decades, the demand for housing units in the city has reached an all-time high in recent years. Properties in some of the key and central areas of the metropolis are now more expensive than ever.

Also, there is a shortage of land resources for new developments as the city’s main areas are already overcrowded, which is why the real estate prices of the available properties are sky-high. However, if you move away from the main city, you can spot plenty of empty lands, which are now being converted into new residential developments and ultramodern gated housing schemes.

So, if you are looking for an affordable house for sale in Lahore, you should definitely check out the surrounding areas of Ferozpur Road, Raiwind Road, and Bedian Road. These are some of the most important arteries running through the metropolitan area. They connect central Lahore with its suburbs. 

According to property listings on, Lahore Motorway City, Eden Garden, and SJ Garden are among many other suburban developments in Lahore where you can find well-maintained and nice-looking residential units within a limited budget. 

Despite a price tag of PKR 50 lakh or even less, a majority of properties in these areas are also available on instalment. Plus, you can get possession of these properties after paying 50-70% of the total price as the down payment, while the remaining amount can be paid as easy monthly instalments.

Note: Don’t forget to browse the listings of low-cost houses for sale in Lahore on to fetch all the relevant details about the available property options.

Lahore’s First-ever Housing Project With Affordable Townhouses

properties in icon valley phase 2
Townhouses in Icon Valley Phase 2 are receiving an overwhelming response from investors

For the very first time in the history of Lahore, Icon Valley Phase 2, which is another noteworthy property development by Icon Valley Developers, is introducing the concept of affordable townhouses. 

With state-of-the-art design and facilities, these townhouses are going to be a part of a well-developed neighbourhood. This means residents of the society will enjoy nearby access to every necessary amenity to cater to their day-to-day lifestyle needs. If you are interested in learning more about the affordable townhouses of Icon Valley Phase 2, you can check out our detailed property guide on them.

Not to mention, this up-and-coming property development is taking place in the immediate vicinity of Raiwind Road. Having direct access to this major artery means you can enjoy hassle-free commutes to the city centre and other major areas in Lahore. 

Despite offering the best possible property features, townhouses in Icon Valley Phase 2 are surprisingly affordable. For someone looking for low-priced houses for sale in Lahore, investing in one of these townhouses will ideally be the best option.  

Even if you compare their prices to residential units of the same size and type available in other similar property developments in the suburbs of the city, you can easily figure out that townhouses in Icon Valley Phase II have a much more affordable price tag. 

Well, that’s not it, these townhouses are also offered with easy instalment plans that span 4 to 5 years. It has been designed as per your convenience, allowing you to get possession of your new home within a couple of years, after which you can conveniently pay the rest of the amount as easy, evenly spread monthly instalments.

So, if you have already made up your mind to buy a townhouse in Icon Valley Phase II, you need to make your move now. These units are a part of one of Lahore’s most successful projects ever and they are selling out fast. Fill out the form attached to this blog with your basic contact information and one of our representatives will get back to you as soon as possible.

If you have any questions about the aforementioned low-cost investment opportunities available in Lahore or want to share your feedback, please email us at We’d be more than happy to assist you with your concerns.

On a side note, if you are looking for an affordable investment opportunity in Pakistan’s largest city, don’t forget to check out our detailed blog on low-priced houses for sale in Karachi.

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