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Welcome to Ahmed Construction Company – your partner for innovative and high-quality construction. From residential to commercial projects, we turn dreams into reality with precision and reliability. Building a future of excellence, one project at a time.

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Best Builders in DHA and Bahire Town Lahore

Construction is not all about just making a building and move on to the next one, In our opinion, it’s about the elegance and firm foundation in any scale of business or residential plan.

ACCO Builders are founded to deliver top-tier designs, constructions, and state of art to their consumers. We at ACCO provide every single service from scratch to inauguration and from planning to investment.

Since Lahore is one of the most captivating and eye-catching provinces all around the world, So living in Lahore is always been everyone’s dream. Living in Bahria Town zones is even more wanted by anyone because of its delightful settlements and housing schemes.

Every house and every building in Bahria Town Lahore are constructed following western standards, it simply has idealized the lifestyle there.

ACCO Builders are well aware of the construction standards and elevated lifestyle in Bahria Town Islamabad, so bin the list of best construction companies in Lahore, ACCO Builders secured a sweet spot in the journey of 17 years of satisfying services.

ACCO Builders delivers Pinnacle of Esthetic Construction

As the best house builders in Lahore,  specialized in interior and exterior designs are our services are described in the following:


ACCO is a group of not only builders but also planners and design instructors. We consult our clients about the rightest choice of the trend and the time being. We provide online and physical meeting facilities to let the client share his plan and we rectify the confusion and impose new ideas to select from.

Real Estate dealership

Apart from construction, ACCO Builders also deal with real estate services. Buying and selling of lands are done under legal procedure. We ensure undisputed deals at our and buyer’s ends.

All the documentation will be authorized and approved by the metropolitan board. So there will remain no chance of inconvenience in the future.


Before we go into action, we make a strategy, directions, and decisions to allocate our resources and then we pursue the goal of making something great.

Planning a build is all about ethical possibilities and serious behavior and the firm decision is based on sheer determination. It includes taking care of the environment we are working in.

We proceed while considering all the blueprints and legalize rules of construction so it may not impose any lawsuit on the proprietor. ACCO takes all the responsibility to involve fewer flaws and meet the deadline markups.


ACCO is mainly an architecture company that provides unmatched interior and exterior designs which are quite notable in commercial areas like there are many made by the best house construction companies in Lahore Islamabad.

We deal with attractive and captivating designs. ACCO ARK, Lake Vista, Liberty Tower, and ACCO Heights are our pinnacle of luxury exterior designs. These are long-standing signs of our success in the heart of the main capital of Pakistan.

In the region of (Lahore and Islamabad) ACCO Builders have been involved in mega projects across these cities. Bahria Town is one of the major areas of focus for ACCO Builders because of its popularity and preference across the country.


The exterior is part of our architectural expertise. We also provide top-notch interior designs. We bring ambiance and aesthetics to each of every room.

ACCO Builders group consists of various departments of specialized expertise in many departments. Perhaps in the planning phase, each and every detail is considered and left with no compromise.

We got a team of the best house builders in Lahore who is trained to carve each and every element precisely. If you want an office settlement in Lahore Bahria Town we got you covered with all our expertise gathered.

Why ACCO Builders is the Best Construction Company in DHA,Bahria Town ,Lahore Pakistan?

ACCO has been founded 17 years back and leading in world-class elegance and proving the elevation of lifestyle. Taking care of this job, ACCO has classified and dominated in the following factors.

Firming the pillars

Any settlement or estate can be big and small over the factor that what an individual can invest to scale, be ACCO Builders always think one step ahead to it and make it all steady and strong.

Because we cannot risk a lumpish thought to get over a mega project’s foundation. Selecting the best material is the key to go through this assessment and let the long-lasting build define its creator.

ACCO Builders is a so far renowned best construction company in DHA, Bahria Town Lahore for our strong standing sky-high successful building contracts. All the technology we use at ACCO is only to envision the real state solutions to be delivered with grace.

All the strength we put in is to evolve the real estate solution worldwide.

Defining the places of elements

Our team is well aware of the factor that which prop, element, and ambiance belong to which environment. We got everything covered from ground covering to the screening of the site premises.

Each and every element will belong to its purpose and public application. For example, top construction companies in Lahore place markers and prints to guide the visitors.

Or any professional construction company would do to attract the attention of visitors and regulate the etiquette.

Delightful and cheerful Furniture

We don’t compromise in furnishing the site. Each and every prop is put to serve the purpose of comfort and to boost the psycho-social factor.

For the office environment, we select the best ergonomic furniture so it will be a benefit for your health and keep you going for a long sitting duration while in a good posture.

All the furniture we choose is to envision the capabilities of real state solutions worldwide.

Room influences on humans

We at ACCO believe that the environment influences human productivity and mood, and it is considered the basic foundation of elegance that we are eager to deliver wherever we are needed to take care of something big and small.

The architect of the room exclusively interacts with people who are living in it. Not only the plain walls are enough for long living.

We don’t only mean the indoor we are describing, but also the outdoor settlements from props to each curve of the artifact.

Elegance is the key to get inspired in the world we are living in, and we shape it right up for you.

The team at ACCO Builders is well trained and educated. We strictly follow the legal instructions given by the government of Pakistan.

We prohibit any illegal move and work while making a safe environment for the neighboring settlements and sites.

All the zones are reserved and marked hazardous for the public to pass by. Safety is our top priority.

Secure and Beneficial Investment

ACCO Builders also provide financial services like investing in the mega project. We offer high returns with mere investments in various successful mega projects.

Even if you are not well aware of the best investment chances, walk into ACCO Builders and we’ll guide you with the best options available.

We are in a long-term relationship with our trusted investors and we are growing up to emergence with them with the pasture of time till now.

National and International Services

Trust is the key to unlock doors of opportunities in the home country and also on the international level.

ACCO Builders has been involved in many projects that inspire every national and international audience. It is the main reason we can scale our business and span it from Pakistan to other countries.

Our long term relationship with happy clients are the main support we gained over long term experience, and we are looking to carry out with more opportunities and chance to work with leading organizations so we may grow together.


Do ACCO Builders operate in Bahria Town Karachi?

Our main territories are currently Lahore, Karachi, and Islamabad/Rawalpindi Bahria Town.

Can we invest with ACCO Builders while living outside of Pakistan?

Yes, we also deal with international level investors and provide them consultancy.

Why we should trust ACCO Builders for investment?

ACCO Builders is a leading group of construction as well as finance. We can be trusted because are authorized as one of the top construction companies in Lahore Islamabad Pakistan.

Do ACCO Builders deal in outdoor designing?

ACCO Builders are specialized in outdoor ground coverage to landscape screening. Our mega projects like Zem Heights have all the outdoor charm lead by ACCO Builders.

Why is Bahria Town Lahroe is an enticing place to live in?

Bahria Town Lahore has all the relief and is situated away from the hustle and noisy regions of Lahore

You can avail of rich green settlements, broad roads, decorated boulevards, supermarkets, cinemas, colleges, schools, hospitals, and universities under highly active management.

This is the main reason we are specially working beside Bahria Town Islamabad so we can define our company as the best construction company in Bahria Town with our suitable services.

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