Best Areas for Property Investment in DHA Karachi

DHA Phase 8
DHA Phase 6
DHA Phase 5
DHA Phase 7 & 7 Ext.
DHA Phase 4
DHA Phase 2
Best Commercial Project in DHA Karachi

The upscale real estate project of DHA Karachi is based on seven phases (Phase 1, 2, and 4 till 8). It falls under the jurisdiction of Clifton Cantonment, Karachi, which is why the neighbourhood is jointly managed by the Defence Housing Authority (DHA) and Cantonment Board Clifton (CBC). The locality of DHA, Karachi, has always been a popular choice among property investors in the city, which is why it has also emerged as one of the top areas for property investment in Karachi in the first quarter of 2021.

The real estate of Defence, Karachi, is based on a plethora of property investment options located in all of its phases, which often leaves investors overwhelmed with choices. So, if you are also looking to invest in this posh residential community of Karachi, then you have made it to the right post. In this blog, we are going to list down and discuss the six most popular phases for property investment in DHA Karachi, as of June 2021.

Top Areas for Property Investment in DHA Karachi

Top Areas for Property Investment in DHA Karachi
Best Areas to Buy Property in DHA Karachi

Connected with a robust network of roads, here are some of the best areas to buy property in DHA Karachi as per the latest data fetched from’s search trends.

  • Phase 8
  • Phase 6
  • Phase 5
  • Phase 7 & 7 Ext.
  • Phase 4
  • Phase 2

DHA Phase 8

do darya offers panoramic views of the Arabian Sea
A scenic view of the sea surrounding the area of Do Darya in DHA Phase 8

Since Phase 8 is the newest development in all of DHA Karachi, it has become quite popular among investors and genuine buyers alike in recent years. According to’s search trends recorded up till June 2021, it has emerged as the most popular phase in DHA Karachi and for good reason.

Development of many high-end projects is underway in the vicinity of Phase 8. Plus it offers all the key facilities to its residents. Since it is a bit separated from all the other phases of the neighbourhood, it offers more peaceful and secure surroundings. 

There are a few public transportation routes that cover some parts of the DHA Phase 8, but majorly it is a car-centric neighbourhood housing. The very famous nightspot of Do Darya Karachi is also located in DHA Phase 8. There are a variety of plots available for sale in DHA Phase 8. Most of them are sea-facing properties, which even have a higher price range. 

You need to have at least a budget of over PKR 1.5 crore or more if you want to own a decent flat in DHA Phase 8. Whereas, plots and houses in the area can cost you even more. The prices of these properties are around PKR 8-40 crore on average. If you are interested in investing and learning more about this posh locality, read our detailed area guide on DHA Phase 8, Karachi

DHA Phase 6

Bukhari park is one of the most prominent facilities of living in Bukhari commercial
You can spend a peaceful family day out at Bukhari Park in the vicinity (Credits: Facebook/Bukhari Park)

When compared to other subdistricts of DHA Karachi, Phase 6 is another newer development. Phase 8 and Phase 6 of Defence are separated by a single road “Khayaban-e-Ittihad”, which is one of the most important and busiest arteries of the neighbourhood. 

Home to some of the most popular commercial areas in DHA Karachi including Bukhari Commercial and Shahbaz Commercial, Phase 6 is much louder and busier than Phase 8. You can find many popular outdoor tea cafes and other eateries in the area, where people usually sit till late in the evening and indulge in long chit-chats.

Apart from commercial districts, residential areas of Phase 6 are comparatively quieter and much more serene. Since it is the second-most popular area for real estate investment in DHA Karachi, properties also have high rates. 

It is important to mention here that Phase 6’s Chota Bukhari Commercial is popular for hosting studio flats. These flats can be bought within a budget of PKR 1 crore. Spanning just under 500 sq ft, these properties are very small in size, which is the main reason why they are less expensive.

On the other hand, a normal 800-1000 sq ft 2-bedroom flat can cost you at least PKR 1 crore or even more, depending on the condition and age of the building. Plots and houses for sale in the area have more or less the same rates as the ones available in DHA Phase 8, costing around 6 crore to 40 crore on average.

DHA Phase 5

Living Facilities in Zamzama Commercial
Zamzama Commercial in Phase 5 is equipped with all necessary living facilities and neighbourhood amenities

Now, Phase 5 is the subdistrict of DHA Karachi that enjoys more commercial significance than being a residential neighbourhood. The very famous 26th street and Saba Avenue run through the neighbourhood of Phase 5 connecting in with different phases of DHA and key areas of the city. 

These roads are also famous for having different commercial and business hotspots, which naturally make them more crowded and noisy places than other parts of the neighbourhood. The best part about living in DHA Phase 5 is that you’ll always be a few-minute drive away from the very famous Sea View Beach. Also, the very popular Zamzama Commercial Area, Khadda Market, and Badar Commercial Area are all located in DHA Phase 5.

The rates of properties in DHA Phase 5 are a bit lower than Phase 6 and Phase 8 as it is an older and much more commercially active neighbourhood, a thing that is not usually preferred by a majority of residents of Defence. 

A newly-built 2-bedroom flat spanning 1000 sq ft in most probably Badar and Tauheed Commercial areas of DHA Phase 5 can be easily bought within the range of PKR 1 crore. Likewise, investing in plots and homes in Phase 5 may also cost you a little less than newer developments in DHA Karachi, with average rates of around PKR 4 to 30 crores. For more details on the area of DHA Phase 5, read our detailed guide on it.

DHA Phase 7 and Phase 7 Ext.

more about DHA Phase 7 and Phase 7 extension karachi
DHA Phase 7 and Phase 7 Ext. are famous for affordable properties

As the name implies, DHA Phase 7 and 7 Extension are located adjacent to each other. They share almost the same vicinity. DHA Phase 7 Ext. is a mostly commercial area, situated opposite to DHA Phase 2 Extension. Both of these phases are not much developed and still have a lot of vacant land for residential, commercial, and multipurpose investments.

This is one of the main reasons why DHA Phase 7 and 7 Ext. are among the top areas for property investment in Karachi, according to’s search trends. Despite being a newly-developed neighbourhood, investing in DHA Phase 7 and 7 Ext. is surprisingly affordable. It is mainly because of the neighbourhood’s close proximity to the area of Qayyumabad, which is basically a squatter settlement.

Also, the infrastructure in the area isn’t as well maintained as other phases of DHA Karachi. You can easily find a newly-built 2 bedroom flat spanning 500 sq ft within the budget of PKR 50 lakh. On the other hand, the price range of plots and houses for sale in DHA Phase 7 and 7 Ext. is between PKR 4 crore and PKR 25 crore on average. Don’t forget to check out our area guide on DHA Phase 7 if you want to learn more about its vicinity and nearby road links.

DHA Phase 4

Nisar Shaheed Park in DHA Phase 4
Nisar Shaheed Park enjoys an easily accessible location in DHA Phase 4 (Credits: Facebook/Nisar Shaheed Park)

When it comes to affordability, the name of DHA Phase 4, Karachi, also surfaces. It is one of the oldest phases of the housing society, which enjoys a central location. DHA Phase 4 is connected with many main roads, avenues, and major streets of the neighbourhood that runs in its surroundings. 

Khayaban-e-Bahria connects Phase 4 with Phase 5. On the other hand, Commercial Avenue links the area with DHA Phase 6 and Phase 8 via Khayaban-e-Ittihad. The 9th and 10th Commercial Streets of DHA Phase 4 hosts one of its busiest commercial districts. Phase 4 Commercial is basically developed as a long strip of residential and commercial buildings with houses on both sides. DHA Phase 4 is also home to the very famous Nisar Shaheed Park, which is one of the largest parks in the housing society.

As discussed, Phase 4 is one of the oldest subdivisions of DHA Karachi, which is why properties here are much cheaper than newly developed residential and commercial districts in the real estate project. A 2-bedroom flat in Phase 4 spanning 800-900 ft can cost you as low as PKR 75-90 lakh. If you want to invest in houses and plots in DHA Phase 4, you may need to set aside a budget of around PKR 4-15 crore. For complete information on DHA Phase 4, we have written a detailed guide on this well-developed and central district of Defence, Karachi. 

DHA Phase 2

Tooba Mosque in DHA Phase 2 Karachi
Tooba Masjid, the largest single dome mosque in the world, is located in DHA Phase 2

As the name implies, Phase 2 of DHA Karachi is even older than Phase 4. The construction of this phase of the Defence Housing Authority (DHA) started somewhere in the latter half of the twentieth century. Like DHA Phase 1, it is also one of the fully developed phases of the housing society, home to some of the oldest residents in the area.

Since it’s one of the oldest parts of the real estate project, it is located a lot closer to some of the most important urban centres and business districts in the city including Clifton, I.I. Chundrigar Road and Shahrah-e-Faisal. Some of the most iconic landmarks of DHA including Defence Central Library and Tooba Masjid are located in the vicinity. Read our detailed guide on DHA Phase 2, Karachi, if you want to learn more about the area and its surroundings.

A majority of properties here are part of the older constructions, which is why they are reasonably priced. A 2-bedroom fully furnished studio apartment in Phase 2, spanning 450 sq ft, can be available for around PKR 50 lakh. Even, the prices of houses are lower than the other phases here. 

A property as big as a 1300 sq yd house may just cost you around PKR 25 crore. You can also find some west open houses, properties located on corner lots and main roads in the same price range in DHA Phase 2. 

On a side note, you may also like reading our detailed guide on the pros and cons of living in west open homes in Karachi. Since the neighbourhood is fully developed, you’ll rarely come across any vacant land in the area for new construction. This means there are not many investment options available in the form of plots here.

If you are interested in investing in DHA Phase 2, then you should never miss out on exploring investment opportunities available in Bali Business Boulevard. In the next section of our blog, we’ll learn more about this up-and-coming commercial project in DHA Karachi.

Bali Business Boulevard – Best Project for Commercial Investment in DHA Karachi

buy commercial property in Bali Business Boulevard
Bali Business Boulevard offers modern shops and well-equipped office spaces for sale

Investors are eyeing this futuristic corporate complex that is about to rise from the prime location of DHA Phase 2. The project conveniently sits within a walking distance from Sunset Boulevard Road. This road links it to some of the major commercial and business hubs of the city including Clifton, Boat Basin and I.I. Chundrigar Road via Mai Kolachi Road.

The office units in this grand-scale project have been designed on the patterns of international corporate interior design. Simply put, Bali Business Boulevard is pioneering new designing trends for office spaces in Karachi. The ultramodern facade of the project is based on world-class double-glazed glass elevation, which is unlike any other corporate complex in the area.

Bali Business Boulevard features 48 commercial and corporate units in total. All these are thoughtfully designed properties that have been equipped with state-of-the-art features. For more details on investment options and key features of Bali Business Boulevard, read our detailed property guide on it.

Want to invest in Bali Business Boulevard? The process is very simple. Just fill out the form on the top-right corner of your screen (for desktop users) or on the bottom of this blog (for mobile users) with your basic contact info and our representative will get back to you as soon as possible.

There you have it — a complete property investment guide on DHA Karachi. We hope the information we have shared with you will help you with your real estate investing in one of Karachi’s poshest neighbourhoods. 

On a side note, if you are looking to buy an ideal apartment home in Karachi, then this handy guide will help you out. You may also want to check out our detailed post on the best areas with affordable rental flats in the City of Lights.

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