Benefits of Living in Exclusive Penthouses in Lahore

The changing landscape of Pakistan’s real estate has seen an increase in the development of high-rise structures — intending to curb horizontal expansion in the country. It also happens to be in response to the rising popularity of apartment culture among the citizens. With such buildings emerging rapidly in major cities of Pakistan, many of these also offer penthouses, which are highly spacious apartments provided at the highest floor of a building.

In this article, we will discuss the benefits of penthouse living and where you can find exclusive penthouses in Lahore.

Perks of Living in Exclusive Penthouses in Lahore

Don’t miss out on the perks offered by penthouses in Lahore (Image Credit: Zameen Developments In-house Team)

Penthouses are not your regular apartments. Their most defining feature is the height at which they are constructed — offering unobstructed views of the surrounding vicinity. Other than that, the plan and design of these units specifically focus on offering more space and comfort.

If you are seeking penthouses in Lahore, then you should evaluate the units on the following benefits:

Panoramic Views

The best thing about living in a penthouse is the way it takes advantage of the building’s height and location. Positioned higher than nearby buildings, these units allow residents to enjoy a distinct vantage due to the natural views of their surroundings. In line with minimalistic architecture, some penthouses feature high windows and terraces, which offer panoramic vistas.

Privacy & Quiet

Another reason penthouses are considered exclusive is because of the privacy and peace promised to the residents. While the views remain unobstructed, these are not accompanied by any unwanted city noises. Similarly, since these units occupy the highest floor, separate from the remaining building, residents have greater privacy unlike the regular apartments below. In some projects the penthouses benefit from exclusive facilities that are accessible and useable for them only.

Unique Design

To differentiate penthouses from regular apartments, architects focus on exclusivity and maximising layouts through successful space planning. One way this is expressed is through having additional spaces such as a store, maid’s room, laundry room, and terrace. The terraces not only afford great views to the residents but allow use of outdoor space as well. Due to the ample space of the units, terraces also seamlessly connect the indoors with outdoors, increasing connectivity with nature and providing a comfortable atmosphere despite the height.

Exclusive Facilities

Just like the unique design of the penthouses, the units are often allotted dedicated facilities to maintain the privacy and tranquillity of living. Such facilities may often include swimming pools, outdoor decks, storage rooms, spacious closets, house cleaner rooms, etc. In some projects, the entire floor may be assigned just for the penthouses. This floor may have separate vertical accesses or other facilities.

Where to Buy Penthouses in Lahore?

Lahore is one of the most popular cities in Pakistan and home to a large number of residential real estate projects. Catering to the rising demand for apartments, there are several high-rise buildings offering apartments and exclusive penthouses in Lahore. Zameen Quadrangle — the latest flagship project by Zameen Developments — is one such venture.

Located in the urban core of Lahore — Main Zafar Ali Road, Gulberg V — Zameen Quadrangle aims to reinvent community living. With this purpose in mind, the designers have included the prominent feature of a central courtyard called ‘The Quad’. The structure built around this landscaped courtyard offers 1-, 2-, and 3-bed apartments and a limited number of penthouses. Due to this smart concept, each unit in Zameen Quadrangle enjoys a beautiful view regardless of its orientation.

Another great feature of this project is the community terraces. Constructed on different levels of the building, the terraces include recreational facilities like a kids play area, fitness area, and BBQ area.

Penthouse Living at Zameen Quadrangle

Zameen Quadrangle penthouses span the entire 11th floor (the highest storey) which is dedicated to them. The incredibly spacious units are equipped with a panoramic view of the Lahore skyline, private swimming pools, and access to private terraces.

The penthouses boast Scandinavian-inspired interiors with careful curating of design elements. Residents enjoy highlighted accents bringing a touch of colour to the otherwise tonal design aesthetic.

The indoors seamlessly connect with the private terraces overlooking the Lahore Gymkhana golf course — a sight to behold at night.

With a wide array of facilities (in addition to the private ones) attached to the penthouses in Zameen Quadrangle, buyers are offered the chance to invest in a building that not only reimagines lifestyles but reshapes the future of residents’ homes.

If you are looking to buy exclusive penthouses in Lahore, then Zameen Quadrangle is an ideal option for you. The project shares an idyllic location in the heart of the city, along with offering a comprehensive collection of facilities (in-built and nearby) required for a more than comfortable residential lifestyle. As mentioned earlier, the penthouses are only available in a limited number — with one already sold out — so don’t miss the chance of securing access to one of the most well-designed and exclusive penthouse experiences in Lahore. is the official marketing and sales partner of Zameen Quadrangle — ‘The New Shape of Your Home’. You can get all the information required from the platform if you are interested in the project. For getting in contact with an authorised official, fill the form appearing on the right side of your desktop screen. Mobile users can scroll down to the bottom of the page for accessing the online form.

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