All You Need To Know About The Apprenticeship Act 2021

About Punjab Apprenticeship Act 2021
Competitiveness of The New Act
Benefits of CBT&A
Benefits of Apprenticeship Act 2021

Once again, Punjab has taken the lead in the realization of Prime Minister Imran Khan’s vision to provide 10 million jobs in Pakistan. The Punjab Government has enacted the Apprenticeship Act 2021 after 60 years and surpassed Apprenticeship Ordinance 1962 in order to provide the youth of the province with economic opportunities.

More About Punjab Apprenticeship Act 2021

In Punjab, Technical Education & Vocational Training Authority (TEVTA) is responsible for the provision and promotion of demand-driven technical education and vocational training to the youth for the development of in-demand skills in the industry. It also sets standards and regulates the curriculum, examination and certification based on the education that is recognized internationally.

The newly passed Apprenticeship Act 2021 in Punjab will work in the favour of TEVTA to make TEVTA Vision 2023 a reality. The act is an important step in the right direction because according to the TEVTA Vision 2023, the focus of the organization will be on providing quality and demand-driven skills to the trainees who can then also secure better economic opportunities. In addition, the vision also focuses on giving technical and vocational training in all its institutes but also provides ‘on the job training’ in the industry.

Ease And Competitiveness Of Newly Launched Act

The Apprenticeship Act 2021 has made it easier for applicants to register for apprenticeship programs. The process was previously time-consuming for applicants to register and take required approvals. Previously, applicants were only able to apply for skilled-based jobs in the manufacturing sector which resulted in an imbalance between skilled workers and available jobs. However, the provincial government has made fundamental changes in the current act by covering all the sectors of the economy which will result in more employment opportunities for skilled workers.

In order to make technical and vocational training more competitive and globally recognized, it also needed an educational system that is thorough and has global recognition. The technical vocational and educational training institutes will be following an internationally recognized teaching and assessment method called Competency Based Training and Assessment (CBT&A). CBT&A assesses the trainees based on their training and those who graduate are awarded national vocational certificates. The program also focuses on better employability of the trainees by equipping them with skills and competencies that are recognized by the industry.

Benefits Of CBT&A

  • The programmes under CBT&A are designed on the basis of skill, knowledge and understanding
  • Provide better assessment method to gauge the performance of trainees
  • Enables the trainees to acquire skills and competencies that are recognized by the industry
  • Better chances of employment for the trainees
  • Provides people with skills to get formal certification by getting assessed
  • Trainees can move from one institution to another flexibly
competency based training & assessment
CBT&A assesses the trainees based on their training and those who graduate are awarded national vocational certificates

Benefits of Apprenticeship Act 2021

Prime Minister Imran Khan has a vision of increasing employment in the country and the newly enacted Apprenticeship Act 2021 is a step towards the fulfillment of his vision. The act creates a direct link with the industry by involving and empowering them in the decision-making process through Sector Skill Councils and public-private partnerships. 

The development of Sector Skill Councils is important to involve the industry in the decision-making process because through these councils it can be ensured that the training provided is actually need-based. For the promotion of the new skill development ecosystem in Punjab, Technical Education and Vocational Training Authority (TEVTA) Chairperson Ali Salman Siddique said that a massive awareness drive in the province is important to make the businesses and organizations understand the importance of apprenticeships. 

The chairman further said that Punjab has more than 350 vocational institutes which will be converted to apprenticeship model which is similar to those followed by British and Germany.

Advantages Of New Law On Apprenticeship Training

Following are the major benefits of the new Apprenticeship Act 2021:

  • Better economic opportunities for youth
  • The industry will be able to get skilled workers according to their own specifications
  • It covers all the industries of Pakistan
  • Apprentices will be paid during their learning tenure
  • It will be regulated by the Private Sector Skill Councils
  • The certified apprentices can also apply for foreign job placements since it is globally recognized

Now that you know all about the Apprenticeship Act 2021 in Punjab and its benefits, share it with someone you know who is looking to acquire skills and competencies that will help them in securing a job in the international market as well.

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