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Ahmed Construction Company Lahore Pakistan House Construction services the best team of the architect in Lahore Home builders Companies Building.House construction company in Lahore. ACCO is one of the best house construction companies in Lahore


Our range of capabilities allows us the freedom to provide diverse architectural solutions, leverage innovative products, and materials, and include our clients’ visions to improve each project we touch. Whether the structure is residential, commercial, non-profit, or otherwise, at our center, we are a services-oriented company, dedicated to adding value in the built


Structural drawings usually refer to drawings of concrete, steel, wood, and other building structures. Structural drawings clearly describe all structural components involved in the building construction and their relationships. Structural drawing involves various engineering calculations corresponding to material physics and properties to prepare structures that can bear up all kinds of loads the structures may […]


All what looks gray when completed is called gray structure. Following items come in gray structure but need to get agreed before singing a contract. Foundation Walls Roof Cement Plaster to wall Under ground water tank Roof water Tank Septic tank also


The individual in charge of a construction product might have a number of titles, including general contractor, project manager or construction project manager, but the basic job responsibilities are similar. Duties include working with the architect and subcontractors, securing permits and equipment and general supervision of the project. Construction project supervisors are typically construction industry


Turnkey is essentially a fixed price contract. It means that the General Contractor/ Construction firm is officially obliged to conduct the entire operation from Design to Close-out – including subcontractors, materials, machinery and equipment – from within that fixed price. The profit sum is also included in that price. For a client/owner it means


The Glorious Builders, a Customised Luxury Furniture is one of the best custom furniture designers in Lahore. Experience gained in the UAE allows taking up the most daring and extraordinary projects, create luxurious VIP interiors, without repeating the already used design solutions. Specializes in the design and construction of buildings and facilities for various functiona

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