We love fun and functional rooms…and you will too!  Additional rooms are areas in your home where you can do whatever you want in a specific room in your house. We’ve put together a list of 10 FUN AND FUNCTIONAL ROOM IDEAS:

1. Home Office- You can close the door to your home office and get work done from the comfort of your home.

2. Home Gym- Invest in a home gym where you and your family can work out anytime you’d like.

3. Guest Suite- A first floor guest suite with a bedroom and bathroom is ideal for guests visit and stay the night.

4. Kids’ Playroom- Designate a room for your kids to play in. This helps you keep toys and noise from taking over the rest of your home.

5. Library- If you have a collection of books a library is a great place to display them and sit and relax with a good book.

6. Mudroom- Mudrooms are great places that add additional storage and keep you organized downstairs in your home.

7. Creative Room for Art, Singing or Dancing- Plan and design a special room dedicated to your creative career or hobby.

8. Game Room- Think big screen TV, recliners, a pool table, arcade games, etc. A game room is a fun place where the whole family can spend time together creating memories.

9. Home Theater- Create a movie theater experience in your home. Sit back and relax with snacks, in comfy seating and watch movies on a jumbo screen.

10. Family Room- This is a casual room where your family gathers to watch TV and relax together.

You have the freedom to design your home the way you want it, to fit your lifestyle. We love helping our customers create fun and functional rooms in their new custom homes!

When you’re ready, we’d love to help you build your new custom home!

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