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Our company has contributed to many of the esteemed highways & city roads, bridges, tunnels, and infrastructure projects . Our strength in the execution of our projects comes from our 20 years track record experience and our company divisions such as, asphalt, concrete, piling & shoring, and heavy equipment plant which enable us to execute the biggest and most complex of projects. Through our history, we have gained a reputation for high-quality work and timely execution of projects.

Our main services under the Roads & Infrastructure division include;

Road Works & Hardscape.

(Highways, City Roads, Interchanges, Underpasses) 

Infrastructure & Utilities.  

(Surface Water Drainage, Foul Drainage, Storm Water, Water Network, Agriculture & Irrigation, Street Lighting, Natural Gas, Telecom Networks, Electrical Distribution Network, Traffic Signals) 

Superstructure & Substructure 

(Pump Stations, Lifting Stations, Substations) 

Earthworks & Causeways. 

Bridges & Tunnels..

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